The importance of getting COZY with the GOVERNMENT!

Of course be really nice to the Government at all times. You want them as your friends x x

Of course be really nice to the Government at all times. You want them as your friends x x

I have plenty of wonderful friends that are in extremely successful, yet somewhat complex businesses when it comes to the Government.

Some are Military & Law Enforcement suppliers, have Government Service contracts or say work with different parts of the Government that are in competition with each other.

One of my key friends works in a complex situation with many different Government Stakeholders. It only takes one small problem to ruin their day with many different parts of governance they must interact with, influence and keep on side.

This has been a challenge for them and a key winnable part of their strategy has been through getting closer with the right parts of the Australian Government that loves them, supports them and backs them in situations where other stakeholders aren’t a fan.

I have seen this situation unfold many times over the years, with it being a very sticky situation that can cause sleepless nights.

The solution my friends? I say this all the time:

– “Get cozy with the Government ASAP!”

If you think trouble is coming your way, or if part of the government is giving you trouble and you are losing control of the situation; my default advice is to speak to your local MP (“Member of Parliament”). These are our wonderful, democratically elected friends who love the idea of getting more local fans to help them win re-election.

You can go to them, ask for them help and provided you are within the pale & reasonable, they will likely come to your aid and can escalate issues upwards.

This has happened to many friends of mine and they take advantage of their local Government networks. Can they solve all problems? Of course not, but some they most certainly can.

It’s always worth a shot and in the many situations I have helped people through, this has been extremely effective.

Do it, take advantage of where your tax payers dollars go and win big friends.

Love your work and of course; thank you Australian Government. I love you ????