More Meetup Success at AEONA Coworking Space

It’s much easier to win more at AEONA on Central Coworking Space. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

Meetup New York / Global have been very good to me over the years, and I love their work on many levels.

The CEO of Meetup (Scott) and higher ups in Meetup, have been right through our ‘Profitable Marketing Meetup’ in Sydney with it winning #1 in town on range of metrics.

I have great people all the time studying the group and asking me how I do it. Whilst there are many things that need to be done well (some easily observable), one key factor that makes us great is AEONA Coworking Space.

AEONA makes our events just work for some key reasons I hear all the time from very happy people that come to our Meetup:

  • Great location: Right next to Central Train Station in Sydney
  • Beautiful Room: It’s just great there and looks the part
  • Top People: Benny & Alex who run (and own) the place give it that personal touch and love it
  • Winning Layout and Place: It’s all beautiful there
  • It’s just cool: AEONA has nailed the intangible (yet critical) concept of cool

My advice and thinking? If you are looking for a great place to hold your events or join a Coworking Space, then look no further than AEONA on Central.

They do a great job.

>> Visit the AEONA Coworking Space here to learn more!