Live Sydney CBD Workshop: PROFITABLE Business Networking & Personal Selling

PROFITABLE Business Networking & Personal Selling - You're Invited!

PROFITABLE Business Networking & Personal Selling – You’re Invited!

Over the past many months I had had lots of demand, questions and interest from the community when it comes to ‘Business Networking’ and making money from face to face environments.

Talking as a heavy Facebook, Email Marketing and LinkedIn guy too; I am the first to tell you that today there is NOT ENOUGH emphasis on actual face to face selling.

After all, we do all this work, put this wonderful business together and do all this marketing – then what happens? We get leads that we meet face to face, speak to over the phone or we are hitting networking events in the hope of picking up business.

Understanding how to succeed and get high value clients from events is critical in that just in 2016 over half of my revenue came from Sydney’s Business Chambers.

In this coming Live Sydney CBD Workshop, the awesome Martha Arifin and I are teaching attendees great strategies on Business Networking, Personal Selling and we are even going to get into the DISC Profiling to help as just sell that bit better and connect with people on a deeper authentic level.

This is on the house and I invite you to join us!

>> 6:30PM Monday 6th February 2017 – Book in and join us on Meetup Here!