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Follow up with Leads INSTANTLY!

Tonight, we had our best Meetup event ever. I was happy in that everyone was happy with our first “WeWork Networking Evening” Pilot.

I got quite a few leads tonight and I’ve been busy following them all up instantly.

Be it adding people on Social Media, sending details or connecting.

As I’ve followed up leads instantly, I am getting great responses rather than waiting several days for them to cool off.

My advice and thinking?

Always follow up leads ASAP friends! The sooner you do, the more likely they shall convert.


Love your work.

How Chris Hemsworth has kept me sane and WINNING!

I get asked all the time, how I keep winning and stay productive.

Sometimes I have a straight answer for that, sometimes I don’t.

What I can say though is one thing that has kept me productive is the wonderful image of Chris Hemsworth from the Tag Heuer #dontcrackunderpressure campaign.

Whenever I feel stressed out and on edge, I look at this picture of Chris Hemsworth and I feel great.

My advice and thinking?

Whenever you feel like you’re going to crack, look at this image of Chris Hemsworth. It’s one great photo!

I love Chris Hemsworth 😊

Why Novotel Sydney on Darling Harbour?

I am pumped after running one incredible workshop today.

I am not saying this because I said so, but because of what all the wonderful people who came have said. One key component that made our event just great today was the venue, “The Novotel Sydney on Darling Harbour”.

In summary, this is why everyone loves it and I highly rate it:

  • Beautiful spot with top views of the city
  • Great facilities
  • Outstanding food

If you’re in Sydney looking for a great venue, check this place out. It’s great and it rocks so much.

Love your work friends and enjoy 😊

I love Meetings on a Friday!

Like a true introvert (who pretends to be an extravert), I love to reflect on my life.

Be it losing, winning and everything in between; I am the kind of guy who likes to sit back and think.

One key aspect of this has been how I love having meetings on Friday. I have signed up lots of clients on Friday’s for many reasons and I think it boils down to the following:

  • It’s Friday
  • People Relax
  • They buy more easily

Whether this is true, or just confirmation bias on my own part who knows. What I do know, is that meetings on Friday’s just work. Be it for a serious sit down or a seriously good drink, it all just works.

My advice and thinking? Try meetings on Fridays. Great way to end off the week.

Especially on a massive win 😊

Create Your Own Community

Like I normally do as an introvert disguised as an extrovert; I love to reflect.

I think about where I am winning, where I am losing and what changes I need to make.

One key aspect of my business over the years has been the “Community Environments” I have been in. Some have been bad, with fortunately many being just great (big shout out to NSW Business Chamber, Meetup and more).

Be it you have a Facebook Group, LinkedIn Chat Group or Events; if you want to be in real control and get results it’s great to create your own. I’ve done exactly what and you can’t get kicked out, people must do as you say. It does take extra work but trust me; the payoff is so worth it.

My advice and thinking? Create your own groups and community. It reduces the risk too as no one else can oppress you or give you trouble.

Love your work, enjoy the thoughts and stay awesome friends!

The TALENT of Matthew Vasilescu

Matthew Vasilescu captures those unique moments. LOVE HIS WORK!

For a non-photographer I take good photos.

Check that, for a non-photographer, I take great photos. I really know how to use my Samsung Galaxy S9. I’ve even taken better photos using my phone, that other photographers.

I rarely get shown up here, however the powerhouse Commercial Photographer Matthew Vasilescu is just brilliant.

He’s a great guy I’ve known for many years, and I was grateful for him to take photos at our Profitable Marketing Meetup. The photos were stunning. What makes him great, is his talent for picking those golden moments.

Anyone can point and shoot, yet Matt has that creative eye for capturing the essence of a moment which is great.

My advice and thinking? Connect with Matthew Vasilescu on LinkedIn and check out his quality of work. It’s incredible.


What makes a HIGH VALUE Wonderful Customer?

“Customers aren’t everything. High Value Customers Are!”

The above statement is one of the key lines I always open my Evening Meetups with. I always get people out of “I need more leads” territory and shift them to “I need more high value customer” territory.

The reason being is that you learn very quickly in business, that poor customers cause lots of harm to your business. I have (like us all), have been burned before, so one must be quite savvy here.

During our Profitable Marketing Meetup tonight, I asked the audience what makes a high value customer? These were the top answers:

  • People with money
  • People that need what you have
  • People that appreciate you

My advice and thinking? Go after customers like that! If you meet a cheapskate or something of that nature, move on from them fast and don’t get sucked in.

Be the best when you’re a customer and go for the best. The only way to go.

Love your work, enjoy the thoughts and stay awesome friends!

“90 Days of PROFITABLE Sales & Marketing to WIN BIG!” (Mastery Workshop on Sat 25th May 2019)

Awesome Friends!

If you love to learn the Latest Sales & Marketing Strategies and grow your business with strength, then our “90 Days of PROFITABLE Sales & Marketing to WIN BIG!” workshop will be perfect for you.

This is a full day intensive experience at the Novotel Sydney on Darling Harbour, limited to a small group size.

>> Download the PDF Workshop Details Here!

Love your work and for any questions and to book, get in touch with me anytime.

0458 310 670 /

Packing as much as you can into your PowerPoints!

Pack as much as you can into your PowerPoint. People love it!

Late last year, a few people on LinkedIn (oddly enough), tried to troll me on some of my views when it came to PowerPoint.

I have become quite a PowerPoint Commander as of late (as I use it all the time), and two of them tried to gang up on me and tell me that I’m just soooooo wrong, and they are just sooooo experienced, smart and all that stuff.

Of course, they were trying to get me to hire them and anyone could have seen their charade.

What they said was totally wrong. They were telling me to cut all the content over my PowerPoints and just have dumb images in there. Totally insane.

Over the years, the feedback I have always received is that people love PowerPoints with as much value as possible packed in there. I try and avoid saying too much fluff, but I put in as many points as I possibly can.

The more points I fit in, the more people are happy with my presentations, content and ideas.

My advice and thinking? Keep the words down but put in as much advice and value as possible. People really like that, and it makes your job presenting much easier.

Doing your Social Media on the Train!

I love doing my LinkedIn, FB and Insta on the train. It rocks!

If you’re from a big city like yours truly; you probably have quite a complex train system.

In Sydney, we most certainly do, and I find myself on trains quite a lot during the week. I love trains in that it’s my time to do my Social Media!

Adding people, sending messages, liking stuff, sharing stuff and more; it all just works.

My advice and thinking?

Catch up on your social media on the train. I do it all the time and it just rocks and helps me keep up with what matters.

Love your work and enjoy friends.

New Webinar Vault Recording: “Strategies for PROFITABLE Fast Growth & WINNING BIG!”

Strategies for PROFITABLE Fast Growth and Winning Big Rocked. Enjoy!

Friends! After one powerhouse Live Webinar tonight, under Section 2, I have just uploaded “Strategies for PROFITABLE Fast Growth & WINNING BIG!”

It’s a great area where we look at how to get high value clients ASAP. There are many reasons we need to move with a sense of urgency at times and it’s totally cool.

>> Visit Edward’s Awesome Marketing Vault here!

Love your work, any questions please reach out and enjoy 😊