Changing Habits (THANK GOD!)

Habits can change. Even my cat can shift fast!

It’s a few days before New Year’s and I am with my wonderful family and folks in the Yarra Valley.

It’s a great spot full of incredible people and my wife and I were reflecting on us year on year. Our business is miles up, we’ve doubled our customer base (and more) and I have lost a stack of weight.

Nearby where we are staying is this great Milk Bar / Upmarket Take Away Place called “The Kitchen – Yarra Valley”. It’s great and I decided to take dinner off.

I had a Diet Coke for dinner (yes, I know Diet Coke is bad). I like skipping dinner once or twice a week and it feels great. Last year, we were there, and I ate a massive burger, had fries (after eating all day) and also a Diet Coke.

I used to barely fit into my clothes and now I feel great!

My advice, lessons and thinking? You can change your habits day by day. I used to eat like a pig and was fat. I now eat responsibility and feel wonderful. Even my cat can change his habits fast and has adapted to our new settings just beautifully for the break.

Habits can be changed friends! Bit by bit, day by day, but it’s possible.

Do it. Win big and love your work friends!