Negativity. No. No. No.

It's much more fun to be happy and gay!

It’s much more fun to be happy and gay!

It was my first day back at the gym today after about a fortnight. I had a cold last weekend and even though I did such a ‘great’ job of staying healthy, winter won in the end.

After lots of rest I got back to the gym today and it just felt wonderful. I’ve lost a heap of weight, my strength surprisingly wasn’t impacted and I was back in the zone after my first set of weights.

One of my great friends there (who have helped me get healthy and thank you) is very intelligent and we share lots of similar political views and intellectual outlooks.

We both love letting people do what they want to do; without big government running our lives. We love treating people based purely on the content of their character. We are both quite partial to TRUMP and got right into the election campaign of 2016.

Even though this is obviously old news now; I have been getting right into Hillary Clinton and learning about her, what makes her tick and how she lost an ‘unlosable’ election. She had the whole media, big corporations, Hollywood backing her and way more dollars than Trump.

My question has been “Why?”. How did she lose? What did she do well? Where did she go wrong? When was the moment she jumped the shark? Why? Why? Why?

As my friend and I discussed this, we both agreed that one of the core reasons that Hillary lost was due to her negativity throughout her whole campaign. From the seemingly first day she was talking everything down.

White men were horrible, women who didn’t support her side were sexist, America is a racist country, Trump is orange, his voters are ‘Deplorable’, she was losing the election because her supporters weren’t working hard enough and of course America was mean for not taking in enough refugees.

These are only some examples but if you really look at her campaign, it was heavily attack based focusing on ‘wedge issues’ trying to win votes with guilt and negativity. Where this all played out was towards the end of the campaign. Hillary would run rallies and at times didn’t even break 100 people. Trump would run rallies with thousands in attendance (quite often several times a day).

Of course, there are many factors but we put forward that Hillary’s problem was just too much negativity. Her own supporters weren’t even energised which makes perfect sense.

Do you get inspired by criticism? Do you love being told you are the problem? Do you keep smiling after this? These are of course obvious questions and her campaign showed the dangers of being negative.

The cure for all this? Be positive. People are drawn to positivity. It’s fun. It’s energising and it brings people together.

My advice and thinking? In reflection on some of my favourite lessons from the campaign be careful about being ‘negative’. Even though it does grab attention, it can also turn people off and give people a weird reaction to you.

I have found the same thing personally. Whenever I have been negative or even done something mixed on Facebook, the engagement is poor best.

In a world of negativity, people are out there for something positive and wonderful. You can be that person. Even on ‘negative’ issues you can stick to the solution and not the problem itself. Just be happy and gay. It works everytime.

Love your work, thanks for the read and here is to positivity (or not being negative!).