Believing you can make it to the TOP

A great 'off camera' photo from a great film showing one 'crazy' journey to the top! (Thank you Scarface)

A great ‘off camera’ photo showing one ‘crazy’ journey to the top! (Thank you Scarface)

Whether I make it there, get close or nowhere to it; I play like I am going to make it to the top.

In certain circles, you can argue that I have done that. Having said that, you only need to compare me against Trump, Gates and Branson to counter my previous statement.

One thing I decided to think very early on in my business is that I am going to back myself 100% in believing I can make it to the top. Over the past year especially; I am really pleased at my own progress and I was reflecting as to all the people that just said I wouldn’t make it.

What made me bring this up is that amount of new wonderful people that have joined our awesome community who are at the start of the journey. A good portion are fired up and ready to go with full belief, with the most who are taking some time to get confident to really get behind themselves.

I also got lots of inspiration from my favourite film ever being Scarface (1983). Even though it ends as it ends; it’s the story of people with drive and ambition making it to the top with infinite belief in themselves. Of course there is another side to this in only doing things legally, without killing people, narcotics, Columbians, Chainsaws and Bolivian Drug Lords (so let’s leave that side of it alone lol).

What I have learned is that the more you believe you are going to make it to the top is the more successful you become. That is if you deep down don’t think you are going to get anywhere, you aren’t really going to try.

When also bad things happen to you, you shall have low tenacity and it’s very easy to fall over, implode and not proceed.

HOWEVER, if you know deep down you are going to make it – you shall keep going till you win, win and win! Sure, you may have to change everything about you in that whole process (as did I), but you get there.

If you are asking yourself, “Edward, how do I convince myself I will get to the top?” – the answer is very simple. Just decide it to be a “Yes”. Entrepreneurship comes from faith and you must have faith you shall make it the top. Just choose right now to back yourself.

My advice and thinking? Just say “Yes”. Choose that you are going to win.

And of course do it. NOW. Say Yes. And Smile. Now.

Love your work!

P.S. Watch Scarface.