I am in the Zone Already - So Can't Wait and Oh Yeah! 2014 Baby!

I am in the Zone Already – So Can’t Wait and Oh Yeah! 2014 Baby!

When it comes to direction, approach and success as an Entrepreneur – to me, having a clear direction at all times is critical.  I find people (including yours truly) who put a bit of time into planning, direction and knowing “What they are going to do next” – almost always make so much more money and succeed big time.  I don’t mean they have to even write a plan or anything – it may just be some powerhouse mental dialogue with oneself, so THEY know exactly what they want and where they are going in their business.

One big thing I have been recommending to my clients and colleagues right now is getting your plan squeaky clean and done before 2014.  That is, you don’t want to enjoy your holidays – rock up to next year (like I once did some years ago) and then think “On No” what do I do now? As the issue is – while you are spending Jan, Feb & Mar 2014 pondering what you are doing, you are missing out on opportunity and success.

I have done all my plans and boy do I feel good about it – so here are my tips for all you awesome business people out there:

1) Get Ready in 2013 for 2014: Get your direction and plan right, right now!

2) Relax and Reflect in the holidays: Win, Losses, Strategies – Think it all through!

3) Soul Search and Be Clear on what you Want: Money, More Clients, More Hours, Easier Times, More Success? Decide what you want.

4) Use a Great Format: Plenty of formats available, check out ours in the Awesome Marketing Vault.

5) Write it Down – 1 Page is Great: Simple, Powerful and Effective.

6) Derive actions from it: Don’t just say make money – make a list of KPIs and actions you must do to achieve your goals

7) Love it and Act on it: Own it, love it and make it yours!

I hope that helps you with your direction and success for 2014.  So get to it, check out our Awesome Marketing Vault is you want to learn some great tips for building a plan – and of course, enjoy the break too!

I know I will try my best for sure! With Thanks from Edward Zia!



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