Great places help you get MORE DONE!

Jamie Simpson rocks and we got so much more done in the right place!

If you have read any of my content or spoken to me for more than 5 minutes in the real world; you will know that structure and productivity float my boat.

I have changed and grown a lot over the 12 months too in that having children, the business grow and more; it has made me become more focus and productive on doing the right things.

One key area of this is working in the right environments.

I recently met with the powerhouse and awesome Ranger Jamie Simpson at the beautiful seaside region Cronulla (South of Sydney).We had lots of choices of many cafes and we said “NO WAY” and went to the local Rydges Hotel there. It was spacious, quite, nice, very professional that enabled us to get more done. It was way nicer than a café for the type of work we had to do.

My advice and thinking? Surroundings are important. I love working at nice Hotels, places like the Novotel and WeWork. I get more done there and it just rocks.

So you do. Thanks for read this article and keep up the greatness!