The Chirping Crickets Destroyed my Webinar Recording and boy I am annoyed! Life and business can just full of setbacks at times!

The Chirping Crickets Destroyed my Webinar Recording and boy I am annoyed! Life and business can just full of setbacks at times!

Yes, as you can tell by this heading I am really annoyed right now. Life has been really good to me and as the Christmas Break kicks in, I am ramping up all of my Online Marketing (in particular the Advanced Facebook Campaigns, Lead Pages, Giveaways and the like).

I had my Sunday all planned and as I was sitting here – ready to setup my Campaign on Facebook, I listed to one of the recordings of a Free Giveaway for Business & Marketing Planning.

And Guess what? About 3 minutes into it, GOD DAMN Chirping Crickets are going off in the background. They aren’t that loud, but the frequency and pitch is just high enough to be as pleasant as “Fingernails down a Blackboard”.

I am like WTF? Who is behind this? Which Government Agency put the crickets in my garden and set them to go off just as I do my recording.  For your information too, I recall the crickets immediately stopping at the conclusion of my recording.

This basically means I have an extra 3 hours of work now to do, it’s delayed my project by about 4 days and I believe it’s a Government Conspiracy (from the Leftist Side of course, as they know my support of the Australian Right Wing Government).

Why does this stuff happen? I bet you can relate in some one way to this.  You are sitting there, working hard, paying your taxes, minding your own business and then BAM something you can’t control comes along your way – to totally stuff up / delay your business plans.

This is just life of course and talking to many of the thousands I have worked with over the years, crazy (and very unfortuante) things happen at times which can just stuff projects & delay things.  This can include obviously a “Government / Cricket Conspiracy” against me, your staff calling in sick, suppliers not delivering, clients that don’t pay their bills, your car blowing up, equipment breaking down, people letting you down and even in an example from Jude in her old life – “Plumbers turning off the water to her hairdressing salon when she had to rinse a Perm”.

Why do these happen? That I can’t tell you – and it’s probably more of a conversation between you and own priest / monk / cleric / rabbi / pastor / anything else PC.

The reality is that these things do happen and sure you can prepare all you want, but frustrations do happen in business and life.  The trick as I am finding now, is to accept that – “Drink a Cup of Tea & Calm Down” and get back to work.  Even writing this blog article is quite therapeutic for me as well as adding compelling humor to my business.

My advice and thinking? Next time something like this happens to you – do your best to fix it, find something else to do and just move on.  That always makes the most sense (as frustrating as it is).

Love your work, thank you for the read!

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