The TALENT of Matthew Vasilescu

Matthew Vasilescu captures those unique moments. LOVE HIS WORK!

For a non-photographer I take good photos.

Check that, for a non-photographer, I take great photos. I really know how to use my Samsung Galaxy S9. I’ve even taken better photos using my phone, that other photographers.

I rarely get shown up here, however the powerhouse Commercial Photographer Matthew Vasilescu is just brilliant.

He’s a great guy I’ve known for many years, and I was grateful for him to take photos at our Profitable Marketing Meetup. The photos were stunning. What makes him great, is his talent for picking those golden moments.

Anyone can point and shoot, yet Matt has that creative eye for capturing the essence of a moment which is great.

My advice and thinking? Connect with Matthew Vasilescu on LinkedIn and check out his quality of work. It’s incredible.