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2013: The most Painful yet most Awesome year of my Life! Why?

Reflecting on 2013 with my Awesome Mother a few days ago in my old home city of Melbourne (Australia). We both have overcome many life threatening situations and she agrees with "No Pain, No Gain" for sure.  Always listen to your mother!

Reflecting on 2013 with my Awesome Mother a few days ago in my old home city of Melbourne (Australia). We both have overcome many life threatening situations and she agrees with “No Pain, No Gain” for sure. Always listen to your mother!

I woke up this morning with my lovely Cat / Human Resources Manager sleeping next to me and before she attacked me, I was reflecting on 2013 being the turnaround year for my life.

One interesting thing that has me reflecting is that in 2013, it has been emotionally a very painful year.  Very up and down with long-term relationships ending, me dealing with being single, having “Close Friends” (some who I knew for years) turn on me, recalling painful memories of my Government Days of losing close friends in battle (including one very special female friend I think of to this day) and painful inward reflection.

Even though it is painful, this is the happiest I have been in my life and 2013 to me marks a turnaround for me in my life.  My big lesson here is that:

– No Pain, No Gain.

Obviously this is a cliche rooted in exercise, but to me this such a powerful distinction which to me sums up my 2013.  What has changed for me in 2013 is that early on I decided to confront all my issues head on.  Years of mediocrity stacked up and I told myself:

– Time to Pay my Price for being mediocre.

That thinking led to very intense decisions made on my part.  I was in lots of positions where I was very “Numb” to the pain, and very unhappy.  So I thought that’s it, from the first day of 2013 I put myself through as much pain as I could handle mentally and drove to improve myself everyday.  Small Baby Steps of course!

The result to me has been amazing, all areas of my life have improved dramatically – Physical, Health, Funding, Relationships, Friends, Spirituality / God and the like.  The most rewarding paths in life are usually the ones least traveled and in reflecting back, I know exactly why my life used to suck:

– I was afraid to take pain head on.

I am very happy with my position now in 2013 and boy it has been a painful and not easy path.  So my big lesson for 2014 and to start it right is don’t just take the easiest path because it’s easy, if the most painful path will get the best result then that is the path I will take.  I think “Constructive Pain” (e.g. exercise fatigue, having a difficult conversation to help someone etc) is the perfect way to go for building satisfaction and creating something new.

To close this day and welcome in 2014 I would like to quote my old Childhood (and adulthood hero) William Shatner here if I may:

– “You have to create your life. You have to carve it, like a sculpture.” – William Shatner

That is pure gold and thank you everyone in my life for a brilliant 2013.  I wish you the best for 2014.  If I haven’t met you yet, or if we never meet – I wish you well too.  I hope you have just a brilliant year near year full of “Constructive Pain” and Success.  Thank you from Edward Zia!

People Talk and It’s a Small World: The Small Business Marketing Truth!

Even a "Big" International City like Sydney is a Small Place.  Word of Mouth and Positive Reviews - to this day are critical for any Small Business Marketing!

Even a “Big” International City like Sydney is a Small Place. Word of Mouth and Positive Reviews – to this day are critical for any Small Business Marketing!

I had quite a funny small world experience today! I was at Parramatta (A large Sub-CBD of Sydney about 23km direct West of Sydney CBD) working away with the intelligent and thoughtful Chau from Pixel Hero.  We were talking about some of the awesome people I work with, including Martha Arifin from Trusted Web Expert and also Daniel Doherty from MerlinFX.

Then out of the corner of my eye, Martha who we were talking about in conversation is sitting at another Cafe doing business across the road right in my line of sight with Lisa Starr (from Lisa Starr Graphic Design).  It was one happening business hub, all right on Monday, 30th December 2013. This got me really thinking and reflecting on how people talk, people reflect and the real power of “Word of Mouth” in everything that we do.

As much as I love Facebook, LinkedIn, Online Marketing and all those tools – it was quite a direct reminder to me as to the importance of doing a great job as negative word travels much faster than positive word.  Also, you never know who is watching you – so thank god Martha & Lisa didn’t bust me up to no good (as if I would ever do that).  Sydney according to a Wikipedia search just then, reported:

“In the 2011 census 4,627,345 persons declared themselves as residents of the Sydney Statistical Division – about one-fifth (19.38%) of Australia’s total population. If contiguous urban areas are considered, Sydney’s population was 3,641,421 persons. Sydney is also the most densely populated city in Australia.”

So for me to not only bump into them or people I know in a big city is very improbable, but it happens all the time to me.  Now translating this into business advice, here are my Top 4 Lessons Confirmed from the day:

1. Do a great job! People always talk!

2. You are a public figure, make sure you are always doing the right thing all the time.

3. Networking Works – It is how I meet most people I know.

4. Give Value, Value and Value – so people talk about you more positively.

So there you go and what I fantastic thing to see on what is meant to me a holiday.  I am so glad I keep my nose clean – and looks like I really better stay out of trouble in 2014.

Small Business Marketing never stops for us fine Business & Entrepreneurs!

Researching Competitors, Marketing and Keeping Up with the Jones!

I have spent way too much of my life trying to keep up with everyone.  After being frustrated for the last time, I am finally ready to play and enjoy my own game.  Being my Personal Best!

I have spent way too much of my life trying to keep up with everyone. After being frustrated for the last time, I am finally ready to play and enjoy my own game. Being my Personal Best!

When I lived in the United States during my life, I really enjoyed one of their expressions “Keep Up with the Jones”.  I think it was always quite a funny way of putting and expressing each of our fears of being left behind and (rightly or wrongly) our own desires to be ahead of the pack – or at least catch up when our insecurity kicks in.

One conundrum I have always felt as a Marketer is Competitor Research.  That is, as an early Marketer you are always trained to be Outward Focused, keeping an eye on the Market, Your Target Market, General Changes in Industry and of course your competitors.

A Top Key Strategy that I have always followed from day 1 in my career (as taught to me officially by Monash University some years ago) is the importance of studying competitors.  That is, competitors that are better than you and getting the results you want.  I have done that always in my own business and after a few years, people are now studying me which I am really flattered about.  It’s not as easy as it sounds however, as it’s very easy to get bummed out.  In my case, I have just crossed 2,000 Facebook Likes and one competitor is pushing 20,000 Likes! Even though I have learnt some amazing insights and tools which I am already applying, it’s as easy to get “Bummed Out” and at least in my case think:

– Aww Gee, How on Earth am I going to get there? How long is this going to take?

Then the frustration and destructive emotions can kick in.  I think the challenge of effective competitor research in Small Business Marketing is really doing it in a reasonable way and being nice to yourself as part of the process.  I am always too hard on myself (to the point of it being negative / destructive / not helpful) and my own lesson that is coming to the surface lately especially is:

– There are many Worse, Better and at Your level.  Keep an eye out, but just push yourself to your personal best.

The ultimate answer to me in keeping up with the Jones is Mark Zuckerberg & Bill Gates.  Leaders of our time that have done amazingly well, so if you get to deep into the trap of “Having to Keep Up” you will have to be insecure until you beat those guys (even if you overtake a few of your friends).

For me, I am really appreciating the importance of working to ones personal best.  Sure, study people greater than you – apply your logic, but for whatever Market & Theological reasons everyone in life gets different results.

As long as you are working to your personal best and living your life as best as you can, then you can smile at the end of the day.

I wish I had this Epiphany 10 years ago! Have a great day or night everyone – and keep up the fine Small Business Marketing out there!

How to Stand Out in Massive Crowds? The Small Business Marketing Challenge!

If you are ever visiting Melbourne, make sure you check out Melbourne Central.  I was amazed at the amount of shopping going on and the unique Marketing Insights I reflected on!

If you are ever visiting Melbourne, make sure you check out Melbourne Central. I was amazed at the amount of shopping going on and the unique Marketing Insights I reflected on!

After just getting back from my old home city Melbourne, it was a great experience and got a lot out of it.  Besides visiting my great folks and the like, I was interestingly sightseeing in my an evolution of once my old home city (I have been out of there for a very long time).

During the Boxing Day Sales there were crowds, crowds and crowds.  Especially in Melbourne Central (which is massive Shopping Centre build over an old Industrial Shot Tower) you could barely move through the crowds and brands, vs brands, vs brands were head to head competing for the share of the consumers wallet.

As an ex Marketing Manager, gone Small Business Marketing Mentor it got me really thinking and reminded me of the microcosm of the world we operate in – and the critical importance of understanding what you do and how to build a credible identity that really cuts through the clutter that makes your target market positively take notice of you.

One common concern I hear from clients and people I speak with is:

– Ed, I am a Mortgage Broker (insert profession here) and everyone else does it.  How am I meant to stand out?

The cliche answer is well “You need a point of difference”.  The great come back answer to this (continuing the Mortgage Broker angle) is ” But I sell similar products to everyone else, what do I do Ed?”

This is a great question and commonly it depends on a large range of factors and the answers that even top agencies come up with are always Part Art & Part Science.  Here are my Top 3 Points of the Day to inspire you in finding your angle and point of difference that hits the mark out there:

1) Unique Product: If your product is new and relatively unique – there may be a great benefit of the product that is just not out there.  Could be a great one to play.

2) Common Product / Unique Person: Richard Branson did this in the Corporates and Successful Small Business Owners do this all the time – you are buying from the “Person” which is unique, awesome brilliant and trust.  How can you use your personality as part of your business? How can you personally connect with people?

3) Wording it into a clever line and make it a theme: A good tag line helps, or at least just wording the idea into your business.  Be it your photo personally, or the unique idea or what your company stands for.

Talking me personally, I very recently tweaked the positioning of my business to really focus on Sales & Marketing with the tag line “Awesome 6 and 7 Figure $uccess!”.  Why did I do that? Quite often my clients would give me that information “Hi Ed, I want to build a 6 Figure Business” or “Ed I want 7 Figures or to Double the Size of my Business”. This gave me a great clue and even though people are coming to me for Marketing & Business Mentoring help, this was the line that not only would capture my attention – but has really resonated on the market.

I hope that helps you inspire some creative though and if you want to learn more, check out our Awesome Marketing Vault – full of content for Small Business Owners & Entrepreneurs on a mission.

Thank you and have a great day or evening wherever you are!

Inspiration Found from Old Awesome Friends!

Rowan Dickens and I last night at Southbank sharing stories of old times. Amazingly inspirational this Family Guy!

Rowan Dickens and I last night at Southbank sharing stories of old times. Amazingly inspirational this Family Guy!

I am always a man who tries his best to follow the practice of “No Turning Back” and trying to say out of the past as much as possible.  However, when it comes to positive experiences and amazing people at times, I am always the first one to look back in for great inspiration.

As in the photo, I was very lucky to meet up with an old great friend of mine I used to be in the Corporate Work Force with.  We met at an employer that gave us some of the best and worst times in life.  We went from having parties at our old bosses big mansion, to being fearful of being caught up in a Australian Federal Police Investigation (which actually did happen and the owner of the company did time for Tax Evasion).

After meeting with my old friend Rowan – we were talking old times as to when I was the Marketing Manager and he was an Accountant at the place I sharing good old stories.  We both went through some very very difficult times in those days.  The whole Federal Police investigation created a very high stress workplace and both of us just couldn’t stay there forever.  I was very lucky to get out with a sweet promotion to another employer and it was quite difficult for Rowan.

Coming from Tasmania (which is the lower island off the Southern East Coast of Australia), Rowan ended up leaving his work in Tasmania and moving inter-state to Victoria and starting a new life.  What I find amazing and inspirational about this great man is his ability to stay positive at all times and work through processes.

Whereas when I look back into my past, I know many people that were the direct opposite.  Something small happens and they freak out, or they accept very mediocre circumstances in their life because they are too afraid to make big steps.

2013 has been one amazing year in my life and with thank to my old friend Rowan in his own example I know why – I have taken massive “and very painful action” in 2013 and it has played out nicely and contributed to great success in all areas of my life.

I should hang out with this fine fellow more often for sure!

Getting Rich Quick or Treat your Business Like a Job?

Get Rick or Get Poor Quick? Nothing beats a solid business based on sustainable thinking! Edward Zia's take on the Cons of Today!

Get Rich or Get Poor Quick? Nothing beats a solid business based on sustainable thinking! Edward Zia’s take on the Cons of Today!

I bet the heading I used will either create two reactions in people “Yes, I do and as if I didn’t know that Ed” or “Ewww – no way, I want freedom and to be able to do my own thing”.

Being on a weeks leave (as I write this article) has given me a great chance to reflect on many of the hundreds of people I have been lucky to work with over the years.  Almost everyone I have worked with has gone on to achieve amazing success.  There is however this (fortunately) slim minority that I encounter but usually don’t work with for very long.

These are the Get Rich Quick People. They are generally ignorant, know better than everyone and have this view that “I shouldn’t work hard and the world owes me a living”.  A bit like the guys in Star Trek who wear the red shirts – they are almost always the first ones to bite the dust, give up when things get too hard or worse – get more involved in their get rich quick scheme thinking it will magically turn around if they “Become more Positive”.

Just to qualify too, I am not having a shot at the Multi-Level Marketing / Direct Selling Industry.  I am personally a fan of some of those companies products and some have quite ethical selling practices (e.g. Send Out Cards, Neways, ACN Energy etc).  I am having a dig at more the lazy mindset of people who expect something for nothing and in my experience usually are not ethical traders.

Treating your business “Like a Job” to me is quite a positive statement in that although you own the business, you respect yourself by working in it with the diligence and dedication if you were an employee in another company with a boss looking over your shoulder.

If I think about all the client types I have worked with, be it Business Coaches, Life Coaches, Mortgage Brokers, Defense Manufacturers, Health Professionals and the list goes on – all of the top performers have that level of discipline towards their own business.

Don’t get me wrong, we are all for earning heaps of money and big cars, nice houses and the like – but it’s done on the back of results, helping people and building solid businesses over time.

I once got a little sucked into this line of thinking, so if you are too or have a friend that has – make sure you do your best to break them out of that line of thinking.  I promise it will keep them poor! However, some who get in too deep in this line of thinking, can be as stubborn as a mule! So all you can do is tell them.

So to all you business owners and entrepreneurs out there – enjoy your “Fine Job” in 2014!

Christmas 2013: Turn Sadness into Happiness?

Christmas: A great time to enjoy win and plan for a massive turnaround if you need one like I did!

Christmas: A great time to enjoy win and plan for a massive turnaround if you need one like I did!

For me I am certainly smiling this Christmas and as I reflect back, this is the best Christmas I have ever had – other than my young teenage days where I would play plenty of multi-player video games or shared some “Summer Love” Olivia Newton & John Travolta style (I wish lol).

I love my line of work and in dealing with so many people and even though I am hardly a psychologist (professionally I am a Marketing Mentor & Educator) I hear all types of stories from people of all walks of life.

In some of my Government work I would be in extreme situations over and over again and oddly enough – many of those surveillance and interviewing skills I developed prepared me beautifully for what I do and love today.  Even though I have trouble recalling much of what happened, I do get glimpses back every now and then (that equally terrify or inspire me).

One thing that I always tend to reflect on and ask myself is the question no doubt humanity and asked them about the “Fairness” of society. The common cliche, the person born into a wealthy family and the person born disabled or onto the streets.

Christmas I have found is a very polarizing time of the year for many people in that it reminds people of the highs or reminds people of the lows / lack of in their life.  For me personally, Christmas is usually the latter – so it takes a strong sense of Christian Faith and focus to keep me grounded in these times.

In my own experience, about 50% of people usually have a negative experience over Christmas for a variety of reasons.  Some are extreme situations like I encountered in my early days, but more often today I think a lot of people are reminded by the lack in their lives.  Be it Finances, Relationships or Physical Health – I find that results not being what people want can be a great source of unhappiness.

If you are having a rocking Christmas and feel good – then my hat goes off to you.  I am really happy for you and the last thing I want to do is take your buzz away.  I am the opposite of that actually, if you are having a great Christmas – appreciate, love it more and party hard.

If you are not, then I think Christmas is an important time to not only make your appreciate what you have, but think critically and carefully about how you can turn things around in 2014.

One of my big lessons some years ago was that I hit Christmas and I was a point in my life where I was a recovering alcoholic, had no real friends and my girlfriend just left me.  Being interstate too, I was a very painful Christmas in terms of isolation and loneliness.

I remember it only too well, but this was a great thing.  It got me for the first time in my life taking PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY for what happened.  I realized that my position was my own fault.  Sure, I could blame my girlfriend for leaving me – but yes, I was a drunk and yes I could have lived a much cleaner life and found someone much better.

This got me asking constructive questions about myself and how I can improve my life. It was some years till I had the maturity to put this into action, but this questioning of my own self, my own results and my own behaviour was vital in the coming years ahead.

I know plenty of you reading this article can relate to exactly what I mean. You may be here now feeling either great and saying “Poor Ed, sorry this happened to him” or perhaps you directly relate.

Part of what causes a great deal of pain in not just Christmas and Lack is when you start asking questions of “Well, my friend has it all and why don’t I?”. That is the basic question of inequality which I still don’t think has every been answered properly by any Religion or Scientific method (as much as I am a Christian, I think their answer still needs much more development). To me, asking that primary question or it’s derivative can often be a destructive exercise.

To me the true answer in dealing with Christmas Blues is really appreciating what you have.  What I failed to do when I was younger was realize “Wait a Second, you have your health with a few weeks of gym work, find some great friends and change your life now”.

That has worked out beautifully! That thinking has changed my life for the better.  Even 12 months ago, I was in a tricky position of almost losing my business with a large client not paying me (at the time I was mostly reliant on them).  Christmas 2012 was a time filled of stress for me.  Financially, career wise and my partner then (great woman and friends today) was about to move on from me.

My thinking then last year was to make 2013 the year it all changed.  And guess what, it did? Ha ha – I am still single and searching for Mrs. Crazy Persian, but being single is great for me and happy with as long as it takes for me to find the right woman.  Financially, Spiritually, Physically (I do hit the gym) and Relationship wise I am miles ahead and very happy.

The big question which I have just answered, Why did 2013 rock? Was it because I was lucky?  Not this time, I had a very successful but very painful 2013 because I went in there ready to CHANGE EVERYTHING and HOLD ONTO NOTHING to build the life I want for myself.

So 2014 I am ready for that next level, and it was my willingness to change everything and grow that has improved my quality of life in all areas.

I am 35 now, I wish I did that 10 years ago LOL.

So as an “Old” Persian Man, may I say to you if you are having fun then have more.  If you are not having fun, make this your time of reflection and turn your life around in 2014.

Merry Christmas 2013 Awesome Friends! Thank you all for reading this and supporting me in turning my own life around for the better!

Making a Comeback After Setbacks: One key skill of life!

Tough Times Always Demand a Tough Response!

Tough Times Always Demand a Tough Response!

As I relax in the Yarra Valley with my mum and dad the day before Christmas I was watching this inspirational news piece on this Wounded US Army Captain.

During his time in Afghanistan, he was badly injured by an IED (“Improvised Explosive Device” – basically a home made bomb) and lost both his legs and one of his arms.

The story was about his wife supporting him through the process and him rebuilding his life.  It was showing him doing Chin-Ups and Push-Ups at the Gym with a smile and living a normal life.

This of course got me thinking about my own life and in particular, how I wasted a few years of my life feeling sorry for myself and playing “The Victim”.  Over 2013 and in my line of work, I meet at least 100 people per week and see people from all walks of life.

Sure luck is a factor and some hit it big, but more often that not – I have seen that most people deal with massive challenges in their life.  Be it sickness, financial ruin, physical injury, partners leaving – whatever negative stuff; when we have setbacks in life I think success is how you bounce back and take hold of it.

This to me is that “Intangible Edge” of Mindset.  That is, depending on how you feel when times work against you, this makes a massive difference to your results. I almost lost my business 1 year ago and I was only too well aware of this.

Does being on the edge mean I am a loser or should give up? Or does being on he edge mean I must lift my game and hit it hard?

The reason is why I am still here is because I chose the latter, but there was part of me which wanted to choose the former.

So if you have had a tough one in 2013 (my 2013 rocked, my 2012 was a tough one) – may I encourage you to use the negative experience positively.  That is, remember you are bigger than the challenge and tough times is the opportunity to prove how tough and awesome you are.

Hope that helps and off to enjoy some more high sugar foods over Christmas.  Yes, I am burning it off with lots of exercise too!

The Importance of Luck when it comes to Success

How much is Luck a factor in your life? If it's a bit low, just work harder.  Seems to help me at least!

How much is Luck a factor in your life? If it’s a bit low, just work harder. Seems to help me at least!

“The Harder you Work, The Luckier You Get” – with a bit of research, it appears this fine pearl of wisdom was coined by South African Golfer Gary Player (from some years ago).

I couldn’t agree with it more and one big issue I have seen out there is a great deal of misinformation and incorrect extremism about the topic of “Luck” and it’s role in ones life.

Now, I am the first person to agree with taking personal responsiblity, being the leader, making the most of what you have and goal setting etc.  However, there is SO much exaggeration out there in that well “Luck is nothing” and it’s all up to you and everyone is created equally and all that.

Applying a bit of legal testing and using the “Extreme Test”, let’s say I am wrong and luck is just irrelevant and it’s all up to the way people think and positive thinking and all that.  Okay, time to crack my own devil’s advocate argument.  Let’s say you have two people in business and all else is equal.  One get’s cancer or injured badly in a car accident and can’t work (let alone badly injured).  Over that time frame who would succeed more in business?

I have had this debate with people and then they come back with the “Well, that person attracted Cancer or the Car Accident in their life”.  Really? People out there actually think that? I know some amazing people who visualize and do everything right and still get cancer that is life threatening.  There are amazing people out there who have bad things happen to them which is completely out of their control and one can argue that is a dose of “Bad Luck”.  I think anyone who justifies bad things happening to good people by pinning it on them is walking a thin line.

Sure, if someone is say fat and get’s Type II Diabetes then that is fine and you can blame it on the person.  What if though they are driving home, doing everything legal and lived a good life and hit by a drunk driver? You can’t tell me that they deserved that or somehow attracted that due to an “Error” in their thinking or some type of unresolved issue.

What I am realizing in not only my own life but in the amazing people that I work with, is that luck is most certainly a massive factor in building a successful life.  BUT equally so, hard work and a great mindset / strategy is ALSO a massive factor in building a successful life.

Both extremes of the 1) Victim that takes no personal responsibility and 2) Positive Delusional Thinker I think are both flawed and none pass the “Extreme Test” (which is a common legal technique to test a law or judgement by taking it to the extreme to see if can cracked therefore is applicable in use).

What I have personally realized and many business leaders back me on this one – is that success is certainly part luck and part hard work. Both are key factors and with our golfer friend I have proven it in my life.  I have had some real bad luck in my life (bad, but I know a few that have it worse) but with tons of hard work, my bad luck has turned around and I am “Luckier” these days.

My advice and thinking? Regardless of your level of luck – appreciate what you have and work hard doing what you love.  Passion translates into productivity which even if you have crossed too many black cats like me or opened too many umbrella’s indoor – your workload will tip the odds more in your favour.

Hope you enjoyed my holiday post! A great chance for me to think things over for sure!

Thank you from Edward Zia and hope you get more “Lucky” in 2014!

Awesome Creative Greatness with a Clear Mind – and Time Out

I am so enjoying getting into the Holiday Zone.  Tons of great ideas!

I am so enjoying getting into the Holiday Zone. Tons of great ideas!

As I write this fine post, I am busy relaxing in the Yarra Valley (a fine Wine Region in Regional Victoria, Australia).  I am taking a week off to do development and lucky to be spending time with my mum and dad over the Christmas Break.

I have already started to feel and realize the importance of a clear mind and taking time off every now and then.  Even though I have just arrived here today, I can feel myself unwinding and what is interesting is that my creativity is rising.  I think that at times when we live our lives and are doing some long hours – it can be easy to sometimes get a bit “Lost in the Detail” and lose objectivity.

As an Entrepreneur and also with my fine clients experiences – being in business requires not only a sharp wit, but we have to think outside of the box to achieve our objectives.  Be this finding ways to access our clients, get the competitive edge or even get basic wording right – that old cliche is so true:

– You got to Work ON the Business as well as IN the Business.

My business is really going great and although there isn’t much negative stress anymore, the fast paced / fun nature of the work keeps me very engaged.  The problem of working too many hours is that as your mind is consumed on doing the job, it can be hard to come up with new ideas and technology to really advance ones cause.  I think the reality is that when we start our businesses, it’s just hard – and you have to do some long hours just working “IN” the business.  But as time passes and we get more established – we can then work “ON” the business with new technology, developments, ideas and products.

My advice to you awesome readers out there for mastering your Business, Sales & Marketing Success is to enjoy your time off and keep mindful of the creative ideas that come into your mind while you are on leave (even for a few days).  You only need that one brilliant idea that can hit in the shower, an afternoon nap or you may even find it in a piece of chocolate like I ensured just before I started writing this article.

Thank you for the read and hope this stimulates some creative though – feel free to visit our Awesome Marketing Vault as well to learn some great strategies.

Hope you enjoy the current holidays and your mini-breaks next year!

2013 Reflections and Gratitude for who I have in my life!

I am a very lucky man to have great friends like Bec still from my childhood.  Very hard to be sad when you are busy appreciating what you have! My big lesson for 2013.

I am a very lucky man to have great friends like Bec still from my childhood. Very hard to be sad when you are busy appreciating what you have! My big lesson for 2013.

Even though I am in the body of a 35 Year Old Persian Man, quite a few people have commented on the fact that I don’t sound 35 at all. Even a few reflected on the fact, that I almost sound like someone in their later years (at least 60 a few have said!).

I think a big reason for this has been the strange life I have had. My teens were quite unusual in a lot of respects and for whatever reason, I have had a very extreme, intense life and have changed careers many times. I think also in almost dying once as well and have to resolve my fear of death in my early 20’s has given me a different perspective compared to many.

2013 has been an amazing year for growth in all areas and I sit here now with gratitude and a sense of happiness. It has been a tough year of many defeats (especially on a personal front) but many great wins which I have completely enjoyed and are quite thankful in.

I will be straight up with you, Christmas Seasons are a tough time for me. For many people actually, Christmas can be a very lonely time of year especially if you buy into the “Nuclear Family” and Christmas ideals. Part of my own personal frustration this year has ironically been on a relationship front. Not just myself, but many of my close friends have been in a similar spot – relationships ending, new ones beginning and I have realized that the relationship side of things is part dedication and part luck for sure. Including myself this got me down at points, however I realized that I was playing the “Victim” and was letting my unfilled expectations get the better of me.

The business is rocking and this year has been a large growth in myself. I always thought by now I would be married with children (that was a great show wasn’t it?) and overtime I have learnt to accept that this is not the case – but not letting it get me down.

I think what was getting me down was the fact I wasn’t appreciating what is working. YES, relationship wise I am single and YES things haven’t worked out in this area despite my best efforts – but YES, I have so amazing friends, YES Great Health, YES great opportunities and successes this year in almost every other area of my life.

So yes, I was being HALF-EMPTY and not HALF-FULL and that was making me sad and unhappy.

The only cure to me for being down in lack / “Half Empty” is gratitude. Appreciating what you have in your life. Sure, I am a bit lonely on the relationship front and Christmas will be a bit of a tough one – but it’s minor in the scheme of things. There is so much better stuff in my life as long as I focus on it.

So if you are feeling a bit blue with some areas of your life not working out – my advice; appreciation what you have, smile and hit them hard in 2014.

Thank you for the read and whenever you read this, I hope you have / had a great 2013 break!

Edward’s Top 7 Tips to a Prosperity Driven Business Mindset

My Gym Buddy is a perfect inspiration - He owns a fine Cleaning Company and every challenge has as solution.  Love this guy!

My Gym Buddy is a perfect inspiration – He owns a fine Cleaning Company and every challenge has as solution. Love this guy!

“Business Mindset” or “Mindset” or “Your Head” are one of those highly critical, yet intangible aspects of being a successful entrepreneur. You can have the best plan, approach, structure, reputation and if something goes wrong with your mind and you aren’t in “The Game” anymore you can lose everything real fast.

Even if you don’t get the extreme result of “Losing Everything” you like myself once – can just be very mediocre in life and your earnings. Having some very traumatic experiences as a child, working for the government and then bad times in my Corporate Life – it left me with a very poisoned mind.

This can be as simple as not “Backing Yourself” thinking you are unable to succeed and therefore staying at work longer than you should, or even worse – “Stuck” in your business hating what you once originally cherished. Compared to most people, I think I was more “Toxic” mentally than most of them. A big part of that reason were some extreme experiences that happened in my 10+ year Corporate Career. Experiences such as getting missed over for promotions (even though I delivered more), working 80+ hour weeks to get retrenched and just years of being in negative environments had it’s tool on my and myself esteem. If I look back now, I realize that I have been clearing my mind. As I suceed more, I feel better and earn more money and all the great stuff.

Looking back and reflecting, my own personal Top 7 Tips for Developing a Healthy and Prosperity Driven Mindset (that is all about growth and win / win progression) is as follows:

1) Admit You are Awesome and Just a bit Toxic: It’s not you! It’s lies and crap you have been fed over the years.

2) Realize that you can get a Healthy Mindset: You can release all the negative emotions and feel really good. I did and I was bad!

3) Be Aware of your own Self-Dialogue: Keep an eye on what you say to yourself. Don’t entertain pointless self-doubt.

4) Be Realistic: Don’t go the “Positive Rha-Rha Extreme” and pretend you are Richard Branson. Get there in your own time.

5) Have a Compelling Goal: Be it business or life, you want an inspiring goal to really help you grow.

6) Glass Half Full: Focus on what you have and what is working.

7) Nike / Just Do it: Make it happen, take the first step and everything comes into place.

If I look back on what I have been through in building a successful business – this has been what I have personally been through and over time I have prospered in complete style. It’s never easy, but you get there bit by bit!

I hope this article has helped and of course visit our fine Awesome Marketing Vault for powerhouse fine materials.