Communications Expert Kylie Warry is Back Guest Blogging on 'The Edward Files' with a Very Compelling Insight to Team Management.  I am forever learning and this was one great read!

Communications Expert Kylie Warry is Back Guest Blogging on ‘The Edward Files’ with a Very Compelling Insight to Team Management. I am forever learning and this was one great read!

Right here on “The Edward Files” we are lucky to have great topics and Awesome Experts joining us from a range of fields.  This time, we have our previous “Hero” Kylie Warry from Teamology talking on Human-to-Human Communications. If you have been following the blog for a while, you may have read about her “Conquering the Big C” and I was very lucky to write about here in the heat of her battle right here.

Not far from 1 year later, she is with us, healthy, sporting a new hairstyle with a new vigor for life and business.  I have watched her speak several times and was lucky to work directly with her and her husband (Marc – top fellow) and have been impressed by her understanding of Personal & Corporate Communications.

Without further ado, let’s get to her brilliance.

“Are you Sick of Low Quality Communication?” Guest Blog by Communication Strategies Kylie Warry:

As business owners and entrepreneurs we all communicate each and everyday. In fact, Communication is crucial to your business not just surviving but thriving.

Did you know that the quality of your Relationships is only as good as your communication? I hear you all say, “But I’m a great Communicator, just ask me?”

The truth is however, that you are not the best judge of your own communication skills, your audience is. I want to share with you are some simple facts that can either help or hinder your communication experience should you choose to use them.

The first thing is that we are all different types of communicators. We have different wants and needs. I am going to share a simple communication model with you today called the DISC model of communication. If you would like to learn more about the Communication styles you can check out our resources at

Let’s get into it; the first Communicator I want to talk about is the Dominant or Direct communicator or “D.” These guys are motivated by problems and challenges, they tend to be outgoing, fast moving, task focused people. They are motivated by the need for RESULTS.

In addition you have the Inspiring Communicator or “I.” These guys are all about people and contacts, they tend to be outgoing, fast moving, people focused. They are motivated by the need for RECOGNITION.

Add to the mix the Steady or Stabilising Communicator or “S.” These guys are all about pace and consistency, they tend to be reserved, seeking harmony and people focused. They are motivated by the need for RELATIONSHIPS.

Last but not least you have the Conscientious or Analytical Communicator or “C.” These guys are all about systems, analysis and organisation. They tend to be reserved, highly organized, seeking perfection, task focused individuals. They have a need to be RIGHT.

So I would like you to imagine this next time you are in a meeting with your team or some customers. You have Bill who is a “D” style who wants results, and will stop at nothing to get them, he is competitive, loud, speaks fast, seems aggressive and you know he means business.

Then you have John who is a warm and charming “I” style. He just wants to shoot the breeze and is great at telling stories. He could talk the leg off a table and you notice Bill becoming frustrated as he has things to do and people to see.

Then you notice Anne, she is a steady “S” style, you don’t notice her at first she is sitting quietly, not really making eye contact, she is not participating much in the meeting but is rather waiting for direction but there is none.

Finally you notice Mary the Conscientious “C” style. She has the minutes from the last 5 meetings printed and bound in front of her, she has the agenda in her hands and is keen to get things started but is having trouble focusing John. She is also avoiding Bill as she finds him far to direct and aggressive.

Can you see just by this very simple example how different these people all are. Add to this that we all think that the rest of the world sees things as we do. Bill has no idea he can come across as a bully at times. John has no idea that sometimes his talking can be an issue, he just wants everyone to like him.

Anne is so anxious around people like Bill she finds them very scary and will avoid them at all costs. While Mary cannot understand why the rest of the world just won’t get organised it is not that hard!!!

Have a think about your workplace, the people you have to deal with, the times there is tension or miscommunication. Much of these issues come down to the different communication styles and the fact that most of us have never been taught how to communicate effectively.

At Teamology we provide simple solutions to help people find their voice, learn how to communicate, understand their strengths and adapt their message so that they are heard.

If I can encourage you today to consider the following;

Learn your strengths as a Communicator,
Look for the strengths in others.
Finally adapt your message for the receiver

Until next time, Care, Connect and be a Conscious Communicator! Let’s change our world one conversation at a time

Kylie Warry

Chief Conversationalist, Communication Strategist, Author, Speaker, Trainer and Blogger

Edward’s Post Blog Commentary:

It’s funny hearing about the DISC model used in say Communication, Behavioural Analysis or Selling.  Every time I hear it being told, I always hear a different angle on it.  I usually talk about this tool in a Sales Respect and Kylie brought the angle of “Working as a Team” to it which I thought was great.  I am personally quite a high “D” in my style (talking fast, loud and sometimes come off as Harsh) – so I use it to my advantage of of course – TELL MYSELF TO SHUT MY GOSH DARN MOUTH at times.

Aren’t we always learning in life? I feel that every day I age is the more I realize I don’t know.

A great article and thanks to Kylie Warry and of course I want to give a shout out to her fine husband Marc.  He was at her side during her darkest hour and he get’s the thumbs up from me.  Kylie & Marc are also quite approachable, so feel free to google them, drop them a line and speak with them if you need a hand in your Business, Team or the Like!



4 Responses

  1. Hi Kylie,

    I am delighted to see that you have these wonderful knowledge and tips shared here. Love your fictitious characters too! As you mentioned, once we acknowledge our “strengths as a Communicator” and “look for the strengths in others”, communicating with others is easier.

    My favourite Network Marketing mentor Jerry ‘DRhino’ Clark shares that we need to adapt to the communicating style of the OTHER person, rather than communicating in one single style which is ours. This is what you have pointed out about adapting your message for the receiver, isn’t it? Great sharing of your insights, Kylie!

    Thanks, Edward, for inviting Kylie here too!

    Viola Tam – The Business Mum

    • It’s a pleasure and thank you Viola! I love your work and thank you for your great responses. I am always a big fan of your desire for continual education and good insights. Questions, are you an I type of character? I think you may be in that regard 🙂 As you know I am a silly stupid impatient D x x

    • Thanks Viola, you are right, it is best to get into the shoes of the other person so you can try and understand where they are coming from. When we are experiencing low quality communication it is usually because there is a large communication gap. If you need to go from low quality to high quality communication to improve and outcome, deal with an issue, or just create better understanding it is essential to be able to see things from their perspective.

      most of us have these experiences from time to time. The bigger the communication gap between you and the other person, the more their is to misunderstand.

      Oh and Ed, I know you were being tongue in cheek but for the benefit of others reading this, there are no “stupid styles” each has strengths and we need a balance of them all.

      Hers to better communication all round 🙂

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