What makes a HIGH VALUE Wonderful Customer?

“Customers aren’t everything. High Value Customers Are!”

The above statement is one of the key lines I always open my Evening Meetups with. I always get people out of “I need more leads” territory and shift them to “I need more high value customer” territory.

The reason being is that you learn very quickly in business, that poor customers cause lots of harm to your business. I have (like us all), have been burned before, so one must be quite savvy here.

During our Profitable Marketing Meetup tonight, I asked the audience what makes a high value customer? These were the top answers:

  • People with money
  • People that need what you have
  • People that appreciate you

My advice and thinking? Go after customers like that! If you meet a cheapskate or something of that nature, move on from them fast and don’t get sucked in.

Be the best when you’re a customer and go for the best. The only way to go.

Love your work, enjoy the thoughts and stay awesome friends!