Steven Clare is quite an impressive Lawyer and Business Community thinker - lucky to have him Guest Blog on 'The Edward Files'

Steven Clare is quite an impressive Lawyer and Business Community thinker – lucky to have him Guest Blog on ‘The Edward Files’

I love being well connected to awesome, intelligent, integrity driven business people.  One of those is a man I was very lucky to be introduced to some months ago (by the awesome Matt Craig), Steven Clare from MyAFSA (“Australian Franchise Support Alliance”.  He is a Lawyer and Franchise Advisor and came up with an amazing concept of building a Networking & Business Community for people in the Franchising Game and respective suppliers.

We met a few times, clicked really well and some months later I got an invite from him to a VIP Training Day he was having.  I needed a break from my usual life, so I was lucky to go along as “Premium Delegate” and learn some great amazing business ideas and strategies from some great speakers and thinkers (including the man who runs Muffin Break and Business Mentor Ralph Anania who rocked on the day).

Whenever he has events, I do my best to spread the good word and as part of supporting what he is doing – I INVITED HIM TO GUEST BLOG.  He wrote a compelling piece on leadership and I trust you enjoy it as much as I have:

“Being a leader is simple – just be your inner child!” – Guest Blog from Steven Clare:

Some people may think that the title is meant to grab you (and yes that is true) but likewise, they may believe that it is not actually authentic or connected at all with the true secret to leadership. True secret I hear you thinking – how can he know the true secret? Well, just trust me I would say back to you. As that is like saying, can any man know the truth? And I would say “yes” – otherwise, what a terrible way to exist, if that was not the case and you must realise then that you are only plagued with doubt, if you believe that no one can present what’s true to you – so please read on.

Because when you were a child, you had the leadership qualities within you that enabled you to get the things done that were important to you at that very time in your life, without giving it a second thought. Isn’t that right?

Thus, you had no doubts in your mind – did you! Doubt is one of those things (like fear), which holds so many people back in their lives and impacts them in terrible ways.

Also, when you were a child, you had an honest approach to dealing with things around you. Do you remember this? And so likewise, you would tell the truth, otherwise you were terrified of getting into trouble. So being honest in business and in life is so very important – as there are always consequences that we often cannot see. And with that honesty, you were able to help others in the way (when you were young), that you thought was best at that time – because all you wanted to do was to help your friend in the playground or others nearby you where you lived. So you would tell them how you felt, without thinking about what often adults worry about. So likewise, you were able to point out was plainly obvious and only become closer to your friends, with your simple but true honesty – without malice. Thus building strong and lifelong relationships.

What I am saying here then, is that it is entirely possible to have a mind which is full of good old fashion wisdom and a heart that wants to do what is right – a young heart. You can become the person you aspired to be when you were very young and by taking steps forward in a childlike (but wise way), you get to see and realise that life need not be complicated at all. In fact, life is meant to be very simple and very easy – it’s just that we lose the inner child in us and in society, which often makes us take on traits such as hatred, jealously and other things, which cloud our judgement, character and conscience.

So when I say that leadership is about our inner child and when I ask you to trust me – I really mean it. Just like when you would hear something from a friend in the playground – and you believed it! But I also know that such things do not come easy for you. We have to look at ourselves in the mirror and examine our conscience and see what took us away from that inner child that is still within all of us.

What was it then that made you believe, that what you hold onto right now in such high regard at this very time in your life (whether it be ego or other things) – first started for you – and when did you take that path, which lead you towards only losing the courage, simplicity and honesty that you had as a child!

For regaining those traits is simpler than you think.

Steven Clare LLM Hons UTS (LPAB Syd Uni)
Lawyer & Franchise Adviser – Director
CEO & Founder – AFSA, Australian Franchise Support Alliance
Ph: (02) 8249 4611 /

Edward’s Post Blog Commentary:

I really like this blog as Steven comes at things from a totally different viewpoint to the way I process information.  If anything I can relate to this story – I have personally had a very rough life and over the years, I did harden up for a while.  As my life has improved, I have become “Softer” yet improved by “Street-Smarts” which has been great for my own leadership.

I do remember not too recently was that hatred and fear were emotions that did play a massive role in my life – now those emotions are quite minor, it is making me happier, productive and a better leader.  So there you go, thank you Steven Clare for the great insight.  Love it! (Wish I read this article a few years ago LOL).



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