Ed’s tips on recovering from FOOD INDULGENCE!

We all enjoy great food now and then. It rocks!

I love food.

The excess of food is one of my rare vices and if you remember from my previous blogs, I have lost over 15kg over the past 18 months.

It’s been a great feeling and every now and then today, I GO CRAZY WHEN IT COMES TO FOOD.

I especially have over the past few days with workshops, working late hours and the like. I ate like a little piggy during a full day workshop I spoke at yesterday, with Sunday being my recovery day.

Even though I shouldn’t have indulged, I did and it’s going to happen again. However, after it happens this is my advice for getting healthy and back on the horse fast:

  • Go light: Eat light the next day, only 2 meals with snacks.
  • Go Vegan: Don’t eat any dairy or animal products. I have eaten tofu, salad and soy today and I am feeling better. Whilst I love dairy, it’s not good for detoxing.
  • Exercise: I hit the gym today, but at least go for a walk.
  • Lots of water: Helps you rehydrate and get over the excess salt and sugar.
  • Drink Coffee / Tea with no sugar or dairy: If you want milk use soy. If you want sugar, just don’t do it.

This works just great for me and helps me get balanced again fast. I trust it helps for you.

Love your work, stay awesome and have a great week ahead!