I am so enjoying getting into the Holiday Zone.  Tons of great ideas!

I am so enjoying getting into the Holiday Zone. Tons of great ideas!

As I write this fine post, I am busy relaxing in the Yarra Valley (a fine Wine Region in Regional Victoria, Australia).  I am taking a week off to do development and lucky to be spending time with my mum and dad over the Christmas Break.

I have already started to feel and realize the importance of a clear mind and taking time off every now and then.  Even though I have just arrived here today, I can feel myself unwinding and what is interesting is that my creativity is rising.  I think that at times when we live our lives and are doing some long hours – it can be easy to sometimes get a bit “Lost in the Detail” and lose objectivity.

As an Entrepreneur and also with my fine clients experiences – being in business requires not only a sharp wit, but we have to think outside of the box to achieve our objectives.  Be this finding ways to access our clients, get the competitive edge or even get basic wording right – that old cliche is so true:

– You got to Work ON the Business as well as IN the Business.

My business is really going great and although there isn’t much negative stress anymore, the fast paced / fun nature of the work keeps me very engaged.  The problem of working too many hours is that as your mind is consumed on doing the job, it can be hard to come up with new ideas and technology to really advance ones cause.  I think the reality is that when we start our businesses, it’s just hard – and you have to do some long hours just working “IN” the business.  But as time passes and we get more established – we can then work “ON” the business with new technology, developments, ideas and products.

My advice to you awesome readers out there for mastering your Business, Sales & Marketing Success is to enjoy your time off and keep mindful of the creative ideas that come into your mind while you are on leave (even for a few days).  You only need that one brilliant idea that can hit in the shower, an afternoon nap or you may even find it in a piece of chocolate like I ensured just before I started writing this article.

Thank you for the read and hope this stimulates some creative though – feel free to visit our Awesome Marketing Vault as well to learn some great strategies.

Hope you enjoy the current holidays and your mini-breaks next year!



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