People either like us or they don’t. SWEET!

People either love us or they don’t. SWEET! (Eric Cartman gets this well)

Today has been a crazy day in Australian politics.

We have had yet another leadership change, with our Federal Treasurer, The Hon Scott Morrison MP taking the top job of Prime Minister. He’s a good guy who means well and I wish him luck.

For the ‘losers’ here, it must be a tough long day for them.

This all got me thinking about how in life people either tend to like us or they don’t. I have had people that regardless of how much I try, they just never like me, and they never will.

It used to really bug me, but as I matured I finally got over it and sweet.

Then you have people where you just be yourself and they love you! To me this is super sweet.

What business, life, politics, success and the lot have taught me is that people tend to go one way with us or the other.

My advice and thinking? Don’t let it bug you when people don’t like you. It’s going to happen and the sooner you accept it, the more liberating it is. For me it’s been a great journey and if someone doesn’t like me, it’s sweet.

If someone does, it’s SWEET 😊Love your work, stay SWEET and be true to yourself friends. The only way to be!

P.S. Image Credit to South Park Studios (best show ever)