Why ‘Pre Coffee Marketing Thoughts’ hasn’t come out today!

Oh Facebook. Please work!

Oh Facebook. Please work!

For what must have been at least 6 months, I have released every morning my ‘Pre Coffee Marketing Thoughts’ video segment. This is where I literally ‘before coffee’ in a total real and raw fashion talk Marketing and Entrepreneurship.

Facebook has been playing up all morning with a bug that has totally delayed me and stopped me from getting my latest video uploaded. As I walked to the gym and attempted uploading it from my mobile phone, it just wouldn’t work! I reinstalled the App and then walked back home.

I then tried it from PC and it’s still not working and yes, I confirmed it’s a bug that Facebook is working on. It’s thrown out my Sunday with me doing everything in reverse with my morning gym session probably getting moved to the afternoon.

That’s cool! That is technology and things happen in our business which just throws everything out.

My advice and thinking? Regardless of your focus or strength; as entrepreneur’s things happen which is totally out of our control. The trick is knowing how to work around it and coming up with great solutions.

In my case it’s been putting out this blog instead (as although video isn’t working, blogs / links are). As you work away in your business, just keep moving ahead! Stuff goes wrong. Awesome. Workaround it and win big.

Love your work, thank s for the read and stay awesome friends!

P.S. Hopefully some more videos later today!