Rowan Dickens and I last night at Southbank sharing stories of old times. Amazingly inspirational this Family Guy!

Rowan Dickens and I last night at Southbank sharing stories of old times. Amazingly inspirational this Family Guy!

I am always a man who tries his best to follow the practice of “No Turning Back” and trying to say out of the past as much as possible.  However, when it comes to positive experiences and amazing people at times, I am always the first one to look back in for great inspiration.

As in the photo, I was very lucky to meet up with an old great friend of mine I used to be in the Corporate Work Force with.  We met at an employer that gave us some of the best and worst times in life.  We went from having parties at our old bosses big mansion, to being fearful of being caught up in a Australian Federal Police Investigation (which actually did happen and the owner of the company did time for Tax Evasion).

After meeting with my old friend Rowan – we were talking old times as to when I was the Marketing Manager and he was an Accountant at the place I sharing good old stories.  We both went through some very very difficult times in those days.  The whole Federal Police investigation created a very high stress workplace and both of us just couldn’t stay there forever.  I was very lucky to get out with a sweet promotion to another employer and it was quite difficult for Rowan.

Coming from Tasmania (which is the lower island off the Southern East Coast of Australia), Rowan ended up leaving his work in Tasmania and moving inter-state to Victoria and starting a new life.  What I find amazing and inspirational about this great man is his ability to stay positive at all times and work through processes.

Whereas when I look back into my past, I know many people that were the direct opposite.  Something small happens and they freak out, or they accept very mediocre circumstances in their life because they are too afraid to make big steps.

2013 has been one amazing year in my life and with thank to my old friend Rowan in his own example I know why – I have taken massive “and very painful action” in 2013 and it has played out nicely and contributed to great success in all areas of my life.

I should hang out with this fine fellow more often for sure!



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