Get Rick or Get Poor Quick? Nothing beats a solid business based on sustainable thinking! Edward Zia's take on the Cons of Today!

Get Rich or Get Poor Quick? Nothing beats a solid business based on sustainable thinking! Edward Zia’s take on the Cons of Today!

I bet the heading I used will either create two reactions in people “Yes, I do and as if I didn’t know that Ed” or “Ewww – no way, I want freedom and to be able to do my own thing”.

Being on a weeks leave (as I write this article) has given me a great chance to reflect on many of the hundreds of people I have been lucky to work with over the years.  Almost everyone I have worked with has gone on to achieve amazing success.  There is however this (fortunately) slim minority that I encounter but usually don’t work with for very long.

These are the Get Rich Quick People. They are generally ignorant, know better than everyone and have this view that “I shouldn’t work hard and the world owes me a living”.  A bit like the guys in Star Trek who wear the red shirts – they are almost always the first ones to bite the dust, give up when things get too hard or worse – get more involved in their get rich quick scheme thinking it will magically turn around if they “Become more Positive”.

Just to qualify too, I am not having a shot at the Multi-Level Marketing / Direct Selling Industry.  I am personally a fan of some of those companies products and some have quite ethical selling practices (e.g. Send Out Cards, Neways, ACN Energy etc).  I am having a dig at more the lazy mindset of people who expect something for nothing and in my experience usually are not ethical traders.

Treating your business “Like a Job” to me is quite a positive statement in that although you own the business, you respect yourself by working in it with the diligence and dedication if you were an employee in another company with a boss looking over your shoulder.

If I think about all the client types I have worked with, be it Business Coaches, Life Coaches, Mortgage Brokers, Defense Manufacturers, Health Professionals and the list goes on – all of the top performers have that level of discipline towards their own business.

Don’t get me wrong, we are all for earning heaps of money and big cars, nice houses and the like – but it’s done on the back of results, helping people and building solid businesses over time.

I once got a little sucked into this line of thinking, so if you are too or have a friend that has – make sure you do your best to break them out of that line of thinking.  I promise it will keep them poor! However, some who get in too deep in this line of thinking, can be as stubborn as a mule! So all you can do is tell them.

So to all you business owners and entrepreneurs out there – enjoy your “Fine Job” in 2014!



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  1. I love that you share a philosophy, that “The success you have as a consultant should be built on the shoulders of the success of your clients”. seeing your success has been inspireing

    • Thank you David for the kind feedback and it’s so appreciated. Yes, to me that is the important part of any type of consulting. You are giving your advice to help someone totally succeed, so exactly – successful clients helps prove you know what you are doing for sure. Thanks again David!

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