The Powerhouse ‘Independent Business Network’

Independent Business Network rocked and for the record, the people who went are REALLY GOOD LOOKING

I was sitting at my desk one day and I got a great phone call from one of my old friends.

I met her just when I started my business and she has been a great supporter and Mentor of me from day one. She is funny, smart, supportive and great; Robyn Atkins is a great friend.

Robyn is one of those friends whereby that you don’t speak very often (if at all), but once you do; it’s like it was yesterday with grace, fun and high energy.

She told me about this not-for-profit network she is in called ‘IBN’ or the ‘Independent Business Network’ based in the Hills part of Sydney (North Western Sydney, a nice suburban outlying area).

I was invited to speak on LinkedIn Sales & Marketing Strategies and I did! It was a great network run by Robyn and Julie Warner which I loved for the following reasons:

  • Great size: A good 25+ people in attendance
  • Great vibes: People were nice and supportive of each other
  • Great successes: It was success driven and the people in attendance were great
  • Great food: A minor point, but it was great
  • Great location: It was held at the Hills Shire Council Chambers. Great spot!

I really enjoyed the great people and if you are working this part of Sydney, may I suggest you go and check these great people out.

>> Visit the ‘IBN’ / ‘Independent Business Network’ website here!

I love your work and thank you Robyn Atkins and Julie Warner; keep up the fine work!