Be NICE to yourself

I took this photo outside of Paddy's Markets at 9.30AM - realising I have already lived a day!

I took this photo outside of Paddy’s Markets at 9.30AM – realising I have already lived a day!

If you are a ‘Sydney-sider’ like me or from a big crazy city, the idea of being ‘nice’ to yourself can be quite foreign.

Sydney is a wonderful place that I totally love; however you really have to be in the zone and one can have some long days across it’s eclectic blend of beaches, sun, steel, concrete and wonderful people.

I had a very interesting epiphany in that it was exactly 9:30AM (when I took the selfie) and had just realised that I have already been up for what felt like a whole day already.

My first meeting was at 10AM at Darling Harbour and it clicked to me in terms of how actually busy I was and it was incredible. I felt like I had already lived a full day by then in that my schedule was roughly this:

  • 4:30AM – Get up.
  • 4:35AM – Change the baby.
  • 4:50AM – Shower, shave and get looking wonderful.
  • 5:30AM – Write up emails and respond to urgent stuff.
  • 6:00AM – Out the door.
  • 7:00AM – Pre Coffee Marketing Thoughts Video.
  • 7:30AM – Drop off Car at NRMA.
  • 8:00AM – Speak to a few people over the phone.
  • 8:45AM – Train from Parramatta to Sydney CBD
  • 9:30AM – Arrive in China Town to take selfie

I was like WOW when I clicked to the fact how busy my morning had been and started thinking about how it’s very easy to be ‘mean’ to ourselves. Such as we have to do more, eat less, work harder, work smarter, say no more, say yes more or whatever; whatever happened to being nice to ourselves?

In the modern world it can be very easy to just ‘push ourselves’ for more all the time and to me we have to decide to be nice to ourselves.

This can be through kind words, giving ourselves a bit of time out and actually REWARDING how awesome we are. That day in the afternoon, I rested up for an hour at the Sofitel and it was wonderful. My body and soul loved it.

My advice and thinking? Don’t just push yourself all the time. Stop even a moment a day and BE NICE to yourself.

You will feel great, it is re-energising and it keeps you in the game for long term winning and satisfaction.

Love your work, thank you for the read and stay awesome!