STRONG LIGHTING for night time Video & Photos

The lighting in my Facebook Live was really good. I shall keep this spot in mind!

Even as a child, I always noticed the difference between the human eye and most cameras in light.

I would always find that my own optics where quite good at night, however unless you have REALLY GOOD CAMERA or lighting; evening photos don’t just look great.

Tonight, I did a Facebook Live and it’s pitch black in Sydney. I live nearby a big well-lit playground and it had nice strong flood lights all over the park.

This was great in that in sitting on some of the play equipment (a swaying boat), it fully lit up my face so I looked just the part. It was such a great spot, I will be doing more there, and it looks great.

My advice and thinking?

At night time, always make sure your photos and videos are very well lit. Even if you can see it yourself, that means little for your camera. My latest Samsung Galaxy S9 is the best Camera Phone on the market, so it does great in low light; but there is no substitute for great lighting.

I like too:

  • Make sure there is great lighting nearby
  • Aim my face in that direction
  • Make sure no lights are BEHIND the shot (or it blacks out the faces)

It’s working great for me and best of luck with your night videos and photos. Keep up the greatness and enjoy!