Pack as much as you can into your PowerPoint. People love it!

Late last year, a few people on LinkedIn (oddly enough), tried to troll me on some of my views when it came to PowerPoint.

I have become quite a PowerPoint Commander as of late (as I use it all the time), and two of them tried to gang up on me and tell me that I’m just soooooo wrong, and they are just sooooo experienced, smart and all that stuff.

Of course, they were trying to get me to hire them and anyone could have seen their charade.

What they said was totally wrong. They were telling me to cut all the content over my PowerPoints and just have dumb images in there. Totally insane.

Over the years, the feedback I have always received is that people love PowerPoints with as much value as possible packed in there. I try and avoid saying too much fluff, but I put in as many points as I possibly can.

The more points I fit in, the more people are happy with my presentations, content and ideas.

My advice and thinking? Keep the words down but put in as much advice and value as possible. People really like that, and it makes your job presenting much easier.



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