Be nice… AND TOUGH!

Be nice, but let no one mess with you!

Be nice, but let no one mess with you!

I met with an incredible man this morning that I bumped into at the beautiful Sofitel Wentworth in Sydney CBD.

The Sofitel is a wonderful property and it’s become my ‘office’ in the CBD be it I am meeting wonderful clients, need to use the 5 Star Bathroom or need a hit of caffeine as my energy slumps around 3PM

Last time I was there I met to this wonderful fellow and we caught up for a coffee this morning.

As we spoke, he was telling me how he has been SCREWED OVER by some people which slightly dampened his spirits. This of course has happened to me many times over the years and I shared with him some key lessons to help him not only stay on the horse; but win big.

We are both very similar in that we are ‘people pleasers’ meaning that we enjoy making people happy. This sounds great on paper and from a tree hugging, leftie PC view – but it has some severe implications and situations where it works against you.

If you are working with the wrong people you can get ripped off, not paid and lose lots of time. It can be so bad in that I have known entrepreneurs to almost quit their businesses. It happens and if you are a nice person, please keep being one.

BUT I ask you one thing. Be tough! Be nice and tough. That is, you are a wonderful person who is wonderful and nice, but if someone really messes with you – come down like a ton of bricks on them.

This does several things:

–          It protects you.

–          It makes them think twice before doing it some else.

–          You have a probability to turn around their behaviour so everyone wins.

This is what I said to my new pal and he loves it.

My advice and thinking? Be nice, but be strong and tough. If someone gives you trouble teach them a lesson. If someone gives you flowers, give them a kiss or a box of chocolates (or both!).

Love your work, thanks for the read and stay awesome friends!

P.S. Thank you to my new friend. Looking forward to great wonderful experiences to come.