I have quite a few friends in the recruitment field in Sydney and it’s amazing that even post GFC the market is still very quiet (compared to the years gone past) – at least in the Sales & Marketing Professions.Quite a few of the recruiters I know told me that for any job they have come up – be it a relatively Junior Marketing Assistant to that of a Marketing Director you usually get 200+ Applicants for each. In fact, they even take the ads of www.seek.com.au pretty quickly now.It is a very different world we live in now and depending on your area of expertise – ouch! Certainly, I am very lucky to have the job I do now, because if I didn’t I would certainly be toast. In that context I am very lucky – and at the same time, I know that there are still many good people in a range of professions who our out of their professional line of work.

This brings me to my main criticism of a lot of so called “Career Advice” you get in some books that are out there. They will tell you things like:

– Take your time, do what you want to do! – Find something you love and go for it! – Visualize you winning and go for it!

Now, before you accuse me of being negative, stupid – silly or want to criticize what i am saying, please understand this. I am a strong believer in understanding your life purpose and really going for it.

What I am critical of is that many of these books completely ignore unfortunate realities such as:

– Visualization doesn’t pay your rent. – Visualize all you want – you are up against 200+ Candidates who probably at least 30 are doing exactly what you are. – You can take your time finding your “Dream Job” – does that mean I don’t have to pay my bills in that time?

The 80’s and 90’s (well most of it) and the early 2000’s were great economic conditions – but things are very different now. I think we all need to be very pragmatic and aware of the reality – but at the same time, being “Reasonable Positive” about what we want to achieve.

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