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No New Year Resolutions. Daily Systems & Actions!

Happy 2019 friends and to daily greatness ahead!

It’s almost 2019 as I write this blog and I want to make the most potent point to you ever right here.

I don’t believe in New Year Resolutions. In fact, I think they are totally dumb, and they have never worked for me.

What’s worked for me most of all, are daily actions. That is, instead of having some big “Goal” as to what I want to achieve, I have daily systems that I follow to get there.

For example, I can dream about doubling my business all I want. However, unless I have the Daily Actions to get me there, it won’t happen. No matter how much I focus on that resolution, I need a system to make it happen.

My advice and thinking? Don’t think about resolutions. Come up with your daily system of success to help you win big and so much.

For me? It’s at least 10 phone calls a day, reaching out to 50 people a day on Social Media and more. It just works.

Love your work and Happy 2019 friends!

Changing Habits (THANK GOD!)

Habits can change. Even my cat can shift fast!

It’s a few days before New Year’s and I am with my wonderful family and folks in the Yarra Valley.

It’s a great spot full of incredible people and my wife and I were reflecting on us year on year. Our business is miles up, we’ve doubled our customer base (and more) and I have lost a stack of weight.

Nearby where we are staying is this great Milk Bar / Upmarket Take Away Place called “The Kitchen – Yarra Valley”. It’s great and I decided to take dinner off.

I had a Diet Coke for dinner (yes, I know Diet Coke is bad). I like skipping dinner once or twice a week and it feels great. Last year, we were there, and I ate a massive burger, had fries (after eating all day) and also a Diet Coke.

I used to barely fit into my clothes and now I feel great!

My advice, lessons and thinking? You can change your habits day by day. I used to eat like a pig and was fat. I now eat responsibility and feel wonderful. Even my cat can change his habits fast and has adapted to our new settings just beautifully for the break.

Habits can be changed friends! Bit by bit, day by day, but it’s possible.

Do it. Win big and love your work friends!

Why my 2 Year Old Daughter is GREAT AT SALES!

My 2 year old gets sales. Very smart!

I have to say that my daughter is brilliant at Sales.

It took me years to learn it and get great at it (after a Military / Corporate Career), but she just turned 2 and she totally gets it.

Right now, we’re staying at my parents in the beautiful Yarra Valley wine region of Victoria (Australia). It’s great and we just put her to bed. She didn’t want to sleep and was bashing the door, crying for anyone who would listen. It didn’t work on me, my dad, my mother and she eventually went quiet.

However, when she heard her own mother and my wonderful wife, she started up again. Brilliant! It didn’t work with the other three people, so she kept trying till someone would listen. It still didn’t work, but the point is that she kept trying.

My advice and thinking? When it comes to Sales keep trying. You must keep asking and asking like a Pitbull with a pork chop at times.

Love your work, my daughter is very smart and happy holidays friends!

Great places help you get MORE DONE!

Jamie Simpson rocks and we got so much more done in the right place!

If you have read any of my content or spoken to me for more than 5 minutes in the real world; you will know that structure and productivity float my boat.

I have changed and grown a lot over the 12 months too in that having children, the business grow and more; it has made me become more focus and productive on doing the right things.

One key area of this is working in the right environments.

I recently met with the powerhouse and awesome Ranger Jamie Simpson at the beautiful seaside region Cronulla (South of Sydney).We had lots of choices of many cafes and we said “NO WAY” and went to the local Rydges Hotel there. It was spacious, quite, nice, very professional that enabled us to get more done. It was way nicer than a café for the type of work we had to do.

My advice and thinking? Surroundings are important. I love working at nice Hotels, places like the Novotel and WeWork. I get more done there and it just rocks.

So you do. Thanks for read this article and keep up the greatness!

New Vault Content in Section 9: “Profitable LinkedIn Sales & Marketing Strategies”

PROFITABLE LinkedIn Sales and Marketing Strategies was a BLAST!

LinkedIn is one top platform that I have totally fallen in love for over the years.

I was asked in tonight’s webinar why; with the short answer being I make lots of money out of it. I also love it too.

The Live Webinar is uploaded into Section 9 of our Awesome Marketing Vault Mentoring Program. If you haven’t already, the time is now to join us!

>> Access The Awesome Marketing Vault with Edward Zia™ Here!

Love your work friends 😊

Portion Control ROCKS

I took it much easier this year food wise. Feel great!

As I write this article, it’s now Boxing Day and I have great news to proudly announce.

I controlled myself this Christmas! Last Christmas I was a total write off in terms of overeating; whereas throughout the year I finally have beaten my old habits into final submission.

Christmas 2018 has been my best ever and when it came to food, I controlled my portion size at all times.

I did eat cake, drink coffee, big meals and the rest. However, I had a little bit of everything.

As I had a bit of everything, I didn’t put on weight; and I felt great throughout the whole experience and it rocked.

My advice and thinking? Portion Control with your food friends! Eat some of everything and you will enjoy yourself and feel great.

Believe me 😉

Love your work.

Merry Christmas & Ed’s Lessons from 2018

Our best Christmas Ever and LOVE IT!

It’s been an incredible 2018 on many levels.

Everyone has been so supportive (thank you) and it’s obvious from our Social Media Presence that we are winning so much.

There have been core lessons I have learned this year that I would so love to share with you to help you win big in your own unique way:

  • Reach out to people personally: Ring up people, message people and do it heaps everyday. Don’t wait for Social Media to save you.
  • Business is not fair: Get used to it.
  • Do your best job possible: You can’t do anything more than that. Do your best job and smile.

My advice and thinking? Win big in 2019 and learn the lessons you must from your wins and losses.

Love your work, thanks for the read and stay awesome friends!

Hanging out with COOL people makes you COOL

Joe Purves is really cool!

Believe it or not, I am considered “COOL” these days.

Before you think I am behaving like Deadpool (who is very cool) and think I am on a narcissistic egotistical trip; may I tell you first that you are correct.

However, my point is extremely well founded in that lots of people say I am very cool these days. I have spent most of my life extremely uncool, so it’s great being finally popular in the sense of the word.

In summary, I was thinking about why I am so COOL and I figured out the secret.

I am surrounded by COOL friends everywhere! As they are cool, they make me cool which is just great.

My advice and thinking? Be a nice person and surround yourself by cool people. As you do that, you shall win big and win so much.

Love your work, keep up the greatness and here’s to being cool!

Why I think Christie Wilson is COOL

Christie Wilson is just simply COOL

It’s Christmas 2018 and it’s coming to be a great end of year.

I have had lessons, big wins and right now I am bringing it all together to get me focused for the most winning in 2019.

During all this, I have been posting LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram (going quite well on Instagram believe it or not) and it’s rocked.

I put up a few videos talking about removing toxic people from your lives and my friend Christie Wilson left the best comment on one of my Facebook Videos.

Christie is a very smart Human Resources Expert & Leadership Coach and she left this top comment about the topic of toxic people:

  • “Delete and block the losers! Enjoy your time in Melbourne!”

So true.

That is why I think Christie Wilson is cool.

Make sure you connect with her and I LOVE HER WORK!

Extremely smart words from Sheena Whyatt (The Training Goddess)

Sheena Whyatt rocks. Love her great Facebook Comment!

I have great friends from all over the world.

Especially in the United Kingdom. This all started from my time with 4Networking and also having the luck to be personally mentored by powerhouse operators like Stefan Thomas and Brad Burton (look them up, great people).

I am also connected to the powerhouse Sheena Whyatt who has great ideas. I did a Facebook Video Post about winning in your own unique way, and she made such a great comment that I had to share with you word for word:

  • Totally. Such a huge element of understanding your personal brand is what works for you. Don’t be swayed by naysayers, & as you say be bold & do what feels right for you & your brand!! Love this xx

My advice and thinking? Sheena’s a very smart lady and connect with her.

I love her work and such a true statement. You must do what you feel is right!

Your Events Don’t Have to BE BIG!

My Meetup Group the other night was SMALL AND AWESOME!

I have run many events over the past few years and loved it.

Some have been 5 of us, some have been more than 100; and they have all rocked in their own unique way.

The big lesson I have learned from all this, is that you don’t need tons of people to make a big event. In fact, I have achieved more sales from smaller events that larger ones because I can focus on giving the best experience ever.

My advice and thinking? Don’t worry about whether your events and Meetups are big or not. Focus on the experience you create.

10 people who have a great time, is much better than 50 people who have a ‘meh’ experience.

Love your work and remember, small groups rock!


You see great things when you walk!

I love walking!

I like to walk at least 60 minutes a day and it’s really helped me lose 20kg over the past few years. I do my best to avoid driving and when its public transportable, walking is for me.

Another great thing about walking everywhere is that it gives you time to make phone calls and you also see incredible sights that wouldn’t happen if you we’re driving around the place.

I met a new wonderful client at “The Cannery” in Rosebery (just south of Sydney CBD) and I took public transport there with a bit of walking. I saw some incredible sights, including some great artwork of cats that was perfect for my social media.

This great photo I shared was seen by thousands across my social media and if I didn’t walk, I never would have seen it.

My advice and thinking? Drive less and walk more!

It works, it’s fun and you see great new things. You also can get all your calls done.

Love your work, thanks for the read and stay awesome friends!