7 x Winning Insights into Sarah & Shaun Button from KOA Recovery!

Sarah and Shaun Button from Koa Recovery are an inspirational success story. Love their work!

Sarah and Shaun Button from Koa Recovery are an inspirational success story. Love their work!

The epic journey started last year…

One of my wonderful friends (and high-end Psychologist) Joel Curtis gave me an introduction to some wonderful people that were starting a business in ‘Cryogenic Healing’.

Being a science fiction buff myself, I was immediately enamoured by this on many levels. Be it Ellen Ripley in Aliens films, Sam Worthington’s Character in Avatar or say the Star Trek Enterprise Crew finding Khan in stasis; I had to very much check this out and see how Cryogenics are used in reality.

I was grateful to meet the incredible Sarah & Shaun Button who took the plunge into their highly successful Koa Recovery Clinic in Waterloo (Sydney). The Button’s are serious athletes and attractive people; and it was an idea they acted on in Shaun’s own story of personal recovery.

They use a mixture of advanced recovery treatments from CRYOTHERAPY, FLOAT THERAPY, MASSAGE, NORMATEC and more. I visited them last night for a night of Nutrition with Fiona Tuck who came in to give a good 20 of us some key words of encouragement and thinking.

I have seen them go from the extremely early days of their business from when they had only a few clients, to them being full hot property and I LOVE THEIR WORK.

How did they do it? Firstly, they rock and did the work. Secondly, these are my top 7 x traits & actions that have made them successful:

–          Powerhouse RARE Technology and Services: Cryogenic Healing is not something you see on every street corner and they love serving their clients. This has helped them become leaders in their space.

–          Consistent Sales & Marketing: From my end, this is the critical part. They are continually on Social Media promoting what they do with videos, content top thinking.

–          Real World Sales: Shaun has spent lots of time visiting business, sporting organisations and others to build his own brand and business. Real world is critical.

–          Great location: Waterloo is a great part of Sydney and well located in what you could consider a ‘Sporting Hub’. It’s very accessible for lots of people.

–          Beautiful Clinic: Trendy, minimalistic and a wonderful spot.

–          Sarah & Shaun walk the talk: They are athletes themselves being healthy and strong people. Proof!

–          The NSW Business Chamber: They Won Finalist for their first year in business and incredible! This is serious credibility and proof for them.

I love their work and make sure you check them out here:

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>> Visit the KOA Recovery Website here

Thank you for the read, keep it up KOA Recovery and stay awesome friends!