My Gym Buddy is a perfect inspiration - He owns a fine Cleaning Company and every challenge has as solution.  Love this guy!

My Gym Buddy is a perfect inspiration – He owns a fine Cleaning Company and every challenge has as solution. Love this guy!

“Business Mindset” or “Mindset” or “Your Head” are one of those highly critical, yet intangible aspects of being a successful entrepreneur. You can have the best plan, approach, structure, reputation and if something goes wrong with your mind and you aren’t in “The Game” anymore you can lose everything real fast.

Even if you don’t get the extreme result of “Losing Everything” you like myself once – can just be very mediocre in life and your earnings. Having some very traumatic experiences as a child, working for the government and then bad times in my Corporate Life – it left me with a very poisoned mind.

This can be as simple as not “Backing Yourself” thinking you are unable to succeed and therefore staying at work longer than you should, or even worse – “Stuck” in your business hating what you once originally cherished. Compared to most people, I think I was more “Toxic” mentally than most of them. A big part of that reason were some extreme experiences that happened in my 10+ year Corporate Career. Experiences such as getting missed over for promotions (even though I delivered more), working 80+ hour weeks to get retrenched and just years of being in negative environments had it’s tool on my and myself esteem. If I look back now, I realize that I have been clearing my mind. As I suceed more, I feel better and earn more money and all the great stuff.

Looking back and reflecting, my own personal Top 7 Tips for Developing a Healthy and Prosperity Driven Mindset (that is all about growth and win / win progression) is as follows:

1) Admit You are Awesome and Just a bit Toxic: It’s not you! It’s lies and crap you have been fed over the years.

2) Realize that you can get a Healthy Mindset: You can release all the negative emotions and feel really good. I did and I was bad!

3) Be Aware of your own Self-Dialogue: Keep an eye on what you say to yourself. Don’t entertain pointless self-doubt.

4) Be Realistic: Don’t go the “Positive Rha-Rha Extreme” and pretend you are Richard Branson. Get there in your own time.

5) Have a Compelling Goal: Be it business or life, you want an inspiring goal to really help you grow.

6) Glass Half Full: Focus on what you have and what is working.

7) Nike / Just Do it: Make it happen, take the first step and everything comes into place.

If I look back on what I have been through in building a successful business – this has been what I have personally been through and over time I have prospered in complete style. It’s never easy, but you get there bit by bit!

I hope this article has helped and of course visit our fine Awesome Marketing Vault for powerhouse fine materials.



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