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My Prayers for those who suffered in 2014: I wish you all a Safe & Awesome 2015!

2014 has been a year of struggle, challenge and loss for many.  My prayers go out to them and we live in a 'New World' and I wish you the Strength, Focus and Safety for an Awesome 2015 friends!

2014 has been a year of struggle, challenge and loss for many. My prayers go out to them and we live in a ‘New World’ and I wish you the Strength, Focus and Safety for an Awesome 2015 friends!

I don’t know about you, but this year has been the hardest yet most rewarding in my life. I made massive mistakes, had massive wins and really pushed myself hard everyday to better myself and what I am doing. I remember that my 2011, 2012 & 2013 years were very hard for me on a range of levels and although I feel good about the coming 2015 – I know there are many out there which aren’t feeling that happy about what lies ahead. I think it’s very easy to jump up and punch your fist in the air and say “Happy New Year and isn’t life wonderful and Awesome?” – however the reality is that for many it’s not.

2014 in Australia has been marked by difficult trading conditions, terrorism, the recent Martin Place Tragedy, flights going down, families of the two NYPD officers shot in a racially motivated attacks and people who (once like me) are on their own right now.

For me, although I have a new great family now – I can only remember what it was like to be alone on New Years Eve, living out of my car on Christmas and once upon a time fighting for my country (which was totally awesome BTW – miss those days!).

We live in a very “New World” today which is far from the idealistic world we once grew up in. It’s dangerous, bad things happen to good people and I am sure you have your own challenges in life and resonate with things that I am saying right here.

For me, my whole challenges and learnings of 2014 can be summarized into one statement:

“I have learned to enjoy my struggle and use every trick I have in the book to take advantage of the challenges thrown at me.  Each one of these makes me slightly stronger than I was the moment before.”

I have been able to overcome great amounts of fear in myself and my own life which has been very liberating and inspiring.  For 2015, to me it’s getting out of “Fear” mode and getting into “Faith” mode.  We are not guaranteed a tomorrow in today’s crazy world, so you got to be ready for the unexpected and more so – ready to help other people than need it.

My prayers go the people who have suffered in 2014 and to you reading this post right now.  I may know you, I may not know you, I will hopefully get to know you and if I never do meet you – I WISH YOU A SAFE, PROSPEROUS AND AWESOME 2014.

This is my last article for 2014 and godbless all you wonderful people!

My Tips for Getting More Profitable Clients with a ‘Premium Identity’ – My Tips! (Insights from the Awesome Marketing Vault by Edward Zia)

Developing a 'Premium Identity' is critical to help one acquire many High Value Profitable Clients.  Hope you enjoy these Marketing Insights!

Developing a ‘Premium Identity’ is critical to help one acquire many High Value Profitable Clients. Hope you enjoy these Marketing Insights!

“Marketing” is a massive area of business in itself with plenty of different elements and facets of how it works and what it does.  It can be used for anything from changing public opinion, stopping a negative behaviour (such as in say Car Accident Prevention commercials) to more commercial motives.

In Small Business it is quite often for the obvious of why you are probably reading this article – it’s to help one get more High Value and Profitable Clients.  My Premium Online Community “The Awesome Marketing Vault” mostly talks about Marketing from this viewpoint.

Where we use the term “Premium Identity” this is basically that your “Whole Identity” to the market looks attractive and encourages people to purchase from you.  Talking in a particular example (say Coaches), you get Coaches which are brilliant, ethical and know what they are doing – however, they may have cheap business cards and may be in poor physical health sending the market “The Wrong Image”.  You may say have an Accountant who is technically brilliant, but is scruffy, drives a “Paddock Bomb” of a car and then talks about how to help people make money.  Obviously they have a “Poor Identity” which doesn’t lead to getting new clients.

Talking about my own experiences, I have been on this journey myself.  I started out originally with poor business cards, I was overweight, I wore quite boring Corporate Clothes and I BARELY GOT ANY CLIENTS.

Overtime I worked my butt of to improve my own “Premium Identity” and I coined the phrase “BMW / Audi / Mercedes Look”.  That is, my own thinking was that someone doesn’t know me – but when they first see / meet me (be it Face to Face and get my business card, or say see a Facebook Advertisement or whatever) – they think: “This Guy is a Trusted Market Leader”.  This resulted in me getting LOTS OF CLIENTS and building my business – be it the fact I am here to write this blog article.

With a very shoe-string budget, this is what I did which made my business happen:

1) Get Some Business Cards.

2) Get a Professional Headshot Photo.

3) Get a New Logo Designed Professionally.

4) Get New Business Cards.

5) Get a New Website.

6) Get a Promotional Video.

7) Get a Corporate Profile / Sales Material.

8) Get a Makeover / New Clothing.

9) Upgrade Phones, Mobile Computing & Tablets.

10) + Continual Evolution.

Looking back on it, I probably should have got the Logo, Business Cards & Photo done first and it’s always a challenge of balancing out the funds you have.

My advice & thinking? Graphic Designers will love this post as this is where I would to like to send you. I know a few great ones if you need an introduction they can help help you get the right “Visual Identity” all happening.  They are a great place to start for most businesses and once that is out of the way (as it’s a big job in itself) it’s all about the other layers of business and marketing.

Love your work and thank you for the read lovely friends! Contact me if I can be of service to your awesome self and if you like what you are reading – I’d love you to check out my Premium Online Community “The Awesome Marketing Vault by Edward Zia” – full of great Strategies & Ideas to get more clients.  >> Right here folks!

'The Awesome Marketing Vault by Edward Zia' - my Premium Online Community full of Sales & Marketing Ideas.  Love you to check it out!

‘The Awesome Marketing Vault by Edward Zia’ – my Premium Online Community full of Sales & Marketing Ideas. Love you to check it out!




The Little Guy Standing up to Corporate Fat Cats such as the “Relentless” Coles?

With thanks to Choice Magazine for this great image, I think it sums up the 'Morale Fibre' of Coles.  It's great we are seeing more and more people standing up to Coroprate Fat Cats these days!

With thanks to Choice Magazine for this great image, I think this sums up it up nicely.  It’s not the first time Coles has been in trouble…..

“Coles’ practices, demands and threats were deliberate, orchestrated and relentless” as said by Justice Gordon in her judgement over what Coles has done with its suppliers.

The Supermarket is paying the price for “bullying” it’s suppliers and the great imagery and the article from Choice Magazine inspired me to help spread the truths about this so called “Supermarket”.

I even did some more research too into the term of “Fat cat” – according to Wikipedia :

“It is also commonly used to describe a rich, greedy person who, due to ownership of large amounts of capital, is able to “live easy” off the work of others. It is also used to refer to executives whose pay is deemed by others to be excessive.”

Does this describe Coles to you? I encourage you to do your research, read on and come up to your own conclusion on this one….

If you aren’t from Retail, in very simple terms it works like this.  Let’s say I am supplying a product to Woolworths, Coles, Aldi or whatever the like.  Getting on the shelf is what it’s all about in more the “Grocery” section and lets say in Fresh Produce, you will have some type of supply arrangement with them.

What Coles basically did was said something like this in street terms to their suppliers:

Give us money in terms of rebates, or we won’t pay you, or we don’t keep you, or we will do something bad to you.

What the sad thing was in this case, it wasn’t say just Coles bullying massive companies like them – they appeared to be putting the pressure on Smaller Businesses and in my view were just being “Corporate Fat Cats”.  They weren’t making enough money, so they had to just take it off the plates of other honest hard working Australians.  Coles appeared to have bullied 200 businesses and with an ongoing case, The ACCC (“The Australian Competition & Consumer Commission”)  have taken action against them.

This is pretty poor on the part of Coles and I am sure many of you reading this article are probably thinking “This is great Edward, but what about Companies X & Z doing the same?”.

I couldn’t agree with you more on that point, I think there are too many Fat Cats out there who push around Small Business Owners, Employees and basically anyone that stands in their way of making a corrupt buck.

This situation quite resonated me in the respect of what I have been through in my life.  In my relatively short time in business, I have people bully me by breaking agreements and not paying what they owe me, in one of my first Marketing Jobs I had an employer threaten my job security because I wouldn’t make false claims about their products and then I even had a Corrupt Manager fabricate Market Research to cover their own butts from a series of corporate mishaps.

All of these experiences that happened in my life made me see red about the situation of what Coles are doing and I could certainly relate.  I could only imagine some of those suppliers are making a wafer-thin margin, they have tons of staff to pay and they are getting phone calls saying “Give us rebates or we shall cancel your orders”.

I found this story very inspiring in the respect of people standing up against oppression.  Be it a Government Enslaving it’s people, or a Corporate holding it’s employees & suppliers to ransom – I see little difference.

My thinking and learnings on this one? Someone has got to stand up to the Fat Cats and it may as well be you and me.  I don’t know who was the first supplier that went to the ACCC to lead the case against Coles and I will probably never find out – but I want to buy him / her a beer / glass of wine or soft drink (if they aren’t into alcohol).

The problem is that if we let people bully us in business, life or whatever – if we don’t stand up to them, they will go on & on to ruin the lives of other people.  In my own life at times I have stood up to the bigger bully against me and it’s been a very hard slog at times.  I remember that employer that unsuccessfully forced me to make false claims about it’s products – I had many sleepless nights, I was very scared at times, I was very nervous – but I was glad I did it.  I saved countless customers being ripped off and I also sent that evil employer of mine a strong message.

It’s great that we all unite together against all forms of bullying.  Be it in the Schoolyard, to the Boardroom.  NO.

Let’s hope that Coles keeps it’s nose clean or touch wood they get bought out by a company with a stronger sense of ethics and integrity.

Guest Blog from Kylie Warry: “Are you Sick of Low Quality Communication?”

Communications Expert Kylie Warry is Back Guest Blogging on 'The Edward Files' with a Very Compelling Insight to Team Management.  I am forever learning and this was one great read!

Communications Expert Kylie Warry is Back Guest Blogging on ‘The Edward Files’ with a Very Compelling Insight to Team Management. I am forever learning and this was one great read!

Right here on “The Edward Files” we are lucky to have great topics and Awesome Experts joining us from a range of fields.  This time, we have our previous “Hero” Kylie Warry from Teamology talking on Human-to-Human Communications. If you have been following the blog for a while, you may have read about her “Conquering the Big C” and I was very lucky to write about here in the heat of her battle right here.

Not far from 1 year later, she is with us, healthy, sporting a new hairstyle with a new vigor for life and business.  I have watched her speak several times and was lucky to work directly with her and her husband (Marc – top fellow) and have been impressed by her understanding of Personal & Corporate Communications.

Without further ado, let’s get to her brilliance.

“Are you Sick of Low Quality Communication?” Guest Blog by Communication Strategies Kylie Warry:

As business owners and entrepreneurs we all communicate each and everyday. In fact, Communication is crucial to your business not just surviving but thriving.

Did you know that the quality of your Relationships is only as good as your communication? I hear you all say, “But I’m a great Communicator, just ask me?”

The truth is however, that you are not the best judge of your own communication skills, your audience is. I want to share with you are some simple facts that can either help or hinder your communication experience should you choose to use them.

The first thing is that we are all different types of communicators. We have different wants and needs. I am going to share a simple communication model with you today called the DISC model of communication. If you would like to learn more about the Communication styles you can check out our resources at

Let’s get into it; the first Communicator I want to talk about is the Dominant or Direct communicator or “D.” These guys are motivated by problems and challenges, they tend to be outgoing, fast moving, task focused people. They are motivated by the need for RESULTS.

In addition you have the Inspiring Communicator or “I.” These guys are all about people and contacts, they tend to be outgoing, fast moving, people focused. They are motivated by the need for RECOGNITION.

Add to the mix the Steady or Stabilising Communicator or “S.” These guys are all about pace and consistency, they tend to be reserved, seeking harmony and people focused. They are motivated by the need for RELATIONSHIPS.

Last but not least you have the Conscientious or Analytical Communicator or “C.” These guys are all about systems, analysis and organisation. They tend to be reserved, highly organized, seeking perfection, task focused individuals. They have a need to be RIGHT.

So I would like you to imagine this next time you are in a meeting with your team or some customers. You have Bill who is a “D” style who wants results, and will stop at nothing to get them, he is competitive, loud, speaks fast, seems aggressive and you know he means business.

Then you have John who is a warm and charming “I” style. He just wants to shoot the breeze and is great at telling stories. He could talk the leg off a table and you notice Bill becoming frustrated as he has things to do and people to see.

Then you notice Anne, she is a steady “S” style, you don’t notice her at first she is sitting quietly, not really making eye contact, she is not participating much in the meeting but is rather waiting for direction but there is none.

Finally you notice Mary the Conscientious “C” style. She has the minutes from the last 5 meetings printed and bound in front of her, she has the agenda in her hands and is keen to get things started but is having trouble focusing John. She is also avoiding Bill as she finds him far to direct and aggressive.

Can you see just by this very simple example how different these people all are. Add to this that we all think that the rest of the world sees things as we do. Bill has no idea he can come across as a bully at times. John has no idea that sometimes his talking can be an issue, he just wants everyone to like him.

Anne is so anxious around people like Bill she finds them very scary and will avoid them at all costs. While Mary cannot understand why the rest of the world just won’t get organised it is not that hard!!!

Have a think about your workplace, the people you have to deal with, the times there is tension or miscommunication. Much of these issues come down to the different communication styles and the fact that most of us have never been taught how to communicate effectively.

At Teamology we provide simple solutions to help people find their voice, learn how to communicate, understand their strengths and adapt their message so that they are heard.

If I can encourage you today to consider the following;

Learn your strengths as a Communicator,
Look for the strengths in others.
Finally adapt your message for the receiver

Until next time, Care, Connect and be a Conscious Communicator! Let’s change our world one conversation at a time

Kylie Warry

Chief Conversationalist, Communication Strategist, Author, Speaker, Trainer and Blogger

Edward’s Post Blog Commentary:

It’s funny hearing about the DISC model used in say Communication, Behavioural Analysis or Selling.  Every time I hear it being told, I always hear a different angle on it.  I usually talk about this tool in a Sales Respect and Kylie brought the angle of “Working as a Team” to it which I thought was great.  I am personally quite a high “D” in my style (talking fast, loud and sometimes come off as Harsh) – so I use it to my advantage of of course – TELL MYSELF TO SHUT MY GOSH DARN MOUTH at times.

Aren’t we always learning in life? I feel that every day I age is the more I realize I don’t know.

A great article and thanks to Kylie Warry and of course I want to give a shout out to her fine husband Marc.  He was at her side during her darkest hour and he get’s the thumbs up from me.  Kylie & Marc are also quite approachable, so feel free to google them, drop them a line and speak with them if you need a hand in your Business, Team or the Like!

Advanced Facebook Advertising: Hey Buddy, You Need a Relationship First!

Facebook Advanced Advertising, Business Networking + Selling in the Real World and the Like - It's no different! You need a relationship & trust first before you start selling!

Facebook Advanced Advertising, Business Networking + Selling in the Real World and the Like – It’s no different! You need a relationship & trust first before you start selling!

Hello Awesome People!

The landscape of Marketing has changed quite a bit in the Past Few Years.  In the last 18 months you can really see the changes on the Facebook Advertising Platform.

One clear trend I have found that has impacted my own Business / Marketing thinking is exactly this – be it I am selling an Online Product, inviting someone to visit a Networking Event, my own Private Mentoring or the like – THERE NEEDS TO BE A LEVEL OF TRUST FIRST.

Quite recently actually I have been doing lots of Facebook Advanced Advertising Work on my own Business.  It’s been a great Experience and it has Tested a lot of my Thinking / Theories out, Investing with my own wallet as Guinea Pig (as I always do before I advise my Clients).

As a Marketer, I have always had it drummed into me “The Importance of Building a Relationship” first.  And when you working on the Facebook Advanced Advertising Platform, you will find that out really quickly.

Basically, if you are say Marketing to someone who doesn’t know you – (say someone who doesn’t “Like” your business page yet) you will probably get a very poor response to your Page / Product / Free Sign-Up / Offer.  If you say Market to someone who loves similar Content as yours, Following your Stuff and say has been “Facebook Stalking” you for 3 months, you may certainly get a good Response in this regard.

What all my results from Facebook now is Proving, is exactly what I have thought all along:

“Relationship First, Selling Second”

Does this sound Obvious? Of course it does! However, applying to our Business & Marketing can always be a Challenge, as a small business Owner.  Especially if you say want NEW CLIENTS ASAP – it brings up a Challenge in that how do I get the sales without a Relationship?

My short answer is that you don’t.  Your Goal and thinking is to Build a relationship as quickly as possible on Integrity and Trust.

This may be you giving away Complimentary Information, Solving one of their Problems on the House, having a free Demonstration or say even a Guarantee Period.

My advice and thinking? Build your Small Business Marketing & Value Logic around “Relationship & Trust” first – there is no difference whether in the Real-World or Online.

Hope you enjoy this one and thank you from Edward Zia!

Trust this has been another Helpful Topic. For more savvy tips and to keep up to date with New Ideas to Market your Business, please sign up to the The Awesome Marketing Vault

Love your work, and thank You for the read, enjoy the thoughts, Edward Zia signing out – Stay Awesome!!

Getting High Value Profitable Clients is critical for any business owner and one of the themes I often tackle in 'The Awesome Marketing Vault by Edward Zia' - hope you enjoy these insights!

Getting High Value Profitable Clients is critical for any business owner and one of the themes I often tackle in ‘The Awesome Marketing Vault by Edward Zia’ – hope you enjoy these insights!


Tips to Prove you are Worthy of Profitable High Value Clients! (Insights from the Awesome Marketing Vault by Edward Zia)

Getting High Value Profitable Clients is critical for any business owner and one of the themes I often tackle in 'The Awesome Marketing Vault by Edward Zia' - hope you enjoy these insights!

Getting High Value Profitable Clients is critical for any business owner and one of the themes I often tackle in ‘The Awesome Marketing Vault by Edward Zia’ – hope you enjoy these insights!

I have had an amazing month of December 2014 with heaps of new Awesome People signing up with me for Private Mentoring.  I am really excited about that in that it’s not only good for my own business, the results also vindicate the extra marketing for my own business that I started kicking in a few months ago.  Part of that has been the launch of my Premium Member Community “The Awesome Marketing Vault by Edward Zia” – I love it and got some great reviews already.

Talking to what drives many of us Awesome Small Business Owners & Entrepreneurs – many of us need not just clients, but “High Value Profitable Clients that we love and they love us!”.

This challenge is quite close to my own heart in that even though I am ironically a “Sales & Marketing Mentor”, I had to prove originally some years ago I am good at Marketing – by being able Market my own business.

To me, it’s all about putting your money where your mouth is.  If you get up on the “Soap Box” like I do making points, I am already to be challenged and demonstrate my knowledge if rightly asked to prove I know what I am doing.

That point I just made I think is a key part of getting New High Value Clients.  Be it you are a Coach, Accountant, you own a Gloria Jean’s Coffee or whatever – quite often a large chunk of our revenue comes from say 20% of our clients.  These “Awesome High Value” people aren’t idiots.  My top clients are people who are probably smarter than me (with many being multi-millionaires) and they hire with extreme caution and checks.  Many have known for me for months (even years), do many checks and really do proper evaluations before giving me one cent.

When it comes to “Proving” that you know what you are doing with clients, here are my top 7 thoughts for a morning post Christmas 2014:

-Do what you are suggesting: For example, you are reading my blog now – this means I can recommend blogging to people with integrity.

-Get authentic testimonials: Even allow your clients to make contact with your previous clients to do checks.

-Be Professional & Look Professional: Be the part and don’t look the part.  I once came across as a “Bit of a Slob” which once I changed helped everything.

– Communicate Value Frequently: Depending on the nature of your business, always be giving value to people.  Using two extremes say a Domino’s Pizza it may be lots of great offers to bring people in story, or say a Mentor like myself you give out free tips – always send them something that will help them.

– Give them what they want: If you are doing / selling something they don’t care about, consider maybe changing it.  If they don’t want it, they are telling you something!

– Be better than the “Competition”: Always be doing it better.

– Consistency! Be the same quality all the time so people can approach you with confidence and trust.

I trust these tips help you in winning High Value Clients and thank you for the read! If you like what you see here, I’d love to invite you to check out my Premium Member Community & Materials “The Awesome Marketing Vault by Edward Zia”.  You get access to Videos, Guides, Templates, Ideas and Premium Support – all designed to help you get more clients and build the awesome business you want.  >> Access it Right here!

Merry Christmas & Making My Life UNSUCK: Reflections of the Journey One Year Later!

Life is miles better for me 12 months on from Christmas last time.  Asking myself why has given me some compelling insights I must say!

Life is miles better for me 12 months on from Christmas last time. Asking myself why has given me some compelling insights I must say!

Merry Christmas you beautiful wonderful people! It’s 8:58AM as I start this article and I am totally blessed to have the life I have today.

For you awesome people that have known me for a while, you would probably know the very “Rocky” journey I have been through.  Even though many consider me a so called “Success” today, honestly internally I don’t quite think that.  Even though I would say 2014 was the “Hardest” year of my life, it was “Hard” in a “Good” way if you follow my logic.

2013 was very hard in a “No So Good Way”.  I had a long-term relationship ending that caused me a lot of pain, I had another relationship that turned very badly against me, I had some people rip me off quite badly and I even spent some time having no where to live.

Same time last year, I really asked myself some difficult questions in the respect of “OK Edward, how did you get here? What thinking lead you down to this path? What must I CHANGE to get the life I want?”.

It was probably December 2013 I started really acting this way and I remember 1 year ago I started blogging! It was great.  I totally enjoyed it and it was helping me connect with people in a compelling way.  For the first time in my life I CHOSE TO BE SINGLE (instead of relationship hopping) and I then put all my thoughts into the following direction:

I must push myself very hard everyday to build the life I want and really help people!

My thoughts previously were probably more fear based and I realized that I better get used too and start pushing myself as hard as possible.  This doesn’t mean so much “Push Myself as I am Lazy”, far from it.  It was more push against my own “Self-Limitations” that I could see were causing me lots of problems.

It was very hard at the start, but as I started going harder, pushing more, driving myself, pushing against my own fears and limitations I could see things really come together.  It wasn’t like I was a “Loser” or anything in 2013 or prior – it was more I still had some dangerous old self-thinking that people really took advantage of.

Looking back on this for me now is quite a liberating experience.  I am happier, earning more money, have Automated Business Processes and way better off that what I was just 12 months ago.

My advice and thinking? You may be reading this article thinking “Yes I feel great Edward and you suck and I don’t get what you are talking about.  Shouldn’t you just be automatically happy?”

If you *don’t get* what I am talking about, I am really happy for you. I hope you don’t learn what I have learned the hardway.

If you are sitting there saying “Yes Edward, my life does suck a bit and this isn’t right” I invite you to learn from my own mistakes & wins.  It’s time to create a new direction for yourself.  Life won’t change tomorrow, but I can promise you a good 12 months later it will be very awesome….

Merry Christmas you wonderful people! Love your work and thank you from “The Crazy Persian!” (Edward Zia – Me!)

2014 – The Hardest Yet the Best Year of My Life: Merry Christmas from “The Crazy Persian!”

Merry Christmas You Wonderful Awesome Friends! 2014 has been the hardest and most rewarding year of my life - and love it!

Merry Christmas You Wonderful Awesome Friends! 2014 has been the hardest and most rewarding year of my life – and love it!

You will not be getting any politically-correct “Happy Holidays” out of me – in fact you will get a love packed “Merry Christmas” from me.  It’s several hours from Christmas for me and the year of 2014 has been a great one for me.

I originally thought 2013 was “The Hardest” it will get and 2014 took the cake in terms of the challenges I have been through.  What is amazing however is that it’s been incredibly rewarding for me.

I have spoken to quite a few friends (including the lovely Jude) and many of us have had similar years like this one.

It has been “The Hardest yet the Best” and I find achievement often comes hand in hand with tough times.

For me personally it has had some great ups and downs which has been just awesome.  In short for me:

  • I got ripped off really badly.
  • I got a bit lonely.
  • I met an amazing woman and got engaged!
  • I grew my business by about 30% year on year.
  • I got my High-End Website going.
  • I had some people take advantage of me.
  • I injured my back slightly.
  • I got really buff.
  • My Online Marketing has gone through the roof.
  • So have my expenses with a new family.
  • I have had people reject me when I asked to work with them.
  • I have had many more accept me when I asked to work with them.
  • And so on!

Basically, my year has had highs and lows and I think the reason why it has been so challenging is exactly because I wanted it to be. I decided late 2013 that I am going to push myself really hard against all sorts of conditions and my own limitations.

Surprise, Surprise – it’s been and tough rewarding year for me and many of the great people who share a similar thinking.

My advice & learnings from this? Push yourself hard.  It will be “Hard” obviously but the results and the person it turns you into makes it all well worth it.

MERRY CHRISTMAS you wonderful people! Even if you don’t believe in JC I still hope you get lots of awesome Christmas Presents.

Love your work Awesome friends and can’t wait till the special day!

P.S. If you want to give me a Christmas Present and also advance your own Sales & Marketing Knowledge check out my Online Course >> The Awesome Marketing Vault by Edward Zia Here!

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Guest Blog from Steven Clare: “Being a leader is simple – just be your inner child!”

Steven Clare is quite an impressive Lawyer and Business Community thinker - lucky to have him Guest Blog on 'The Edward Files'

Steven Clare is quite an impressive Lawyer and Business Community thinker – lucky to have him Guest Blog on ‘The Edward Files’

I love being well connected to awesome, intelligent, integrity driven business people.  One of those is a man I was very lucky to be introduced to some months ago (by the awesome Matt Craig), Steven Clare from MyAFSA (“Australian Franchise Support Alliance”.  He is a Lawyer and Franchise Advisor and came up with an amazing concept of building a Networking & Business Community for people in the Franchising Game and respective suppliers.

We met a few times, clicked really well and some months later I got an invite from him to a VIP Training Day he was having.  I needed a break from my usual life, so I was lucky to go along as “Premium Delegate” and learn some great amazing business ideas and strategies from some great speakers and thinkers (including the man who runs Muffin Break and Business Mentor Ralph Anania who rocked on the day).

Whenever he has events, I do my best to spread the good word and as part of supporting what he is doing – I INVITED HIM TO GUEST BLOG.  He wrote a compelling piece on leadership and I trust you enjoy it as much as I have:

“Being a leader is simple – just be your inner child!” – Guest Blog from Steven Clare:

Some people may think that the title is meant to grab you (and yes that is true) but likewise, they may believe that it is not actually authentic or connected at all with the true secret to leadership. True secret I hear you thinking – how can he know the true secret? Well, just trust me I would say back to you. As that is like saying, can any man know the truth? And I would say “yes” – otherwise, what a terrible way to exist, if that was not the case and you must realise then that you are only plagued with doubt, if you believe that no one can present what’s true to you – so please read on.

Because when you were a child, you had the leadership qualities within you that enabled you to get the things done that were important to you at that very time in your life, without giving it a second thought. Isn’t that right?

Thus, you had no doubts in your mind – did you! Doubt is one of those things (like fear), which holds so many people back in their lives and impacts them in terrible ways.

Also, when you were a child, you had an honest approach to dealing with things around you. Do you remember this? And so likewise, you would tell the truth, otherwise you were terrified of getting into trouble. So being honest in business and in life is so very important – as there are always consequences that we often cannot see. And with that honesty, you were able to help others in the way (when you were young), that you thought was best at that time – because all you wanted to do was to help your friend in the playground or others nearby you where you lived. So you would tell them how you felt, without thinking about what often adults worry about. So likewise, you were able to point out was plainly obvious and only become closer to your friends, with your simple but true honesty – without malice. Thus building strong and lifelong relationships.

What I am saying here then, is that it is entirely possible to have a mind which is full of good old fashion wisdom and a heart that wants to do what is right – a young heart. You can become the person you aspired to be when you were very young and by taking steps forward in a childlike (but wise way), you get to see and realise that life need not be complicated at all. In fact, life is meant to be very simple and very easy – it’s just that we lose the inner child in us and in society, which often makes us take on traits such as hatred, jealously and other things, which cloud our judgement, character and conscience.

So when I say that leadership is about our inner child and when I ask you to trust me – I really mean it. Just like when you would hear something from a friend in the playground – and you believed it! But I also know that such things do not come easy for you. We have to look at ourselves in the mirror and examine our conscience and see what took us away from that inner child that is still within all of us.

What was it then that made you believe, that what you hold onto right now in such high regard at this very time in your life (whether it be ego or other things) – first started for you – and when did you take that path, which lead you towards only losing the courage, simplicity and honesty that you had as a child!

For regaining those traits is simpler than you think.

Steven Clare LLM Hons UTS (LPAB Syd Uni)
Lawyer & Franchise Adviser – Director
CEO & Founder – AFSA, Australian Franchise Support Alliance
Ph: (02) 8249 4611 /

Edward’s Post Blog Commentary:

I really like this blog as Steven comes at things from a totally different viewpoint to the way I process information.  If anything I can relate to this story – I have personally had a very rough life and over the years, I did harden up for a while.  As my life has improved, I have become “Softer” yet improved by “Street-Smarts” which has been great for my own leadership.

I do remember not too recently was that hatred and fear were emotions that did play a massive role in my life – now those emotions are quite minor, it is making me happier, productive and a better leader.  So there you go, thank you Steven Clare for the great insight.  Love it! (Wish I read this article a few years ago LOL).

Shonky Charities & Questionable “Money Extraction” Techniques used on the Streets!

ydney CBD was swarming with Shonky Charitable Collection techniques.  Almost every corner I was pestered by someone asking for money and trying to be my 'Best Pal' to get to my wallet..

ydney CBD was swarming with Shonky Charitable Collection techniques. Almost every corner I was pestered by someone asking for money and trying to be my ‘Best Pal’ to get to my wallet!

Before you read the heading and think I am saying what you think I may be saying, I want to be clear on this point:


I really do and you can go back through my Facebook History to see my proof of donation and focus in this area.  What I am objecting too in this blog is not the “Concept of Charity” but the many shonky charities around today and the very questionable “Money Extraction” or so called “Charitable Collection” techniques used.

Where I am coming from are the “Street Walkers” or those poor people trying to make a living who are collecting for charities in the streets.  I do feel for them in that it’s hard work standing in the heat, nagging people in the street for money for their given “Causes”.

Where I am taking a shot is the “Questionable” charities behind them.

Today I went to meet a colleague in Sydney CBD.  There were “Walkers” all over the place and I was harassed at least 20+ times in a short-trip.  After about the 15+ time I thought it was getting quite beyond the joke and it started having the opposite (and very bad impact on me) – it started making me resent giving to charity.

I then put up a rant / post on Facebook about it and it really struck a chord with people.  Many who I know are great people who have given literally thousands of dollars to charity are standing up and saying we are sick and tired of these collection techniques.

Even though they did annoy me, I will take an impartial view about it for the moment.  I do agree with the fact that charities are businesses and they have to get money in the door.  I appreciate Charity Marketing and what it involves.  What I am questioning is this means of getting funds and how sustainable it is.  My questions are:

  1. How much of what I donate to the “Street Walkers” ends up with the charity?
  2. Do councils actually allow this?
  3. How much corruption / stealing of the funds goes on?
  4. What are the charities doing to their brands / reputations?
  5. Are other Marketing Strategies more profitable?
  6. Who is really making money out of this?
  7. Do the people behind this know how much trouble they are causing people?

My thinking on this one? It’s time for all of us to complain to stop this practice and charities can find better, non-intrusive ways of making their money.  I think that this isn’t going to end up in a good place for them – that is, it’s getting people resistant to charities and creating the opposite of what they are trying to achieve.

Looking at a great example, the Salvation Army? Aren’t they great.  They sit in obvious places yes, but they won’t interfere – and they will even put in bands and the like giving back to their community (to make you really want to donate!).

Charity is great and principle but the organizations that use this form of collection – SUCK!

Love your work and thanks for the read!

Delays in Business: God Damn Chirping Crickets Stuffing my Webinar Recording!

The Chirping Crickets Destroyed my Webinar Recording and boy I am annoyed! Life and business can just full of setbacks at times!

The Chirping Crickets Destroyed my Webinar Recording and boy I am annoyed! Life and business can just full of setbacks at times!

Yes, as you can tell by this heading I am really annoyed right now. Life has been really good to me and as the Christmas Break kicks in, I am ramping up all of my Online Marketing (in particular the Advanced Facebook Campaigns, Lead Pages, Giveaways and the like).

I had my Sunday all planned and as I was sitting here – ready to setup my Campaign on Facebook, I listed to one of the recordings of a Free Giveaway for Business & Marketing Planning.

And Guess what? About 3 minutes into it, GOD DAMN Chirping Crickets are going off in the background. They aren’t that loud, but the frequency and pitch is just high enough to be as pleasant as “Fingernails down a Blackboard”.

I am like WTF? Who is behind this? Which Government Agency put the crickets in my garden and set them to go off just as I do my recording.  For your information too, I recall the crickets immediately stopping at the conclusion of my recording.

This basically means I have an extra 3 hours of work now to do, it’s delayed my project by about 4 days and I believe it’s a Government Conspiracy (from the Leftist Side of course, as they know my support of the Australian Right Wing Government).

Why does this stuff happen? I bet you can relate in some one way to this.  You are sitting there, working hard, paying your taxes, minding your own business and then BAM something you can’t control comes along your way – to totally stuff up / delay your business plans.

This is just life of course and talking to many of the thousands I have worked with over the years, crazy (and very unfortuante) things happen at times which can just stuff projects & delay things.  This can include obviously a “Government / Cricket Conspiracy” against me, your staff calling in sick, suppliers not delivering, clients that don’t pay their bills, your car blowing up, equipment breaking down, people letting you down and even in an example from Jude in her old life – “Plumbers turning off the water to her hairdressing salon when she had to rinse a Perm”.

Why do these happen? That I can’t tell you – and it’s probably more of a conversation between you and own priest / monk / cleric / rabbi / pastor / anything else PC.

The reality is that these things do happen and sure you can prepare all you want, but frustrations do happen in business and life.  The trick as I am finding now, is to accept that – “Drink a Cup of Tea & Calm Down” and get back to work.  Even writing this blog article is quite therapeutic for me as well as adding compelling humor to my business.

My advice and thinking? Next time something like this happens to you – do your best to fix it, find something else to do and just move on.  That always makes the most sense (as frustrating as it is).

Love your work, thank you for the read!

P.S. I’d love you to check out my Premium Online Course full of Awesome Sales & Marketing Strategies + Ideas for Small Business Owners and Entrepreneurs! >> Check it out right here!

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The Nerves, The Adrenaline and Excitement of Launching a New Business!

It was amazing meeting the new business owners Kylie & Duncan Moffitt - exciting times for them in opening their new 'PhysioHealth & Sports Injury Clinic - exciting times!

It was amazing meeting the new business owners Kylie & Duncan Moffitt – exciting times for them in opening their new ‘PhysioHealth & Sports Injury Clinic – exciting times!

I totally love working with “New Start-Up” Business Owners on their Marketing and my Saturday today has been loaded with great experiences like that.

My lovely Jude has been working with two amazing people and I was lucky to assist everyone today with Kylie & Duncan Moffitt in launching their new “PhysioHealth & Sports Injury Clinic” in Corrimal (which is beautiful suburb of Wollongong, 85km South of Sydney).

We went along to their Clinic today and they have tradesmen going in and out, equipment everywhere, new computers, sound equipment and the like – and they are getting ready for their big launch.

Bringing it to back to when I first started and also the many hundreds of other wonderful people I have worked with over the years, when you “Start a Business” it’s certainly a combination of strange emotions.

I remember myself it’s very much a combination of:

  • Excitement
  • Joy
  • Terror
  • Fear
  • Panic
  • Excitement
  • Joy
  • Terror
  • Fear
  • Panic
  • Excitement (and the cycle continues)

Especially as well if you were say an “Employee” in your older life (like I was) and you finally take the leap to become an Awesome Small Business Owner.

In my experience of talking to to them today we talked Marketing and the like – and what I loved was reflecting back on my own emotions in this area.

The truth is that starting a business is sure rewarding, BUT IT’S VERY HARD and dealing with a massive workload, tons of things to do, money going out (and little coming in) is stressful and here are my top 7 tips to anyone who is starting out (or about too):

  1. Make sure you are well funded and got a great plan!
  2. Don’t do everything at once – the 90 Day Plan works incredibly well.
  3. Focus on the short-term when launching, so you don’t go nuts.
  4. Only work with Suppliers that respect you. If you have someone you are paying giving you attitude – GET RID OF THEM.
  5. Market Hard from Day One.
  6. Really Embrace Online.
  7. Love your clients and get to work!

Of course there is way more to this, but I hope this helps you get going and another bonus tip I always say is “Manage your Emotions” awesome friends.  It’s stressful and when you are feeling the terror (like I used too) – keep at it and smile.  It’s all part of the adrenaline packed journey and worth it.

A massive thanks to Jude and of course Kylie & Duncan Moffitt – best of luck to their new journey and yay!

Thank you for the read from Edward Zia!

P.S. I’d love you to check out my Premium Online Course full of Awesome Sales & Marketing Strategies + Ideas for Small Business Owners and Entrepreneurs! >> Check it out right here!

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