“In the Zone”

We tend not to miss a beat when we are 'in the zone' !

We tend not to miss a beat when we are ‘in the zone’ !

It’s 9:35PM and lately I have been winning and winning big. It’s been incredible and last year I wasn’t quite winning the way I wanted.

In fact, I had a few setbacks which really annoyed me on a deep level. In this situation, the inner powerful Marketer within me kicked in. That is the more losses you have means the stronger you sell, market and get ‘in the zone’.

I actually got ‘in the zone’ before the results kicked in and some months later after heavy marketing I really started to enjoy an avalanche of new clients. This expression has become a core part of my vocabulary and to me in means many different things.

However when I say it to people, they instantly have their own positive association with it. It’s an expression used in Trading, Sport, Video Games (such as XCOM 2 pictured) and my own interpretation of it is:

– “When you are in that mental place of happiness, productivity where you bring in results subconsciously and effortlessly”.

For me the key part is the ‘subconscious’ and ‘effortless’ part of it. To justify this, of course doing work takes work – but it isn’t a grind. It’s a process of productive joy which is just great.

Getting in the zone is a very profitable thing to do and it can be a challenge to get in the zone and stay there.

My advice and lessons? Great things will happen and bad things happen in life that will help us get mentally in the zone and out of it. When we are in the zone the idea is to keep moving with that momentum boost we have our way.

When we tragically get knocked out of the zone that is where we earn our money. It’s great to speak to the right people, put great things into your mind and keep at it over and over again. Eventually we can get back ‘in the zone’ and hence we must stay there as long as we can.

The great news is that the more we stay in the zone is the harder it is to leave it and the easier it is to get back into it.

Do what it takes for you to get in that zone and stay there.

Love your work, thank you for the read!

P.S. The image is from the awesome game XCOM 2 and this is a great female sniper shot. She seems totally in the zone and focused on the job right here. Inspirational in my gaming mind!