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The day after life in my Cardboard Fort

My cardboard fort gave me some protection in the Vinnies Community Sleepout. Loved it!

If you have been following my social media, you may have seen my many videos and thanks for all the help and support during my Vinnies Community Sleepout Challenge.

This was on the grass in between buildings at Western Sydney University, where we all slept out in the six degree coldness for the evening. During the night I built my own ‘Cardboard Fort’ which was to keep me protected from wind, light and stand out in the camp.

Straight after today, I went to seeing clients, making phone calls, raising hell and having a great time. The single evening was so tiring on many levels and it gave me a massive empathy for what people living rough endure:

  • Mental Fatigue that impacts your judgement
  • Physical Fatigue in that my strength feels 50% of normal
  • A lack of feeling of safety
  • Sickness and ill health (I am fighting off a sore throat)

The positive that it gave me was:

  • A powerhouse sense of appreciation
  • Feeling strong and great about my life
  • Understanding people on the tragic ‘bottom’ in life
  • A stronger sense of drive in what I am doing

It was a great night and I loved it. I shall be back for sure.

If you get a chance, take up the Vinnies Community Sleepout. It’s tough, but so worth it 😊

The GLORIOUS Vinnie’s Community Sleepout: THANK YOU!

We’re winning big for the HOMELESS TONIGHT. Thank you!

It’s 11:30PM on the dot as I write this blog and I have been busy since 5AM today. I ran the Meetup HQ event in the CBD and just got in to Western Sydney University (in Parramatta) to join the Vinnies Community Sleepout. I of course built my little fort out of cardboard.

With thanks to Les Saldez for helping me with the cardboard I had time to get my fort just right.

I am ready to rest up and a big THANK YOU to everyone who supported not me, but THE HOMELESS on this great charity.  We raised over $800 and it’s great.

Even though this is all a ‘protected simulation’, it gets you feeling the pain of isolation and discomfort which I bet will only increase as the evening goes on. This is great.

I love your work, beddy byes for me and love your work.

AzNConnecT – Sydney Asian Professional Networking TOTALLY ROCKS

AzNConnecT is a great network and concept – DONE WELL!

It all started some months back where on my radar, I started to notice the rise of Asian Group’s across Sydney.

From Groups on Meetups for ‘Asians playing Legos’ to the professional groups, I could observe more and more activity in this area. Then, as fate would have it; one of their powerhouse organisers would grace us with her presence at our Profitable Marketing Meetup.

It was the powerhouse Sunni Wan who is very strong and very tough. We got along instantly and as we connected and got to trust each other, she contacted me when she needed a speaker at the last minute for her ‘AzNConnecT – Sydney Asian Professional Networking’ event.

In having a gap in my calendar, I went to speak at their event to a good 200+ crowd and it rocked. If you are interested in speaking to Asians of varying cultures, this is the event for you and it was great in that:

  • Lots of great people
  • People are really nice
  • It’s very well managed and run
  • You get a diverse range of Asians from many cultures
  • Non-Asians and Whites are so welcome
  • Persian Christians who love Trump are also welcome! (especially ones who love Microsoft).

And more.

My advice and thinking? If these cultures & demography suit what you are after, then come visit AzNConnect. They work very hard to put on great events.

>> Visit the AzNConnecT website here!

I love their work, thank you Sunni Wan and watch this space.

Domino’s Pizzas: How it makes our Meetup HQ Events GREAT!

Domino’s Pizza just works and I am amazed at how quickly they deliver to the minute!

I am busy preparing for a few nights of powerhouse events.

Tomorrow, I’m speaking to a great group of Asian Entrepreneurs and the day after; I’m running our Meetup HQ event.

Our Meetup HQ is more of a smaller type of workshop. For these events, I recommend Domino’s Pizzas.

They do a great job and here is my reasoning way:

  • Good stretch of the dollar: I usually spend $70 on Pizza and Salad and it’s enough for 15 people. Works great!
  • Easy to order with App: Once you get used to it, the App is easy.
  • Scary to the minute delivery time: I am still spooked as how they literally will have Pizza’s made and delivered within 19 minutes of hitting order. It would take me 10 minutes to make toast.
  • Good quality food: For what you are paying, it’s very good food.
  • It’s Pizza: Us humans love it

My advice and thinking? Sometimes for events, going Pizza’s is a great way of moving forward (especially towards the end of the week).

Love your work, thank you for the read and stay awesome friends!

Facebook Live Webinar Recording in Section 8 of the Vault

Facebook Sales and Marketing Strategies is in Section 8 of the Vault. Enjoy!

Tonight’s Live Webinar was great with the key topic being “PROFITABLE Facebook Sales & Marketing Strategies”.

This topic is always a hit every time and what made it just rock tonight was the great crowd, interaction and powerful connections.

Facebook has been a powerful cornerstone of my own Sales & Marketing Activities and in this Live Webinar I shared ideas as to how I have made it work for me and the great people we work with.

The Live Webinar Recording is available to Premium Subscribers of our Awesome Marketing Vault Mentoring Program.

It’s under Section 8 and access it here:

>> Visit the “The Awesome Marketing Vault with Edward Zia™” Here!

Love your work, enjoy and stay awesome friends!

Identifying the RIGHT Clients to work with

The ‘Value Target Model’ I drew on my Surface Pro 4 with the client. Great colours lol

I was working face to face with some wonderful Personal Mentoring Clients a month or two back who own a Digital Agency in Sydney. They are really smart at what they do and with me around; their goal is to grow their business.

One key issue they were up against was having lots of low value meetings and spending too much time on clients that don’t spend much / any money.

It was creating key issues in that they could take that time to bring in more of the right clients and I shared the ‘Value Target Model’ which totally changed their thinking. Just a month later they are making more money and they love me (and I love them).

In short, when you get a lead or are working with someone you want to work this out very quickly and rate each client. We like the ‘Value Target Model’ which applied goes like this:

  • Red Bulleye Eye Client: They love you, spend lots of money with you, you love them they have great results and you’re all friends.
  • Yellow Good Client: They love you and spend good money with you. Similar to the reds, just don’t spend as much. Great people.
  • Green Entry Level Client: They love you and are good people with the right attributes. They may not have a lot of money, but as they rock you still support them.
  • Black NO GO Level Clients: They are people you just don’t want to work with. Be it poor ethics, manipulate you, don’t value you. Just don’t do it. These are the clients you fire / never work with.

My advice and thinking? Focus on the Red with your Marketing & Sales and enjoy the Yellow & Greens as they come to you. Never work with the ‘Black Level NO GO’ clients though. It will send you backwards.

Love your work, thank you to the great client, enjoy my diagram attached and stay awesome friends!

STRONG LIGHTING for night time Video & Photos

The lighting in my Facebook Live was really good. I shall keep this spot in mind!

Even as a child, I always noticed the difference between the human eye and most cameras in light.

I would always find that my own optics where quite good at night, however unless you have REALLY GOOD CAMERA or lighting; evening photos don’t just look great.

Tonight, I did a Facebook Live and it’s pitch black in Sydney. I live nearby a big well-lit playground and it had nice strong flood lights all over the park.

This was great in that in sitting on some of the play equipment (a swaying boat), it fully lit up my face so I looked just the part. It was such a great spot, I will be doing more there, and it looks great.

My advice and thinking?

At night time, always make sure your photos and videos are very well lit. Even if you can see it yourself, that means little for your camera. My latest Samsung Galaxy S9 is the best Camera Phone on the market, so it does great in low light; but there is no substitute for great lighting.

I like too:

  • Make sure there is great lighting nearby
  • Aim my face in that direction
  • Make sure no lights are BEHIND the shot (or it blacks out the faces)

It’s working great for me and best of luck with your night videos and photos. Keep up the greatness and enjoy!

People either like us or they don’t. SWEET!

People either love us or they don’t. SWEET! (Eric Cartman gets this well)

Today has been a crazy day in Australian politics.

We have had yet another leadership change, with our Federal Treasurer, The Hon Scott Morrison MP taking the top job of Prime Minister. He’s a good guy who means well and I wish him luck.

For the ‘losers’ here, it must be a tough long day for them.

This all got me thinking about how in life people either tend to like us or they don’t. I have had people that regardless of how much I try, they just never like me, and they never will.

It used to really bug me, but as I matured I finally got over it and sweet.

Then you have people where you just be yourself and they love you! To me this is super sweet.

What business, life, politics, success and the lot have taught me is that people tend to go one way with us or the other.

My advice and thinking? Don’t let it bug you when people don’t like you. It’s going to happen and the sooner you accept it, the more liberating it is. For me it’s been a great journey and if someone doesn’t like me, it’s sweet.

If someone does, it’s SWEET 😊Love your work, stay SWEET and be true to yourself friends. The only way to be!

P.S. Image Credit to South Park Studios (best show ever)

Julie Bishop for PM

Julie Bishop for PM. I LOVE HER WORK! (Image Credit, Julie Bishop Twitter)

Throughout the Australian Liberal Party, the ‘internal rumours’ I have heard is that Julie Bishop is scheduled to be the next PM for Australia.

There has been lots of discussion about it and when I worked with my sources to understand why, this is my distilled answer:

  • Julie is the most charismatic and likeable character
  • Julie has the parties support
  • Whether people like her or not; they know she is the best chance for winning the coming election
  • Julie is a woman (which is an arguable advantage in this political climate

You never know in these situations and based on the news, there is going to be the Leadership Spill scheduled at 12PM tomorrow.

Anything can happen, but I will tell you what I think:

  • It will go to Julie Bishop for PM

Julie is very smart, and she would only take the shot if she knows she could pull off the top job. Let’s say she doesn’t get it, she will take a shot in the coming months and get it then.

Still, I think it’s going to happen tomorrow.

Love your work, GO JULIE BISHOP! You rock 😊

How LEMSIP MAX saved my Throat, my Voice and my Event!

I love LEMSIP MAX, top product made by a great company!

Reckitt Benckiser is the best company ever. Their CEO, Directors, Share Holders, Senior Management, Product Developers, Admin People, Support Personnel and everyone are great people.


It’s because of their great product; LEMSIP MAX. This product SAVED my event. It turned possible failure into an epic win.

Where it all started, was that I was talking lots in the cold. On a cold Monday night on Darling Harbour (in a Sydney Winter), I was on the phone for 70 minutes to a new client. At about 55 minutes, I could feel a ‘break’ in my voice. It just slid from there. The next day arrived and I had 109 people booked into my event that evening! At 2PM I had no voice and I freaked out. If I lost my voice, no event.

I then did some research and went straight to LEMSIP MAX. I purchased a box and at the Novotel Sydney on Darling Harbour, they made it up with hot water.

It was instant relief! As I had the product, my voice instantly returned. It was still hoarse, but I went from not speaking to being able to speak. During the event I sipped on hot LEMSIP MAX and it kept me going.

My advice and thinking? If you ever lose your voice, get a nice hot LEMSIP MAX. It’s a great product in that:

  • Reduces pain: The Paracetamol helps relieves the pain and soothes the throat.
  • The Sweet Heat: Having the lemon hot really lubricates your throat and gets you back online.
  • The Phenylephrine Hydrochloride rocks: It helps to decongest you and gives you a hit to keep your energy up.
  • It has a good taste: It keeps you moving and on track.
  • Easy to make: It’s just a sachet which you open and mix with hot water

It’s a great product and highly recommended. Reckitt Benckiser is a great company and thank you, I OWE YOU ALL.

Love your work, thank you for the read and stay awesome friends!

More Meetup Success at AEONA Coworking Space

It’s much easier to win more at AEONA on Central Coworking Space. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

Meetup New York / Global have been very good to me over the years, and I love their work on many levels.

The CEO of Meetup (Scott) and higher ups in Meetup, have been right through our ‘Profitable Marketing Meetup’ in Sydney with it winning #1 in town on range of metrics.

I have great people all the time studying the group and asking me how I do it. Whilst there are many things that need to be done well (some easily observable), one key factor that makes us great is AEONA Coworking Space.

AEONA makes our events just work for some key reasons I hear all the time from very happy people that come to our Meetup:

  • Great location: Right next to Central Train Station in Sydney
  • Beautiful Room: It’s just great there and looks the part
  • Top People: Benny & Alex who run (and own) the place give it that personal touch and love it
  • Winning Layout and Place: It’s all beautiful there
  • It’s just cool: AEONA has nailed the intangible (yet critical) concept of cool

My advice and thinking? If you are looking for a great place to hold your events or join a Coworking Space, then look no further than AEONA on Central.

They do a great job.

>> Visit the AEONA Coworking Space here to learn more!

The Powerhouse ‘Independent Business Network’

Independent Business Network rocked and for the record, the people who went are REALLY GOOD LOOKING

I was sitting at my desk one day and I got a great phone call from one of my old friends.

I met her just when I started my business and she has been a great supporter and Mentor of me from day one. She is funny, smart, supportive and great; Robyn Atkins is a great friend.

Robyn is one of those friends whereby that you don’t speak very often (if at all), but once you do; it’s like it was yesterday with grace, fun and high energy.

She told me about this not-for-profit network she is in called ‘IBN’ or the ‘Independent Business Network’ based in the Hills part of Sydney (North Western Sydney, a nice suburban outlying area).

I was invited to speak on LinkedIn Sales & Marketing Strategies and I did! It was a great network run by Robyn and Julie Warner which I loved for the following reasons:

  • Great size: A good 25+ people in attendance
  • Great vibes: People were nice and supportive of each other
  • Great successes: It was success driven and the people in attendance were great
  • Great food: A minor point, but it was great
  • Great location: It was held at the Hills Shire Council Chambers. Great spot!

I really enjoyed the great people and if you are working this part of Sydney, may I suggest you go and check these great people out.

>> Visit the ‘IBN’ / ‘Independent Business Network’ website here!

I love your work and thank you Robyn Atkins and Julie Warner; keep up the fine work!