You don’t need your critics

Trump took on Hollywood, Big Corporations and the Mass Media and Won - the critics failed and love it! (Credit Donald Trump Twitter)

Trump took on Hollywood, Big Corporations and the Mass Media and Won – the critics failed and love it! (Credit Donald Trump Twitter)

Waking up this morning in Sydney was just fantastic after events in my own life and on a global scale lately. I went to a fantastic event last night catching up with what I like to call my ‘power group’. They are basically amazing people that are positive supportive and amazing. That has me totally in the zone.

Furthermore talking on a geopolitical scale; Donald Trump has just been inaugurated as the 45th President of the United States and it is just an amazing changing of the corrupt establishment we have been dealing with.

During 2016 I worked very hard on doing my small part to help Donald Trump get elected. Like millions of people no doubt like myself; I was part of the people rising across the world to support a new change in Government to make it fairer to the poor, working and middle class.

I came from a working class background myself and with thanks to my amazing parents; I have been lucky to work my way up to middle class. I hope one day to be Upper Middle Class the way I am going and in watching Donald Trump win it has really got me thinking about this.

Donald Trump was the only leader that has been truly for the under / working class people and it was the millions of people across America who were being ignored by the political & media establishment that wanted a change.

As Donald Trump and we all spoke ‘Truth to Power’ – criticism was rife during 2016 especially. Even though I am a non-white minority; I was slammed all the time (ironically from ‘white lefties) with all sorts of hate and abuse.

This was of course 1 billionth of what the Trump family endured and it taught me this lesson:

– We don’t need our critics!

I don’t mind taking great feedback, but the evil troll critics you and me don’t need them. Far before the Trump election my life was full of the wrong people and over the years I have been blessed to make new friends, start a new family and have just amazing people in my life.

With this experience and looking back now; I can see that I emotionally overweighted my critics. Instead of pleasing those who like me – I would forever let my critics emotionally oppress me and pull me back.

I speak to people all week now with a similar thinking to what I have had and I am forever doing my part to help them break it.

My advice and thinking? Critics suck and we don’t need them. Chances are the critics don’t have any friends either; in that they probably treat everyone poorly and no one likes them.

AWESOME! Move on and only surround yourself by the best. Of course this puts the expectation on you to be the best. If you have been a critic and part of the ‘problem’ that is cool; time to change and become part of the ‘solution’ (as I once lived in a glass house I hate to admit).

Love your work, thank you for the read, appreciation to all my friends that made my life truly wonderful.