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The Power of Discussion

Our Meetup HQ event at WeWork Martin Place rocked. One key reason was the discussion!

Our Meetup HQ event at WeWork Martin Place rocked. One key reason was the discussion!

Tonight, was a massive win for all of us. It was the first (of many to come) of our Meetup HQ Meeting’s for Sydney that exceeded all expectations.

Firstly, lots of great people came. Secondly, they were great people. Thirdly, it was a high energy fun experience that drew us together.

As I walked back to the station, caught the long train from Sydney CBD to Parramatta and then made my 30-minute walk home; I spend lots of time objectively thinking as to why it was so great.

One core reason was the power of discussion. Although we had structure and had to make key points, the meeting came together in how we allowed for organic discussion to take place. This included people:

–          Sharing their own experiences.

–          Giving each other great ideas.

–          Respectfully disagreeing and challenging ideas.

–          Giving a space for quiet people to speak.

–          Having a place where we were all winning in style.

The discussion worked great and it made the night.

My advice and thinking? When you run events, if you have ‘discussions’ of a group, guide and moderate it extremely well. One idea leads to many more, it’s lots of fun and the power of the people in the room help each other win big.

It also makes events just that much easier to run. By all means, kick off the discussion at the start, but step back and let the room fill in the void. Thank you everyone for the wonderful event and of course Meetup HQ for enabling this all to happen.

Love your work, go for it with the discussions and stay awesome friends!

P.S. Thank you WeWork Martin Place! Great venue and brilliant.

Seeing the passionate expert Gabriella Kovac in action!

Gabriella Kovac rocks and I love her passion. Totally in the zone!

Gabriella Kovac rocks and I love her passion. Totally in the zone!

I have an eye for spotting talent. An incredibly strong eye for seeing those people who rise to the top.

I pick winners all the time and with the thousands of people I have worked with, you start to pick massive patters in behaviour and get a ‘feel’ for those who really know what they are doing.

Today, I was very lucky to finally meet one on one with Author Gabriella Kovac. I have known her for years and it was great to eventually sit down with her and learn her story, hopes, dreams and core ideas.

Gabriella is a Holocaust expert and she has a tragically rich family history and knowledge in this area. I have loved learning fragments of this dark side of human history over the years and her passion on this topic is incredible.

You can tell this is what makes her brilliant. Her natural passion for the topic makes her get deep into its ideas and by default leads her to becoming the expert.

My advice and thinking? Whatever you do, please be passionate about it. Passion is what gives us energy, keeps us going and makes us explore something inside out.

That is what makes us truly magnetic and rise to ‘Thought Leader’ status in what we do. Passionate people are always our leaders, our best pals and those we trust and listen too. I learned lots today!

>> Check out Gabriella Kovac’s books here on Amazon and love her work!

Thank you for the read, stay awesome and enjoy!

You only have TODAY to Market, Sell and WIN BIG

Our whole lives are the 'here and now'. Best we make the most of it!

Our whole lives are the ‘here and now’. Best we make the most of it!

I arrived in Sydney CBD quite early today. I like to do it to skip the obvious traffic on a Monday, get some ‘Ed’ thinking time in (with a nice walk from where I park to where I need to be) and consider about my future.

One key profitable thought of mine over the past few months and today has been how Sales & Marketing works to the day. That is without sounding like a Greek Philosopher, we only have today with there being no such thing as tomorrow.

In terms of Sales & Marketing, this basically means that all we have is this moment to drive our business and agenda forward. Once today has passed, that’s it! It’s not retrievable, it’s in the past and it can’t really help us.

Our success in this moment however, is the result of all our previous days combined. If we do a great job before this moment, then we are winning big! If we do a lack lustre job, then we shall feel extreme lack lustre results.

My advice and thinking? Without now sounding like a Soft Drink commercial, live your life to the fullest! I mean this in a Sales & Marketing sense. Be it you are meeting people one on one or working on highly leveraged and scaled activities, it all matters.

Make the most of your days. The are wonderful, however fleeting. I have found that when I have lots of great days, things just get slowly better and it rocks.

Take action, keep making those necessary moves and of course, WIN BIG and STAY AWESOME!

Ending ‘Victim Mentality’ in the people around us

Winning kid rocks. He gets it!

Winning kid rocks. He gets it!

One of my professional hobbies is politics. Not so much in a partisan sense, but more in how it impacts our culture, shapes our civilisation; and how we can take advantage of it for us as entrepreneurs.

A fascinating shift worldwide of course has been from the old guard neo-liberal globalist left, to the modern day patriotic, nationalistic right.

There are many reasons for this global shift in our thinking. One key driver of this shift was the ‘victim’ mentality the left now loves. Even though I was a leftie for many years of my life, I (and many) never resonated with this whole “I don’t have X in my life because of Y”.

Be it on racial lines, gender, timing, luck, or whatever cop-outs we have; I never liked this whole thinking that robs us of our personal power. The left of course wants us to be victims, so they can keep us poor, in their control, not thinking too much on our own and of course voting them back in through ignorance.

Victim mentality robs us of success at many levels and I have worked very hard to iron it out of my own thinking over the years. It’s great when you don’t blame other people for your short-comings in that it allows you to do truly do WHAT YOU WANT and go for it. When you think as a LEADER, life becomes sweet, powerful and gives you the ability to create what you want in the world.

As we remove it from our own thinking, it allows us to see it in others. Be it someone I just met or a close loved one; I never tolerate any form of victim mentality from anyone around me. The worst thing I could do is keep my mouth shut, with the best thing correcting them of this form of toxic mental thinking.

My advice and thinking? Never let anyone talk themselves down in your presence. I have talked many people around in this area, and they have turned around their lives to win big. As you transform the lives of others, it creates a very awesome win / win vibe around.

It also helps us police our own thinking, so we don’t revert to old habits.

Love your work, thank you for the read and to us winning big!

My Daughter’s DISC Behavioural Style – I now have it!

She is going to be a tough one to manage later on. Most likely, I will get 'managed'.

She is going to be a tough one to manage later on. Most likely, I will get ‘managed’.

As someone who has been right into DISC since the early turn of the millennia (and Myer-Briggs too), I was always fascinated with the type of characters my children will be.

What made this issue shift a lot for me, was the fact that I shifted. Even though I have always been on the Dominance / Director end of the profile, I was ‘unhealthy’ for years.

This basically meant in that I was ‘unhealthy’ (in a profiling sense). it wasn’t until recently in life that started expressing more Dominant type of behaviour.

And then I had children! After watching my wonderful daughter Maddie reach 14 months, I could start to tell her DISC Behavioural style. It started becoming obvious from these situations:

·         In a group of children, she would be the one taking over. This included (unfairly) taking the stuff of others and claiming it as her own.

·         Her energy is directed outwards. Saying hello to people and being more interested in people than objects.

·         When things don’t get her way, all hell breaks loose.

She is a Director / Influencer by a long shot. It’s slightly different to my own style being more Director / Relater and I love her work.

I suspect she will be quite the powerful entrepreneur or I could even envision her as a Politician or perhaps even an Officer in the Defence Force.

That’s cool!

My advice and thinking? Get into DISC profiling and it’s fun when you use it on your own family members.

I love it, gives insights into who we are, who they are and what it all means.

I survived 4 Public Speaking slots in 4 days!

My best week ever for speaking gigs! Survived and pumped. Time to do more!

My best week ever for speaking gigs! Survived and pumped. Time to do more!

It’s Friday and I am totally pumped and back at my desk at home. I have done which would have been impossible for me 6 months ago; high quality speaking at 4 events over 4 days!

I’ve picked up new wonderful clients, had a great time and besides being chuffed – I must confess and tell you that I am ready to rest. It’s much more than speaking. These events I have also had a role in organising in (which is harder than speaking for me) and I have learned some key lessons over these days that I must share with you:

1)      Rest up while you can: If knew I was going to be this busy and successful, I would have enjoyed my break more!

2)      Stay in the zone: I love just keeping my attention on the audience and doing the best job possible in that moment. Staying out of future thinking rocks.

3)      Just get better: I can feel that this week has dramatically increased my skill rating in public speaking.

My advice and thinking? When you are busy, just go with it and love it. I have had some early starts and late finishes and although it’s been hard, it’s so satisfying.

It’s critical to love our niche so when we deliver, it’s just from the heart and people love it.

Thanks for the read, appreciate your support and stay awesome friends!

Profitable Inspiration from Julie Crockett

Connect with Julie Crockett. Inpsiriational character. I love her work!

Connect with Julie Crockett. Inspirational character. I love her work!

I am a massive fan of Property Investor & Specialist Julie Crockett.

She is a big shot in the Sydney Business scene and I was very grateful to be invited to one of her events tonight.

It was hosted at the beautiful offices of Shadforth Financial Group, and it provided incredible content and knowledge on investing, money and property.

I loved what she’s about, and it was a powerhouse night talking about money and wealth.

This got me thinking and even more inspired that I am already am:

–          I want even more wonderful profitable high value clients!

A great business income for us as wonderful entrepreneurs starts with happy high value clients. I can tell you now, that we don’t want ones at the bottom end. Poor quality clients take up all your time, spend very little, don’t appreciate you and are no fun.

High value clients on the other hand are just wonderful and I love them (and they love me).

My advice and thinking? I want to buy many Investment Properties and Julie Crockett’s wonderful services are on my bucket list. To do that, I need more money and that comes from doing a great job with happy high value clients. This is already happening for me beautifully in 2018 and it’s come from lots of improvements to my business.

This has included many things such as stepping up my own game, meeting more people, running workshops, fishing in the right ponds, continual improvement and more. It’s all gradually coming together. If you need the right clients, you may have to make some big changes in your business like I once did. Worth it!

Julie, I love your work. You gave me great profitable inspiration tonight.

>> Check out Julie’s Australian Property Investment Solutions Website here!

Enjoy and go for it friends!

Chocolate makes EVENTS better!

Chocolate on arrival! Simple and it just works!

Chocolate on arrival! Simple and it just works!

We had one of our best events ever last night at our PROFITABLE MARKETING Meetup. These are our fortnightly gatherings and it’s become a large group of lots of wonderful people.

It’s wonderful and it’s got me thinking as to the many things that creates a great event. The location, speaker, content, Marketing, Sales and the like; it all just adds up nicely.

There is however, a very small discovery I have made as to what also enhances an event.

Giving people Chocolates! It’s a small part of the event and as we run events, I like to offer everyone a Chocolate on arrival. People love it. It’s small, but it makes a great difference to the experience and how people interact.

My advice and thinking? Give out Chocolates at your events! It just works.

Cadbury Favourites are a great product. Bite size, individually wrapped with great variety to suit a range of tastes.

I love chocolate!

Thank you for the read, love your work and stay awesome friends!

AEONA Co-Working Space Rocks + Winning Expansion!

From one office to another, AEONA Surry Hills is taking over Sydney!

From one office to another, AEONA Surry Hills is taking over Sydney!

Tonight, was our wonderful “PROFITABLE MARKETING Meetup”. This is where a massive group of us get together to talk Marketing, Entrepreneurship and Winning Big.

It was a wonderful evening for many reasons, with a key contributing factor being that of our friends from AEONA Co-Working space who host us.

As we had an incredible event there tonight, they informed us of something incredibly cool:

–          They have conquered the penthouse and upper levels of the build across the road!

This was funny, brilliant and a testament to how great they are.

My advice and thinking? If you are after a great Co-Working Space, AEONA in Surry Hills Sydney rocks. Check out their website here.

If something is busy expanding, it probably means that it rocks on many levels.

We love their work, check them out and stay awesome friends!

Should I wear a Red or Black top?

I think I am going to go with the red on this one...

I think I am going to go with the red on this one…

There is an extremely intense discussion, debate and review we are doing in my business right now (lol). There are two camps in that, should I wear a ‘Black’ or ‘Red’ top.

As part of my gradual makeover, I now have my own line of Lacrosse Shirts. I love them, upmarket Casual is my total brand I have several colours now; Black, Red & Cyan.

Cyan is the soft colour for the weekend (not good for business), however ‘Black’ & ‘Red’ solid colours have become my business colours. In terms of colour psychology though, they have different impacts on people and I even notice it in how it impacts my own mood. If I:

–          Wear ‘Black’ I become more authoritative and become more commanding.

–          Wear ‘Red’ I have higher energy and am more fun.

I really do feel the changes on how people respond, and my awesome Stylist says the same thing. I have found that for NSW Business Chamber, the “Black Suit” is the way to go. I need to be commanding there to keep hundreds of people in line and engaged.

For my own Profitable Marketing Events, I must be more fun and higher energy to serve the audience more and get more sales. In fact, when I have worn red at events, it’s been much more fun.

So, I am wearing red for my event tomorrow night.

My advice and thinking? Think very carefully about what you are wearing and select the right colours for the right application. To get sales and inspire; red. To command and manage; black.

Watch this space and think about your own colours. It’s worth it!

Love your work, thank you for the read and stay awesome friends!

My NEW PowerPoint’s are SHORTER and BETTER!

Less is most certainly more!

Less is most certainly more!

I have just finished my next generation PowerPoint for our Free Evening Seminar and I am pumped. As time always passes, I make lots of new changes and improvements to everything I am doing.

In this case (I have known this for a while), my PowerPoints are just far too long! I think that has been a hangover from my older Academic Days and I have finally set some rules to myself to make them shorter, more potent and powerful.

At times, I would have slides of up to 90 (yes 90) slides and it was total overkill. I would end up running a powerhouse workshops of course, however that would be because of skipping lots to entertain and deliver a compelling experience to the wonderful audience.

I finally decided to reduce the length of all my content, with now a LIMIT of 30 Slides per PowerPoint. I have done exactly that and it’s so much better.

It’s forced me to remove the fluff, minimise repeating points and make it more interesting. It was also faster to do, more fun and it shall be so much easier to print! (As 30 slides, is just 5 sheets of paper when you print handout mode of 6 to page).

My advice and thinking? Make your content, workshops, thinking and the lot shorter and more powerful. It’s been a massive journey of mine and I love it. Even my blogs are shorter. Like this one lol.

Love your work, thank you for the read and stay awesome friends!

Make your Content Shorter, Powerful and PUNCHY!

Less gives more punch! (Image Credit and thanks to Batman and Robin)

Less gives more punch! (Image Credit and thanks to Batman and Robin)

Like I have been over the past 2 years, I am continually looking at my own performance and making it better on a day by day basis.

A core part of my own success has come from producing powerful CONTENT and I am busy improving it.

Linked Videos, Facebook Lives and this article you are reading now is all part of this content experience. One key breakthrough in my own thinking has been making my Content Shorter, MORE POWERFUL and PUNCHY.

I realised that I just went too far in its length with all the feedback coming in saying “Edward we love you, but less is more”.

I couldn’t agree more and a few weeks ago I started taking everything back to simple basics. The great news is that it’s taking less work, delivering more and I love it. My latest changes include:

–          Maximum of 60 seconds for short-cut / tip videos on FB / LinkedIn.

–          30 minutes maximum for Facebook Lives & Live Webinars.

–          Maximum of 300 words for written blogs

–          Maximum of 30 slides for Evening Seminars.

It rocks, I already love it with great feedback from the community.

My advice and thinking? Put limits on how long you can go on and stick to it. I find by going too far, we give ourselves more work and weaken our message. When we go short and punchy, it rocks. Do it, say more with less and win big.

Love your work, thank you for the read and act on the tips friends!

P.S. Image Credit to Batman and Robin!