One thing, that I have honestly struggled with over the past year is the world we live in. It’s not a very fair place – and being a Christian myself I have pondered again and again the time old question of:

If there is a God, then why do bad things happen?
Now, before you think “Oh No, this is one of Those Preachy Blogs and Ed’s Going to Preach to Me” I just want to make it clear that that is not my intent and I respect whatever God or No God you choose to believe in. Thanks to Mel B from Flickr for the angry kitty pic.

Now, putting that aside – this has been doing my brain in! For example:

– Why does someone genuine like Michael J. Fox suffer from Parkinson’s?
– Why do children starve in 3rd world countries, who have never done anything wrong?
– Why do “Good People” suffer?
Then, this bit fries my brain:

– Why does Paris Hilton do no work and have lots of money?
– Why do some people have rich parents and don’t have to work like me?
– Why does Nicolas Cage still get work and star in movies?

These above questions which have been bugging me, I bet have bugged man since at least 5,000BC. But I finally figured out the answers to this question:

No one really knows. The people that “Say They Know” probably don’t.

You have to control your focus. That is, you can never figure this out and you will go mad in the process.
If anyone does find out this answer, they will probably know the meaning of life – which means if you have, please let me know 🙂

This article leads to another lesson I think, which is that it’s critical to “Choose your Focus” wisely. What do I mean by that? Well, you can for example focus on:

– How unfair the world is?
– How rude people are?
– The fact you are alone right now.
– The fact you haven’t achieved what you want in life right now.

Or alternatively, you can focus on:

– What you need to do to improve your own situation.
– Who you care for and vice versa.
– Jumping on Facebook and saying hello to your friends.
– Focusing on what you can do now to improve your situation.

I am not saying “Be Positive” and ignore problems around you – I am just saying that sometimes we can focus on “No Win” situations that will just send you mad.

Here’s to not going mad! 🙂

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