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Beating Cancer with Research & Powerful Marketing (thanks to Suzie Nguyen from Sydney Vital)

The Powerhouse Suzie Nguyen from Sydney Vital Cancer Research - love their work!

The Powerhouse Suzie Nguyen from Sydney Vital Cancer Research – love their work!

It was only recently I was at a powerful Business & Marketing event. I was busy setting places, getting the part of the room ready and also getting myself in the zone to deliver the materials with strength.

Just several days before I had being doing lots of research to the Marketing Materials in the workshop. It was a mixture of industry, desk research and from my own analysis of what was working for my hundreds of clients, friends and of course in my own business.

As I was ironically reflecting on this; an extremely intelligent, powerful and perceptive individual attended. I could instinctively sense they were quite a strong leader and we instantly connected and started business, life in Sydney and everything else in between.

The next day we were able to fit in a fast paced business breakfast to discuss outcomes and I started getting to know the dynamic Suzie Nguyen from Sydney Vital Cancer Research. Suzie immediately struck me with a heart of gold and I started to learn and appreciate the amazing work that her organisation does.

Interestingly, Sydney Vital does what is called ‘Translational Cancer Research’ – this means that they move research from the laboratories into patient cares. They are based in the Royal North Shore Hospital in Sydney.

In doing other work in this space as well; I always find it absolutely fascinating in how the Business / Marketing side of Cancer Research works. Sydney Vital is funded by the Cancer Institute NSW, the University of Sydney and any supporters that want to help such an organisation.

As Sydney Vital produces more research, generates more breakthroughs, becomes more known and respected; the more funding it can attract to help it do even more great works. As a marketer (with an Applied Science background) I find this an incredible and admirable endeavour and Suzie Nguyen is an amazing character for being part of this.

Marketing to the community, potential donors and even universities is what helps to accelerate the powerful medical research. I find that quite incredible and from LinkedIn, to Facebook, to Blogging to a powerful website – all is required to drive funding to keep the researchers researching.

My lessons and thinking from the awesome Sydney Vital & Suzie? Marketing is a powerful discipline and it’s quite humbling when you can see how this skill is actually part of beating cancer:

  • No money, no research – more money, more research. It’s that simple.

As a ‘cancer baby’ as well, my awesome mother (who is very strong and with us today God Bless) had suffered near terminal cancer multiple times in her life. She is way stronger than cancer and I don’t know anyone whose life hasn’t been negatively touched by cancer is some way or another.

Sydney Vital Cancer Research is amazing and I love their work, learn more about them here.

Thank you for the read and thank you Suzie for your awesome contributions to Medical Research!

“In the Zone”

We tend not to miss a beat when we are 'in the zone' !

We tend not to miss a beat when we are ‘in the zone’ !

It’s 9:35PM and lately I have been winning and winning big. It’s been incredible and last year I wasn’t quite winning the way I wanted.

In fact, I had a few setbacks which really annoyed me on a deep level. In this situation, the inner powerful Marketer within me kicked in. That is the more losses you have means the stronger you sell, market and get ‘in the zone’.

I actually got ‘in the zone’ before the results kicked in and some months later after heavy marketing I really started to enjoy an avalanche of new clients. This expression has become a core part of my vocabulary and to me in means many different things.

However when I say it to people, they instantly have their own positive association with it. It’s an expression used in Trading, Sport, Video Games (such as XCOM 2 pictured) and my own interpretation of it is:

– “When you are in that mental place of happiness, productivity where you bring in results subconsciously and effortlessly”.

For me the key part is the ‘subconscious’ and ‘effortless’ part of it. To justify this, of course doing work takes work – but it isn’t a grind. It’s a process of productive joy which is just great.

Getting in the zone is a very profitable thing to do and it can be a challenge to get in the zone and stay there.

My advice and lessons? Great things will happen and bad things happen in life that will help us get mentally in the zone and out of it. When we are in the zone the idea is to keep moving with that momentum boost we have our way.

When we tragically get knocked out of the zone that is where we earn our money. It’s great to speak to the right people, put great things into your mind and keep at it over and over again. Eventually we can get back ‘in the zone’ and hence we must stay there as long as we can.

The great news is that the more we stay in the zone is the harder it is to leave it and the easier it is to get back into it.

Do what it takes for you to get in that zone and stay there.

Love your work, thank you for the read!

P.S. The image is from the awesome game XCOM 2 and this is a great female sniper shot. She seems totally in the zone and focused on the job right here. Inspirational in my gaming mind!

Being a true hero (and God Bless the Challenger Crew)

God Bless the Challenger Crew!

God Bless the Challenger Crew!

Today marks 31 years since the Challenger Space Shuttle Tragedy. For those that were too young to appreciate it (with my being roughly 7 years old at the time) it was one of those tragic unforgettable historic moments.

I was in Primary School then and it was a massive system shock and even writing this article over 3 decades later is bringing me back into the pain, shock and horror of what I felt as a small boy.

As the investigations played out and the case was closed; it was found that the fault was caused by the failure of an ‘O-Ring’ seal in one of the Rocket Boosters.

This basically meant that with the leak, pressurised burning gas leaked out of the rocket to ignite with a massive explosion destroying the craft. Whether this offers any solace or not, it was thought that the crew didn’t remain conscious for long after the disaster (source Wikipedia).

Even today Space Flight is a massively risky prospect and the 7 Astronauts that went on the flight would have certainly known the risks of what they were doing. I am sure NASA would have explained to them many times and each of them would have been well prepared for ‘any scenario’ going into space.

The crew are true heroes beyond of a shadow of a doubt. They went on a dangerous mission to advance humanity as a species / space faring civilisation and they died it the process of this. I am sure that one day when we are on our Martian colony or we are in Alpha Centauri / living on new worlds, tales will be told about these original heroes that died in the process of humanity advancing.

Bringing it back to you and me; it has me thinking about the ‘heroic’ actions we take in our own lives and what it means to all of us. Be it as grand as going into space or even taking risks in our lives to create something new and meaningful.

Ultimately in life we are confounded with many situations we don’t want to be in. Some of our own creation, some the result of bad luck and some clearly from the oppression of us by others; in getting out of those situations it takes risks to get out of it.

With thanks to my wonderful parents, they helped give me the opportunity to break out of the ‘Working Class’ and become ‘Middle Class’ which I am today. The worked hard, set me up were my own heroes – then one day, I decided to leave home and go off and join the Australian Army, hit university and start a new life. This totally terrified me and by no means I compare myself to the awesome challenger grew and their sacrifice; but I wanted to point out how we can take risks in our lives that terrify ourselves.

Interesting when I worked for the Government, I was injured quite badly and almost died in service of my country. I had some rough years recovering from that and you know what? If I did die in that moment I would only think AWESOME. I would have died doing what I loved at the time and if that was the case; the so be it. Without knowing the extraordinary people on the Challenger Space Shuttle; I am willing to bet they had a similar outlook. They were the type of heroes that would gladly risk / give up their lives to advance everyone around them.

My lessons and thinking from the Challenger Crew? Be extraordinary, take risks, help others and be your own hero. Taking this point to the extreme; it would be much better to die a hero than live a failure. For some years their due to massive mistakes of my own, I lived as quite a failure. I was homeless for a period there, I was under the thumb of those around me and eventually I broke out of it and started a new life that I am grateful for.

Trust me on this point – you don’t want to live as a failure like I once did. Being a living (or not) hero is far better option.

Also too, if you feel stuck in your life like once was and even ‘feel like a failure’, it’s time to swing hard, take risks and get your way out of that situation. I promise it will be hard, but well worth it.

Thank you for the read, thank you to the Challenger Crew for your sacrifice for humanity and inspiring me to write this piece some 31 years later.

Live Sydney CBD Workshop: PROFITABLE Business Networking & Personal Selling

PROFITABLE Business Networking & Personal Selling - You're Invited!

PROFITABLE Business Networking & Personal Selling – You’re Invited!

Over the past many months I had had lots of demand, questions and interest from the community when it comes to ‘Business Networking’ and making money from face to face environments.

Talking as a heavy Facebook, Email Marketing and LinkedIn guy too; I am the first to tell you that today there is NOT ENOUGH emphasis on actual face to face selling.

After all, we do all this work, put this wonderful business together and do all this marketing – then what happens? We get leads that we meet face to face, speak to over the phone or we are hitting networking events in the hope of picking up business.

Understanding how to succeed and get high value clients from events is critical in that just in 2016 over half of my revenue came from Sydney’s Business Chambers.

In this coming Live Sydney CBD Workshop, the awesome Martha Arifin and I are teaching attendees great strategies on Business Networking, Personal Selling and we are even going to get into the DISC Profiling to help as just sell that bit better and connect with people on a deeper authentic level.

This is on the house and I invite you to join us!

>> 6:30PM Monday 6th February 2017 – Book in and join us on Meetup Here!

Winning Debates 101 (and my love for Tucker Carlson)

I love you Tucker Carlson!

I love you Tucker Carlson!

2016 was a crazy year for I am sure anyone who was involved or did what they could to run as far as possible away from politics.

For me and many of my friends; it was an amazing year of growth on many levels. I chose early on to become a “Trumper” and “The Donald” I picked as a winner right from when he won the Republican Primary.

This was actually a massive life changing move in many ways. Talking to the negative, it made me a target of many people. Even though I am a son of an Iranian Muslim Immigrant who has fought for equal rights; I was being called everything under the sun ending with “ist”. I was abused, unfriended on Facebook, sent threatening emails and at times it was hard.

Talking to the positive; it was my time to really learn how to stand against the odds and ironically the ‘Lefties’ that used to support me, were now my oppressors that I was proud to stand against. I learned mentally how to deal with being trolled (where I now don’t care) and I used to get really ‘triggered’ and upset when I got challenged. I can now debate anyone, anytime, anywhere and I almost always win now!

My business grew as well and in learning how to debate (without never having been trained formally), I learned some top strategies of how to win an argument with truth, facts, ethics and integrity. These are my top 7 x tips I learned from working on the Trump campaign:

– Don’t get angry, get passionate: When you get angry you lose, when you get passionate you win!

– Remember it’s personal: Chances are the other side totally hates you, so make sure you don’t let them get away with it. Win!

– Let the other side speak and don’t dismiss their points: Lefties love talking over people and shutting down discussion. It’s really silly actually, it builds sympathy for the other side.

– Answer points you are given: Even if it’s a great point that makes you lose the argument, answer their points. If I lose an argument based on facts and logics – it means I was wrong and I will change my views.

– If you lose, change your views: Let’s say I lose a debate on facts and reason. That means I WAS WRONG and awesome. I shall change my thinking.

– Keep the pressure on: If you have cracked the other side, they are getting flustered and angry – don’t stop. Keep hitting them with facts and logic.

– Know the topic inside out: You don’t want an ‘egg shell’ argument and logic. You want layers of deep logic so you can keep fighting through key debate layers.

A person who I have developed a “Heterosexual Bromance” for is Tucker Carlson from Fox News. In terms of political alignment I am quite similar to him and he is one of the most powerful debaters I have ever seen in action. He knows when to let the opposition speak, when to jump and always hits with facts. YouTube ‘Tucker Carlson’ – you will love it.

Thank you for the read, thank you Tucker Carlson for the inspiration and also to my awesome friend Lana (for some of her Facebook Posts that stir the pot!).

Turning your losses into fortunes (lessons from Rudy Pantoja / “Hugh Mungus”)

The awesome Rudy Pantoja, aka 'Hugh Mungus' in action. Love his charitable work!

The awesome Rudy Pantoja, aka ‘Hugh Mungus’ in action. Love his charitable work!

As I write this blog it’s a beautiful day in Australia; being Australia Day! I was going for a walk thinking about what to write about and then my new friend Rudy Pantoja (aka “Hugh Mungus”) from Seattle said hello over Facebook Messenger.

If this rings a bell or not with you, I encourage you to go into YouTube and type in “Hugh Mungus”. It all started in 2016 with a very kind man by the name of Rudy had an almost ‘Western Style’ standoff with Social Justice Protestors causing him trouble.

Without blowing the plot in case you haven’t seen it; Rudy was being video-taped and someone asked his name. He made the epic dad joke of the century by saying his name was “Hugh Mungus”. The situation escalated (please watch the video) and Rudy, aka “Hugh Mungus” became a YouTube star with millions (if not tens of millions of views).

Over time we connected on Facebook and being ‘Pen Pals’ so to speak and I have met what was an amazing working class man who has totally turned around his life in such a short space of time. From my understanding of his story; he has been tragically ‘working poor’ – BUT has an amazing heart of gold. He is a kind and charitable legendary type of man and in following his story and becoming personal friends with him; I am blown away by how great he is and the popularity and social change he is bringing.

What Rudy has taught me that has been incredible is that no matter what hands you are dealt in life is that you must keep positive and keep moving forward. I couldn’t even begin to imagine the challenges he had prior in his life and you can tell that by his weathered look and eyes in some of the videos; he was a kind yet tired man.

BUT he kept going!

Today, he messaged me showing how he has airtime on “Seattle’s KCPQ 13 Fox News – Crime Stoppers!” I bet the focus was to promote his social causes of helping people. One of my favourites (which I have donated too because of Rudy) is – cleaning up people with drug addictions.

My advice and lessons from Rudy?

At times in life for whatever reason; be it bad things happen to us or we make poor decisions, we can take losses in many forms. It’s hard, it can be tragic BUT the true entrepreneur and person that succeeds and brings social change is someone that keeps going and stays as positive as one can in adversity.

Fortitude, Endurance, Strength, Stamina and being Indefatigable to me are clear virtues I have learned in life and have taken from the awesome Rudy Pantoja.

Go hard, life will throw curl balls at you – big keep getting up and hitting it hard.

Thank you Rudy, thank you Hugh Mungus and thank you for taking the time to read this!

P.S. Follow Rudy on FB here + thank you for the off stage pics Rudy.

Live Webinar Recording: Creating PROFITABLE High Converting Websites & Lead Pages

Creating PROFITABLE High Converting Websites & Lead Pages 25.01.2017On this warm summer night in Sydney on Wednesday 25th January 2017 was a highly requested and awaited Webinar where I talked about making your website convert.

I used to face the same problem like many in that I had a ‘pretty’ website but it did very little to nothing in terms of bringing me actual high value leads (which of course turn into clients).

There are a lot of reasons for this ranging to the site traffic and my use of social media at the time; but ultimately my website wasn’t giving the right information in order to turn the interested into a client.

Earlier on in 2016 I did a massive rebuild of my website on many levels. A new theme, new templates, new graphics, updated the membership section and it was almost instant that my leads went from a couple a month to sometimes; a few leads a day!

The further great news is that those leads were the ‘right’ leads who were warmed up. They are mostly the right type of customer and before they contact me – they are well educated and in the zone ready to buy.

Since then I have gone to help hundreds turn their dormant websites into indefatigable sales machines!

A great website does the selling for you! Also too, I spoke about the awesome platform in this webinar that is fantastic – you can create a high converting Lead Page in just minutes (for anything from webinar sign ups, eBook giveaways and filling events).

Please enjoy the recording right here and LOVE YOUR WORK – here to help.

Thanks from Edward Zia!

Creating and Leading Profitable Communities (Thank you Sharni Maree Taylor)

The bold, the elite and the few - Sharni Maree Taylor rocks and love her work!

The bold, the elite and the few – Sharni Maree Taylor rocks and love her work!

Some weeks back I think I was sitting at my desktop at home, the air conditioner was blowing a beautiful dehumidified 20°C onto me (with the outside not far from the 40’s) and I received this kind energetic message over Meetup.

I run the Profitable Marketing Meetup Group in Sydney CBD and a fellow organiser of her own group messaged me to say hello, become friends and take things from there. I get lots of people approaching me and most of them I turn away; but there was something unique I could tell about this person.

They weren’t in it for themselves, they seemed to understand the idea of win / win and they were so reasonable I started a conversation with them.

Very quickly I felt her genuine nature come through and Sharni Maree Taylor told me part of her story and invited me to her new Meetup group. In the Therapy space in Sydney, she is one of their emerging Leaders and in walking the talk – she started her own new community to bring Therapists together to strengthen the community and each other’s interests.

Last night she had one of her launch nights on and there was a powerful group of us. She invited me to visit as a Marketing Specialist / Commander to support everyone and she ran a great Goals / Planning workshop.

Sharni worked her butt off for everyone! She ran the workshop on the house, put in lots of effort to help everyone and building on that – it invited us to give back too. I think she is wonderful and I can see us becoming great pals very quickly and it has me thinking about the top performers in any industry.

Interestingly, no one made Sharni put on that Meetup group, do all that work and perform at that level. She did it of her own free will and it was a choice that she made to really go the extra mile, deliver value, put herself out there and help others. In having done this myself as well – I know that over time the results really pile on and make you more powerful than ever.

We had this interesting conversation about being a great ‘Community Citizen’ last night which is something I have understood but not in these words. Community Citizens are those people that go the extra mile to give freely to their community without expectation of immediate results.

Surprise, surprise – they go on to be leaders that reap in the rewards and yes you have to do lots of work – sweat a little bit, but you lead and incredible life.

My advice and thinking? In learning from Sharni and myself once (remembering I lived in my car for a while there) – it doesn’t matter how privileged or disadvantaged you are, it takes inner strength and guts to get up and decide to lead.

I have many friends from around the globe that choose to do this and I commend them as I do Sharni. This awesome character has me thinking more about confronting my own mirror and wondering how I can improve from here? (hmmm).

I love her work. Make sure you LinkedIn + Facebook her and become pals. She rocks. Thank you for the read, love your work Sharni and stay awesome friends!

P.S. Thank you Henry Tang for providing the workspace!

Protecting your mind from FAKE NEWS

Fake News can even come from the big guys (Image Credit & Thanks - Paul Joseph Watson)

Fake News can even come from the big guys (Image Credit & Thanks – Paul Joseph Watson)

Just last night, my friend Lana made a very great post on Facebook asking about people’s views of Trump. She is completely politically neutral and especially when you know her; it was asked in good faith.

As she asked the question, I decided to help ‘Troll’ the feed by putting in great photos making Trump into a living deity – with others giving their views for and against (while I remained in funny troll mode).

As this played out, people started actually attacking Lana for simply asking a questions and going the next level on this one; a lot of the reasons people were giving for not liking Trump was either personal / emotional, not policy based or was based on pure misinformation or ‘FAKE NEWS’.

‘FAKE NEWS’ was actually a term started by the ‘Lefties’ to attack the more honest ‘Right’ Wing news outlets (which were pro-Trump) and it got trolled and taken over by the ‘Right’ (to the point where Trump during his first press conference called CNN ‘Fake News’ with massive consequences for them).

Going to the next level here, on social media yesterday we saw lots of photos referring to Donald Trump’s crowd size during his inauguration. The ‘photos’ made the crowd appear smaller compared to Obama’s inauguration speech.

I had trouble believing it and already the more credible underground outlets have come out with proof that it was packed, very popular and it’s for fake news from the mass media trying to deceive the population (my immediate reaction like many was that they just compared photos at different times to put out the narrative they want people to believe).

What I have found over the years is that whilst we are in business, misinformation & fake news can be a massive issue based on what we hear. Talking business and marketing; when I started out I was given a lot of misinformation in terms of how much money I should make. For example, it can take a good 6 to 12 months to get clients from Facebook (for a new brand) and it was made out to me that it would happen in a fortnight.

The great deal of misinformation and fake articles / news out there by people in bad faith kept throwing me off track. It was quite an issue and something which impacts us all.

My advice and thinking? Don’t just believe what you see, especially if you haven’t verified a source. Also too, just because a source is ‘big’ doesn’t mean it’s any more credible than someone sitting at home with a webcam or writing on their word press blog.

It’s critical to not only ask questions, but get different viewpoints so you can verify / give credibility to what you are being told. This can save you tens of thousands of dollars in poor mistakes, protect your business and save you lots of stress.

If the top news outlets say something; I don’t believe them anymore on face value, must be verified. If I just see a random article out there, I must ask questions and big ones!

Love your work, thank you for the read and thank you my wonderful friend Lana – love your work.

The MUST for a Clear & Powerful Marketing Message

The Sydney Trump skywriting was simple, powerful and effective! (Image Credit and Thanks to Hektik Hektor - Twitter)

The Sydney Trump skywriting was simple, powerful and effective! (Image Credit and Thanks to Hektik Hektor – Twitter)

If you have been connected to anything attached to the internet over the past 24 to 48 hours as I write this blog; you would have been watching both sides of the Donald Trump inauguration as the 45th President of the United States.

You have the world divided into two clear sides and few strangely are in the middle. If you ask someone if they are “PRO” or “AGAINST” Trump you will get an answer one way or the other.

The fascinating fallout from all this has been the protests against Trump or the counter protests in solidarity with Trump. It’s been going on for what is seemingly years now and you are seeing a massive transition of power seemingly occur ‘overnight’.

As the darkness turns to daylight and power goes from the ‘Left’ to the ‘Right’ globally; we are all reviewing what happened. The victors are still asking themselves “How did we do that?” with the losing side saying “How did we let this happen?”

My own research of both polling people in groups and online has shown from a Marketing viewpoint that the ‘Left’ lost big time due to not having a clear message. I remember asking this in multiple workshops in “What is Hillary’s tagline?” and “What is Donald Trump’s tagline?’

Instantly you would hear with mincing or smiling “Make America Great Again” and love the Donald or not – his marketing was on track and on message. Hillary’s message of “Stronger Together” was not mentioned to me once out of speaking to at least 50 pro Hillary female supporters (her use of multiple taglines including “I’m with Her” and “Love Trump’s Hate” got recall from maybe one or two people).

Interestingly talking to the protests you have playing out, I think they are actually wonderful (even though I am pro-Trump). It’s critical to send the new US government a message that the world is watching and as someone who is very counter-culture (as I was until Trump got in) I respect that. To my odd disappointment I was watching one of the head organisers of the ‘Anti-Trump’ rally in Sydney yesterday get interviewed.

I loved her passion, but whenever she was talking I had trouble understanding what she was actually after with the protests. She kept saying they are not just ‘Anti-Trump’ and they are after ‘Equality’.

They poorly explained it beyond this point and it was tragic actually; they have all this wonderful airtime and you can tell that they clearly haven’t through what they really want:

  • Protesting to have Trump removed from a democratically won fair election? Not going to happen.
  • Protesting to have Trump removed because you think he is something ‘ist’? Not going to happen.

It was actually a prime opportunity to go after something decent, concrete and get out a clear message as to what they want that is actually actionable. Saying “we hate Trump” only makes his supporters stronger, wins him sympathy from undecided voters and makes one’s only side more venomous.

I would have loved to have seen what they actually want and protesting with a clear message. Sure, be anti-Trump – but what solution are you proposing?

As they didn’t have this; I could see even their supporters in the Twitter-verse confused, unclear and not totally in the zone of what they want?

My advice and thinking? To the protestors against Trump (and this is coming from a Trump fan), you need to have a very clear message of what you actually want. This will really help galvanise your movement and get you what you want. The guys behind the Sydney Skywriting of ‘Trump’ during your protests unfortunately ‘Trumped’ you to so to speak. It really took away from what you were doing and sorry to see that happen to you (and I mean that, I wish you guys had a greater win to hold Trump accountable).

To those who are out of politics, it’s a great case to learn from; make sure your own marketing is clear in what you are saying and what you want. Why is your product / service the best? Why should people buy from you? How can you explain it as simply as possible so ‘anyone’ would get it with the least amount of mental effort.

Great marketing is simple, powerful with a clear message. It brings everyone together, makes it clear and sets you to win big time.

Love your work, thank you for the read and good luck protestors! Get clear, hit some real policies and hold the Trump Administration accountable big time!

P.S. Image Credit and Thanks to Hektik Hektor – Twitter

You don’t need your critics

Trump took on Hollywood, Big Corporations and the Mass Media and Won - the critics failed and love it! (Credit Donald Trump Twitter)

Trump took on Hollywood, Big Corporations and the Mass Media and Won – the critics failed and love it! (Credit Donald Trump Twitter)

Waking up this morning in Sydney was just fantastic after events in my own life and on a global scale lately. I went to a fantastic event last night catching up with what I like to call my ‘power group’. They are basically amazing people that are positive supportive and amazing. That has me totally in the zone.

Furthermore talking on a geopolitical scale; Donald Trump has just been inaugurated as the 45th President of the United States and it is just an amazing changing of the corrupt establishment we have been dealing with.

During 2016 I worked very hard on doing my small part to help Donald Trump get elected. Like millions of people no doubt like myself; I was part of the people rising across the world to support a new change in Government to make it fairer to the poor, working and middle class.

I came from a working class background myself and with thanks to my amazing parents; I have been lucky to work my way up to middle class. I hope one day to be Upper Middle Class the way I am going and in watching Donald Trump win it has really got me thinking about this.

Donald Trump was the only leader that has been truly for the under / working class people and it was the millions of people across America who were being ignored by the political & media establishment that wanted a change.

As Donald Trump and we all spoke ‘Truth to Power’ – criticism was rife during 2016 especially. Even though I am a non-white minority; I was slammed all the time (ironically from ‘white lefties) with all sorts of hate and abuse.

This was of course 1 billionth of what the Trump family endured and it taught me this lesson:

– We don’t need our critics!

I don’t mind taking great feedback, but the evil troll critics you and me don’t need them. Far before the Trump election my life was full of the wrong people and over the years I have been blessed to make new friends, start a new family and have just amazing people in my life.

With this experience and looking back now; I can see that I emotionally overweighted my critics. Instead of pleasing those who like me – I would forever let my critics emotionally oppress me and pull me back.

I speak to people all week now with a similar thinking to what I have had and I am forever doing my part to help them break it.

My advice and thinking? Critics suck and we don’t need them. Chances are the critics don’t have any friends either; in that they probably treat everyone poorly and no one likes them.

AWESOME! Move on and only surround yourself by the best. Of course this puts the expectation on you to be the best. If you have been a critic and part of the ‘problem’ that is cool; time to change and become part of the ‘solution’ (as I once lived in a glass house I hate to admit).

Love your work, thank you for the read, appreciation to all my friends that made my life truly wonderful.

Premium Experiences Matter (and thank you Sticky Fingers Kitchen & Bar!)

I think we are all very wonderful good looking people (lol)

I think we are all very wonderful good looking people (lol)

It’s 3:10PM Friday as I write this on a ‘Coffee Bar Bench’ overlooking the fast paced and happening World Square in Sydney CBD. I am one of those ‘cool’ guys (I think I’m cool lol) with a Microsoft Surface Pro 4 tapping away like I normally do.

Interestingly I just had one of the best healthy lunches I have had in a very long time with my old pal Mitch Tilbrook. For the record, Mitch is this very good looking guy that I love catching up with.

We met for lunch at the Sticky Fingers Kitchen & Bar and it was just fantastic. Besides looking beautiful, the awesome waitress (who we found to be Chelsea) was amazing and she did what a Café Host should do – make you feel good and make you feel at home.

Then we ordered our premium healthy salads. Then we ordered coffee and dessert and it was all 5 stars. We loved it, it was a Premium Experience and talking Marketing / Business, it made our catch up really fun and worthwhile.

Over the many years I have worked in business and marketing; I have found that premium businesses always win in the end. Sure, you can try and be cheaper, but that usually fails really badly.

The clients and businesses I have worked with that are the most successful offer PREMIUM high quality products, services and experiences. When you market them well, people love it, they keep coming up, they tell their friends and the business just keeps growing.

Even though I am a Marketer; I am the first to say that before you market – please make sure you have your business in order and have top quality. When you do, the sky is seriously the limit.

My advice and thinking? Premium Experiences matter. People want them, I want them and people are willing to pay for them. Sticky Fingers in Surry Hills is just a perfect example of that.

Love your work, go hard, and deliver the best quality! Thank you Mitch + Sticky Fingers. More to come.

P.S. Check out the Sticky Fingers FB page here!