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Be nice… AND TOUGH!

Be nice, but let no one mess with you!

Be nice, but let no one mess with you!

I met with an incredible man this morning that I bumped into at the beautiful Sofitel Wentworth in Sydney CBD.

The Sofitel is a wonderful property and it’s become my ‘office’ in the CBD be it I am meeting wonderful clients, need to use the 5 Star Bathroom or need a hit of caffeine as my energy slumps around 3PM

Last time I was there I met to this wonderful fellow and we caught up for a coffee this morning.

As we spoke, he was telling me how he has been SCREWED OVER by some people which slightly dampened his spirits. This of course has happened to me many times over the years and I shared with him some key lessons to help him not only stay on the horse; but win big.

We are both very similar in that we are ‘people pleasers’ meaning that we enjoy making people happy. This sounds great on paper and from a tree hugging, leftie PC view – but it has some severe implications and situations where it works against you.

If you are working with the wrong people you can get ripped off, not paid and lose lots of time. It can be so bad in that I have known entrepreneurs to almost quit their businesses. It happens and if you are a nice person, please keep being one.

BUT I ask you one thing. Be tough! Be nice and tough. That is, you are a wonderful person who is wonderful and nice, but if someone really messes with you – come down like a ton of bricks on them.

This does several things:

–          It protects you.

–          It makes them think twice before doing it some else.

–          You have a probability to turn around their behaviour so everyone wins.

This is what I said to my new pal and he loves it.

My advice and thinking? Be nice, but be strong and tough. If someone gives you trouble teach them a lesson. If someone gives you flowers, give them a kiss or a box of chocolates (or both!).

Love your work, thanks for the read and stay awesome friends!

P.S. Thank you to my new friend. Looking forward to great wonderful experiences to come.

Why ‘Pre Coffee Marketing Thoughts’ hasn’t come out today!

Oh Facebook. Please work!

Oh Facebook. Please work!

For what must have been at least 6 months, I have released every morning my ‘Pre Coffee Marketing Thoughts’ video segment. This is where I literally ‘before coffee’ in a total real and raw fashion talk Marketing and Entrepreneurship.

Facebook has been playing up all morning with a bug that has totally delayed me and stopped me from getting my latest video uploaded. As I walked to the gym and attempted uploading it from my mobile phone, it just wouldn’t work! I reinstalled the App and then walked back home.

I then tried it from PC and it’s still not working and yes, I confirmed it’s a bug that Facebook is working on. It’s thrown out my Sunday with me doing everything in reverse with my morning gym session probably getting moved to the afternoon.

That’s cool! That is technology and things happen in our business which just throws everything out.

My advice and thinking? Regardless of your focus or strength; as entrepreneur’s things happen which is totally out of our control. The trick is knowing how to work around it and coming up with great solutions.

In my case it’s been putting out this blog instead (as although video isn’t working, blogs / links are). As you work away in your business, just keep moving ahead! Stuff goes wrong. Awesome. Workaround it and win big.

Love your work, thank s for the read and stay awesome friends!

P.S. Hopefully some more videos later today!

Negativity. No. No. No.

It's much more fun to be happy and gay!

It’s much more fun to be happy and gay!

It was my first day back at the gym today after about a fortnight. I had a cold last weekend and even though I did such a ‘great’ job of staying healthy, winter won in the end.

After lots of rest I got back to the gym today and it just felt wonderful. I’ve lost a heap of weight, my strength surprisingly wasn’t impacted and I was back in the zone after my first set of weights.

One of my great friends there (who have helped me get healthy and thank you) is very intelligent and we share lots of similar political views and intellectual outlooks.

We both love letting people do what they want to do; without big government running our lives. We love treating people based purely on the content of their character. We are both quite partial to TRUMP and got right into the election campaign of 2016.

Even though this is obviously old news now; I have been getting right into Hillary Clinton and learning about her, what makes her tick and how she lost an ‘unlosable’ election. She had the whole media, big corporations, Hollywood backing her and way more dollars than Trump.

My question has been “Why?”. How did she lose? What did she do well? Where did she go wrong? When was the moment she jumped the shark? Why? Why? Why?

As my friend and I discussed this, we both agreed that one of the core reasons that Hillary lost was due to her negativity throughout her whole campaign. From the seemingly first day she was talking everything down.

White men were horrible, women who didn’t support her side were sexist, America is a racist country, Trump is orange, his voters are ‘Deplorable’, she was losing the election because her supporters weren’t working hard enough and of course America was mean for not taking in enough refugees.

These are only some examples but if you really look at her campaign, it was heavily attack based focusing on ‘wedge issues’ trying to win votes with guilt and negativity. Where this all played out was towards the end of the campaign. Hillary would run rallies and at times didn’t even break 100 people. Trump would run rallies with thousands in attendance (quite often several times a day).

Of course, there are many factors but we put forward that Hillary’s problem was just too much negativity. Her own supporters weren’t even energised which makes perfect sense.

Do you get inspired by criticism? Do you love being told you are the problem? Do you keep smiling after this? These are of course obvious questions and her campaign showed the dangers of being negative.

The cure for all this? Be positive. People are drawn to positivity. It’s fun. It’s energising and it brings people together.

My advice and thinking? In reflection on some of my favourite lessons from the campaign be careful about being ‘negative’. Even though it does grab attention, it can also turn people off and give people a weird reaction to you.

I have found the same thing personally. Whenever I have been negative or even done something mixed on Facebook, the engagement is poor best.

In a world of negativity, people are out there for something positive and wonderful. You can be that person. Even on ‘negative’ issues you can stick to the solution and not the problem itself. Just be happy and gay. It works everytime.

Love your work, thanks for the read and here is to positivity (or not being negative!).

Negative Emotions: We don’t need them. We don’t want them!

Reza and I totally clicked when it came to talking negative emotions and how to 'conquer' them once and for all.

Reza and I totally clicked when it came to talking negative emotions and how to ‘conquer’ them once and for all.

I had a wonderful conversation at a workshop with my old pal Reza. He is an extremely good looking Persian guy (like myself lol) who speaks with directness, kindness and strength.

Reza has started his new business and we were sharing stories about how we honestly have gone when we are in business for ourselves. The first thing we talked about was the massive ‘ups’ and ‘downs’ when you start out.

It’s so true! You get a rejection and it feels like your world is falling apart. You get a win and you start mentally picking out the colour of your brand-new Aston Martin you plan to order the next month.

One key point of the discussion we totally agreed on was how you often don’t feel ‘good’ when you start out in business. For whatever reason (be it right or wrong), when we start our businesses we can ‘feel bad’.

I did for a range of reasons from dealing with being a perfectionist, the inability to handle making mistakes and just getting used to rejection.

Reza totally felt negative emotions (for different reasons) and I made this point that we both loved and laughed on:

  • Negative Emotions. We don’t need them. We don’t want them!

For me, whenever I get a totally dumb, illogical negative emotion, I fight it! I don’t let it take me over and whatever I do, I shall not let it impact my productivity.

There have been may times I didn’t want to sell or work where I pushed against my negative emotions and just made myself do it.

The result of this was that every time I overcame my emotions I got stronger. Discipline kicked in over time it’s become stronger and stronger. Sure, I feel bad emotions at time but they don’t have the hold over me like they used too.

My advice and thinking? Negative emotions can be useless most of the time. Sometimes they are legit, but most of the time it’s a dumb distraction and it’s where we must fight the way we feel. The more we fight it with logic, reason and fact; is the stronger we get as business people for now and the future.

Attack our negative emotions and nurture our positive emotions! It makes business more fun, easier and productive. As for my pal Reza; I am pumped to know that he is kicking his negative emotions to the curb. Make sure you tell yours where to go!

Love your work, thanks for the read and stay awesome!


It was wonderful reconnecting with the awesome Rolf Fuchs. Love his work!

It was wonderful reconnecting with the awesome Rolf Fuchs. Love his work!

As the years have passed, I kinda started to realise that I know a lot of people. It would have easily been the thousands a few years ago and over the past few months I have been doing my best to reconnect with people from the past.

I don’t mean this in terms of them watching a video or getting my group email; I mean this personally. I could flick them a quick email, call them, a hello over Facebook messenger or even a wonderful jab on LinkedIn.

It’s been a very profitable experience in that I have had old friends & clients come back, join the Awesome Marketing Vault, attend my workshops as we become part of each other’s lives again.

The other side of it as well is that when you reconnect with someone is that there is instant trust on both sides provided you get along.

In this whole experience, I have found it fascinating! Some just blew me off (in which case I even blocked a few), however with almost all of them it’s been just incredible talking to old pals again.

A few months back I said hello to the awesome Rolf Fuchs and I even got to bump into him at the ‘2017 Business Event of the Year’. We had a wonderful lunch some years back and when we reconnected it was just like yesterday.

He is going great in his life (which makes me happy) in that sometimes when you reconnect you get an interesting story. Some do incredibly well, some are in the same spot and some tragically go backwards.

The wonderful Rolf is a man who is well respected and held in high esteem which doesn’t surprise me. It’s because he is wonderful, kind and works hard. Everything about him is likeable.

My advice and thinking? Reconnect with wonderful people. If they blow you off, great! Just block them ASAP. If they are as excited as you are to speak them, meet up for coffee, lunch and have a wonderful blast.

Love your work, thank you friends and ROLF – love your work!

Be NICE to yourself

I took this photo outside of Paddy's Markets at 9.30AM - realising I have already lived a day!

I took this photo outside of Paddy’s Markets at 9.30AM – realising I have already lived a day!

If you are a ‘Sydney-sider’ like me or from a big crazy city, the idea of being ‘nice’ to yourself can be quite foreign.

Sydney is a wonderful place that I totally love; however you really have to be in the zone and one can have some long days across it’s eclectic blend of beaches, sun, steel, concrete and wonderful people.

I had a very interesting epiphany in that it was exactly 9:30AM (when I took the selfie) and had just realised that I have already been up for what felt like a whole day already.

My first meeting was at 10AM at Darling Harbour and it clicked to me in terms of how actually busy I was and it was incredible. I felt like I had already lived a full day by then in that my schedule was roughly this:

  • 4:30AM – Get up.
  • 4:35AM – Change the baby.
  • 4:50AM – Shower, shave and get looking wonderful.
  • 5:30AM – Write up emails and respond to urgent stuff.
  • 6:00AM – Out the door.
  • 7:00AM – Pre Coffee Marketing Thoughts Video.
  • 7:30AM – Drop off Car at NRMA.
  • 8:00AM – Speak to a few people over the phone.
  • 8:45AM – Train from Parramatta to Sydney CBD
  • 9:30AM – Arrive in China Town to take selfie

I was like WOW when I clicked to the fact how busy my morning had been and started thinking about how it’s very easy to be ‘mean’ to ourselves. Such as we have to do more, eat less, work harder, work smarter, say no more, say yes more or whatever; whatever happened to being nice to ourselves?

In the modern world it can be very easy to just ‘push ourselves’ for more all the time and to me we have to decide to be nice to ourselves.

This can be through kind words, giving ourselves a bit of time out and actually REWARDING how awesome we are. That day in the afternoon, I rested up for an hour at the Sofitel and it was wonderful. My body and soul loved it.

My advice and thinking? Don’t just push yourself all the time. Stop even a moment a day and BE NICE to yourself.

You will feel great, it is re-energising and it keeps you in the game for long term winning and satisfaction.

Love your work, thank you for the read and stay awesome!

You’re a TEACHER

If I can teach, well so can you...

If I can teach, well so can you…

Even though many would have said that I was a successful Marketing Mentor a few years ago; I honestly didn’t feel it on many levels until just recently.

What changed the way I felt about that was running lots of successful workshops and most importantly my Online Mentoring Program ‘The Awesome Marketing Vault by Edward Zia’ taking off (with continuous rave reviews).

As this all played out I thought long and hard about my own previous limiting thinking and am quick to stamp it out when I see awesome community members indulge in such dangerously limiting internal ideas.

As I worked through setting up my knowledge on Teachable; I studied almost all of their materials step by step, video by video and worksheet by worksheet. They made some incredible points and it successfully challenged some of my own self-limiting views.

I realised that I am a TEACHER and a great one! In fact; all of us at great at something and we are all teachers in our own unique right.

I am skilled in Marketing & Entrepreneurship and I would be at the top of my knowledge in Sydney with ease in this space. I know leaders in all types of wonderful areas including all sorts of areas including Website Development, Coaching, Real Estate Investing, Sales, Bitcoin trading and even Puppet Design.

Each of us are all skilled at something big or small and there may be some very profitable ideas that we possess. Furthermore, on driving this point home; we are all different and click with different people.

There are some people who just love learning from us and that’s great. The trick for us to is to find the community and people that resonate with us and of course we resonate with them. If I think of all the people in my own community, they are just wonderful. Like me! I mean that of course factually. I love them, they love me and it all just works.

My advice and thinking? Overcome your own limitations and accept your own brilliance. Realise that if you are in business for yourself that you are a TEACHER! Be it you sell your knowledge for money or a physical product, you are bringing ideas to the world in your own unique way.

Be confident with who you are, what you do and just help others with your knowledge. That paves the way for many great things to come.

Love your work, thank you for the read and realise you are a wonderful teacher!

Believing you can make it to the TOP

A great 'off camera' photo from a great film showing one 'crazy' journey to the top! (Thank you Scarface)

A great ‘off camera’ photo showing one ‘crazy’ journey to the top! (Thank you Scarface)

Whether I make it there, get close or nowhere to it; I play like I am going to make it to the top.

In certain circles, you can argue that I have done that. Having said that, you only need to compare me against Trump, Gates and Branson to counter my previous statement.

One thing I decided to think very early on in my business is that I am going to back myself 100% in believing I can make it to the top. Over the past year especially; I am really pleased at my own progress and I was reflecting as to all the people that just said I wouldn’t make it.

What made me bring this up is that amount of new wonderful people that have joined our awesome community who are at the start of the journey. A good portion are fired up and ready to go with full belief, with the most who are taking some time to get confident to really get behind themselves.

I also got lots of inspiration from my favourite film ever being Scarface (1983). Even though it ends as it ends; it’s the story of people with drive and ambition making it to the top with infinite belief in themselves. Of course there is another side to this in only doing things legally, without killing people, narcotics, Columbians, Chainsaws and Bolivian Drug Lords (so let’s leave that side of it alone lol).

What I have learned is that the more you believe you are going to make it to the top is the more successful you become. That is if you deep down don’t think you are going to get anywhere, you aren’t really going to try.

When also bad things happen to you, you shall have low tenacity and it’s very easy to fall over, implode and not proceed.

HOWEVER, if you know deep down you are going to make it – you shall keep going till you win, win and win! Sure, you may have to change everything about you in that whole process (as did I), but you get there.

If you are asking yourself, “Edward, how do I convince myself I will get to the top?” – the answer is very simple. Just decide it to be a “Yes”. Entrepreneurship comes from faith and you must have faith you shall make it the top. Just choose right now to back yourself.

My advice and thinking? Just say “Yes”. Choose that you are going to win.

And of course do it. NOW. Say Yes. And Smile. Now.

Love your work!

P.S. Watch Scarface.

Bigger Goals & Smarter Action: Guest blog from Geoff Anderson

Video Producer, Content Specialist and Author Geoff Anderson. I love his work!

Video Producer, Content Specialist and Author Geoff Anderson. I love his work!

It was many years ago I met this very sharp and awesome guy with whom I share some political differences with. Basically, I am Pro-Trump, he is Anti-Trump; or at the very least he presents to be Anti-Trump in his successful TROLLING and making total FUN of me.

As I give it out, I only deserve the love back and Geoff Anderson is a great man who I have become friends with over the years. He is a Video Producer, Content Specialist, Author and a ‘top bloke’ who attended one of my workshops.

He wrote the most humbling guest blog about his experience and I love the lesson he shares. I have worked through the same issues (and continue too in all honesty).

Enjoy his masterpiece:

When I attended one of Edward’s free marketing meetups last week, I was hoping to make a few connections, maybe even get a lead and perhaps pick up a tip or two from this prolific marketing mastermind.

As a video producer; I’m been very impressed with Edward’s relentless video posting on Facebook. Every day there he is with his cheery gems of wisdom. He wore me down and won me over. His marketing worked. I turned up at his workshop.

But I got so much more than expected. In the middle of all of Edward’s epic advice I got a wake up call. As much as I’d like to have more business and to be getting more sales, it wasn’t going to happen unless I put in the effort.

Edward revealed how much work and effort he puts into his marketing. He shared openly and generously his processes, his goals and his vision. It’s no accident that he shows up everywhere. He is committed to his action plan and lives and breathes it.

It made me realise how much I had to lift my game if I wanted to get the results. It wasn’t going to happen simply by wishing for it.

During the dinner meetup, we drafted out a 90 day marketing plan. It was a rough outline but it was enough to make me realise so many of the opportunities I hadn’t been acting upon.

I set bigger goals. I’m taking smarter action. I’m not waiting for things to happen, I’m making them happen.

Thanks for the kick up the backside Edward. You Rock!

Geoff Anderson

Video Producer, Author, Presenter

Geoff is a total legend of course and I invite you to visit his website, say hello and see what he has to offer.

Thank you Geoff, love your work and smash that like/share friends!

Expressions with Edward: “Jumped the shark”

I can only thank Fonzie for contributing to our culture with the phrase "Jumped the shark"

I can only thank Fonzie for contributing to our culture with the expression “Jumped the shark”

It was only 18 months back that I first started hearing people use the expression “Jumped the shark” and I had a feeling as to what it meant in the context it was used.

This was obviously used as a pejorative when people missed the mark, they crossed the point of no return or they on a losing streak that they seemingly aren’t recovering from.

I got to use this term a lot during the historic Trump 2016 Campaign in the work that I did as my small part of helping a major reformation and shift in world politics.

I remember when Hillary Clinton also jumped the shark herself so to speak. Her campaign wasn’t going the way she wanted and she thought that the best way to go was to attack the part of the population that wasn’t supporting her as an attempt to galvanise her own supporters. This resulted in the memorable “Basket of deplorables” line where she attacked a good quarter of the voting public. This ultimately contributed to her rapid demise as things played out (especially in how it was used against her and as useful recruiting tool by her political opponents).

In doing some research, there is a great page on Wikipedia which explains to us the context of “Jumped the shark” and what it means. It goes back to many sources with the main one that resonates with most being when Fonzie jumps a shark on water skis (from the Happy Days franchise).

If you know the type of character of Fonzie being a wog (I can say that being one myself), loving his hair, his cars, chilling and looking cool; he is the last type of guy to consider getting even in the water, let alone water skiing and jumping a shark.

As this was so out of context, it was interpreted as simply a ratings ploy/gimmick. It could be argued to have damaged the franchise (although it continued for years afterwards).

In Marketing, Business & Entrepreneurship; I use this expression quite a lot of describe when someone is making poor desperate moves into trying to reengage interest and has committed that ‘act’ which gets them remembered for the wrong reasons.

My advice and thinking? When it comes to Marketing make sure you don’t just do moves to get interest. Make sure it fits with your brand, identity and what people expect. If your brand is out of date, then don’t ‘jump the shark’. Rebrand yourself and take a new direction.

Thank you for the read, ‘Happy Days’ you rock and thank you Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump for an epic entertaining 2016 – love your work!

When it’s time for an EMOTIONAL & SPIRITUAL recharge!

Be WONDERFUL and only surround yourself with the WONDERFUL! It makes healing much easier.

Be WONDERFUL and only surround yourself with the WONDERFUL! It makes healing much easier.

There is most certainly many divine events unfolding in my life which I am very grateful for, with those being in the direction of ‘healing’ and ‘recharging’.

With thanks to a wonderful family and community; it’s made this process much easier for me and I started really ‘healing’ on all levels quite well a good 3 months ago. Imagine my shock when I lost all my excess weight, I feel great, my business is bigger and I am happier about life with these results.

Then as how Jesus works; once you conquer something then you possess the ability to help others going through a similar journey. Over the past few weeks many awesome friends in our community have had exact issues of just being worn out after years of stress, negative energy and tough times.

This can be abusive relationships, marriages going bust, physical injuries, extended time of poverty and homelessness (I can claim that one) and just really what I call ‘living like a rat’.

‘Living like a rat’ is an expression I once heard in New York a long time ago in that it means you live in survival mode every day. You are just trying keep up in a big world.

As this all plays out what is critical is at some point you must heal and recharge yourself. I have been able to do that with the massive support around me in that I can take time off, get more into Jesus, do fun stuff and even sleep & rest up more.This has made marked improvements to my own satisfaction and one key realisation that has come to me is that you must have the support network around you to allow this to happen.

If you were like me and surrounded once by lots of mean people, guess what it’s time for?

Yes, you guessed it wonderful friends – time to remove people from your life! Move on from the bad ones. Block them, stop talking to them, don’t give them your energy and create new room in your life for wonderful people to come in. As this plays out, the quality of your life just gets better and you have the room to heal and recharge.

My advice and thinking? Get on FB and start blocking people as a start. Consciously decide to move on from bad people in your life. Make sure you are not part of the problem of course; and seek out new and powerful friends.

As this plays out, you shall win more and recharge nicely. On many levels!

Love your work, thank you for the read and I hope you don’t end up blocking me on FB (lol).

Be YOURSELF and let people JUDGE you

Be yourself. It's more fun. Ignore the haters. Smile. Win!

Be yourself. It’s more fun. Ignore the haters. Smile. Win!

As my life has unfolded and time has passed; I have ‘changed’. The reason why I use the word ‘changed’ is that I don’t think I am becoming anything different, I am merely becoming who I really am as I unshackle the world of judgement and ‘brain washing’ society has given me.

As this plays out and I get more fit, lose weight, wear Army Hats, talk about Jesus and run around helping wonderful people; it’s been a great journey of being more capable to deliver more.

Interestingly however; I get only a little bit of ‘judgement’ and ‘tall poppy’ here and there. I remember this well in that I went to an event the other week wearing a tight red polo and my Army Hat. I got some compliments and one snooty person told me I should be wearing that and it’s inappropriate and the like.

I laughed at them and told them they were ‘jealous of the hat’ and that caused them to leave me alone (as well as a few people laughed at him).

What I found interesting about this whole experience is that I am being myself, living my reality and I am being accepting of others. As a proud ‘Classical Libertarian’, personal rights & freedoms are very important to us as humans. You can believe in whatever god you want (or not), pursue your own life and do it in your own way. I can’t interfere in your life and equally you can’t interfere in mine.

This may sound great on the surface but the truth is that there are people that want to judge you and interfere in your life. Although I am one to say let no one interfere in your life to the negative; let people judge you!

If someone doesn’t like you, dislikes you, disagrees with you and can’t help judging you – that is wonderful and let them! There is no law saying that they must like you, nor should you like them.

My advice and thinking? Let people think whatever they want, BUT don’t let it impact your own plans and thinking. This frees you from the ‘mental shackles’ of the heard allowing you to live a cool life and do things your way.

Be yourself. Let others judge you. Then go and win big.

Love your work, enjoy the read, thanks for your support and stay awesome!