Why I think Christie Wilson is COOL

Christie Wilson is just simply COOL

It’s Christmas 2018 and it’s coming to be a great end of year.

I have had lessons, big wins and right now I am bringing it all together to get me focused for the most winning in 2019.

During all this, I have been posting LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram (going quite well on Instagram believe it or not) and it’s rocked.

I put up a few videos talking about removing toxic people from your lives and my friend Christie Wilson left the best comment on one of my Facebook Videos.

Christie is a very smart Human Resources Expert & Leadership Coach and she left this top comment about the topic of toxic people:

  • “Delete and block the losers! Enjoy your time in Melbourne!”

So true.

That is why I think Christie Wilson is cool.

Make sure you connect with her and I LOVE HER WORK!