Create Your Own Community

Like I normally do as an introvert disguised as an extrovert; I love to reflect.

I think about where I am winning, where I am losing and what changes I need to make.

One key aspect of my business over the years has been the “Community Environments” I have been in. Some have been bad, with fortunately many being just great (big shout out to NSW Business Chamber, Meetup and more).

Be it you have a Facebook Group, LinkedIn Chat Group or Events; if you want to be in real control and get results it’s great to create your own. I’ve done exactly what and you can’t get kicked out, people must do as you say. It does take extra work but trust me; the payoff is so worth it.

My advice and thinking? Create your own groups and community. It reduces the risk too as no one else can oppress you or give you trouble.

Love your work, enjoy the thoughts and stay awesome friends!