Protecting your mind from FAKE NEWS

Fake News can even come from the big guys (Image Credit & Thanks - Paul Joseph Watson)

Fake News can even come from the big guys (Image Credit & Thanks – Paul Joseph Watson)

Just last night, my friend Lana made a very great post on Facebook asking about people’s views of Trump. She is completely politically neutral and especially when you know her; it was asked in good faith.

As she asked the question, I decided to help ‘Troll’ the feed by putting in great photos making Trump into a living deity – with others giving their views for and against (while I remained in funny troll mode).

As this played out, people started actually attacking Lana for simply asking a questions and going the next level on this one; a lot of the reasons people were giving for not liking Trump was either personal / emotional, not policy based or was based on pure misinformation or ‘FAKE NEWS’.

‘FAKE NEWS’ was actually a term started by the ‘Lefties’ to attack the more honest ‘Right’ Wing news outlets (which were pro-Trump) and it got trolled and taken over by the ‘Right’ (to the point where Trump during his first press conference called CNN ‘Fake News’ with massive consequences for them).

Going to the next level here, on social media yesterday we saw lots of photos referring to Donald Trump’s crowd size during his inauguration. The ‘photos’ made the crowd appear smaller compared to Obama’s inauguration speech.

I had trouble believing it and already the more credible underground outlets have come out with proof that it was packed, very popular and it’s for fake news from the mass media trying to deceive the population (my immediate reaction like many was that they just compared photos at different times to put out the narrative they want people to believe).

What I have found over the years is that whilst we are in business, misinformation & fake news can be a massive issue based on what we hear. Talking business and marketing; when I started out I was given a lot of misinformation in terms of how much money I should make. For example, it can take a good 6 to 12 months to get clients from Facebook (for a new brand) and it was made out to me that it would happen in a fortnight.

The great deal of misinformation and fake articles / news out there by people in bad faith kept throwing me off track. It was quite an issue and something which impacts us all.

My advice and thinking? Don’t just believe what you see, especially if you haven’t verified a source. Also too, just because a source is ‘big’ doesn’t mean it’s any more credible than someone sitting at home with a webcam or writing on their word press blog.

It’s critical to not only ask questions, but get different viewpoints so you can verify / give credibility to what you are being told. This can save you tens of thousands of dollars in poor mistakes, protect your business and save you lots of stress.

If the top news outlets say something; I don’t believe them anymore on face value, must be verified. If I just see a random article out there, I must ask questions and big ones!

Love your work, thank you for the read and thank you my wonderful friend Lana – love your work.