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Bumping into my old Commanding Officer 20 years later

He liked my Christian Dog Tag...

He liked my Christian Dog Tag…

I am totally buzzing.

As I sit eating wonderful Japanese (in the Sushi Tei Restaurant in Sydney), I am still spinning from one of those crazy beyond coincidence experiences.

Sitting a few tables away from me was my old Commander Officer from when I was in the Australian Army 20 years ago. As much as my memories are quite fragmented from those old days (the head injury which ended my career), he totally recognised me and even recalled my career progression and the type of ‘special’ work I was involved in.

It was a total blast from the past and it triggered lots of old memories from that era that I am busy reliving like it happened just moments ago. He was an incredible Commander and when I met with him 20 years later, I still get that kind, structured and caring energy from him.

As I recall his greatness, he was an incredible Commander in which I remember having a complete allegiance too beyond the rank on his shoulders.

He was a guy that beyond the uniform; genuinely cared about people and he is incredibly successful. We swapped cards and he is the Managing Director of a TOP COMPANY (not surprised).

It’s funny when you see people from one’s past. The top, caring and kind performers then are all on top and true leaders.

The silly bullies and those people, well some of them aren’t with us anymore, some are in prison and many couldn’t even hold down jobs.

My advice and thinking? You want to truly care about people that you work with and lead. I can tell you that it’s those people you bump into years later that are incredibly successful. Not just money too, they have great overall success on multiple levels.

Small world, right? This guy was even from Melbourne too in those days.

I love his work, thank you for the read and to being ‘Incredible Commanders’ in our own lives.

Edward’s Latest Marketing Plan Update FOR YOU!

It feels great keeping the Marketing Plan UP TO DATE!

It feels great keeping the Marketing Plan UP TO DATE!

Awesome friends!

As I was preparing for my workshop tomorrow, I realised it was the perfect time to update my Marketing Plan.

This one was a more significant update where I really refined what I was doing and even broke down my KPIs to Monthly, Weekly & Daily.

Having a great Marketing Plan is everything! I read it every day, it helps to keep me focused and I JUST LOVE IT.

>> You can download my Marketing Plan (October 2017 Update) right here!

Feel free to use it for some light inspiration and I love your work.

Hiding ideas and the “Streisand effect”

Making stuff secret, makes it fun...

Making stuff secret, makes it fun…

When I started learning political science and getting into geo-politics several years ago, I kept seeing the concept of censorship coming up.

The included the mainstream / legacy media hiding information by not reporting on stories and online social media giants making questionable decisions on removing some content (whilst leaving up other content that already violates their TOS).

It really gave me a glimpse into how the human mind works in terms of how hiding something makes it popular. Whenever someone was trying to hide a story or idea; it would always have the opposite impact.

People would make videos on it, share it more online and it would generate more of a passionate response out of people. It had the exact impact on me in that whenever I felt the establishment was hiding something or parts of the government where working against the people; I would hit Twitter with passion retweeting and sharing all these incredible ideas.

It turns out I wasn’t the only one and I firstly got exposed to the “Streisand effect”. Wikipedia does an incredible write up on this and you get lots of great videos on YouTube explaining it.

When you supress an idea, it makes it interesting, forbidden, exciting and it turns something probably boring that no one cares about into a potential headline.

This came from an image of Barbara Streisand’s Malibu house which she attempted to suppress being in the public. A photographer took a photo of her mansion as part of another project (studying Coastal Erosion) and Barbara wasn’t happy and wanted it taken down.

She tried to sue (and failed), which turned something that no one cared about into Global Headlines at the time. It was such a backfiring of trying to hide something, the impact was named after her (FYI: I love her music and a massive fan of her).

I find this fascinating in how people tend to work. When you push someone, hide something or try and be over authoritative it usually creates some form of the resistance. With the internet, it just adds fuel to the fire.

My advice and thinking? Whatever you do, don’t try to hide ideas. You will make them popular. Also, if an idea is being hidden by the establishment, it may pay for you to retweet it. People only tend to hide ideas when it’s close to the bone.

I love your work, thank you for the read, I still love Barbara Streisand I think I will do some research to figure out why this threw her out so much (hence the impact is working on me!).

UPGRADING what you are doing

I realised I had a few gaps in the defense of my base this morning. Made me think of my business in similar terms!

I realised I had a few gaps in the defense of my base this morning. Made me think of my business in similar terms!

I made a very interesting connection today between playing ‘Star Wars: Commander’ on my phone and running my wonderful business.

This Star Wars Game is lots of fun where you build your base, attack other players around the world, defend yourself against them and play with your clan in big 15 vs 15 Squad Wars.

I have loved it and you can say it’s my escape from the world around me that I frequently indulge in (lol). I was looking over my base in the game (which I haven’t in a while) and realised there were a few problems in it.

I saw a few obvious flaws in the design which were easy attack points, then realised I haven’t been using all my allocated resources! It was quite silly, and I had the immediate breakthrough to my own business.

There have been times in my own business where I have done that. I have just gone on working ‘in’ the business and not ‘on’ it; all to realise that I have been missing some key opportunities and making some equally key mistakes.

This is a very bad thing in business is that it impairs our performance and I have learned that we must develop the skill of always questioning & upgrading what we are doing.

For example, every time I meet someone or run an event, I ask myself how I could improve it. I am forever challenging myself to improve my own game to get out of the trap of ‘same old, dumb old’ which is extremely easy to slip into. As I do this, it helps me really improve the business which in turn gets me more clients that grows my funding.

My advice and thinking? Always look in the mirror and question what you are doing in your business. Even if you get everything for the moment, what happens is that as you grow and come back you will pick up new things.

It’s always great to keep looking over things so you are maximising your performance and marketing continually! The more I do it, the better!

Make sure you stare into the mirror and critique what you do. It sets you on the path to improvement.

Love your work, thank you for the read and stay awesome friends!

Unpacking ASSERTIVENESS and driving our sense of SELF

Mariska Hargitay from 'Law & Order :Special Victims Unit' shows compassion, strength and assertiveness. A great example!

Mariska Hargitay from ‘Law & Order :Special Victims Unit’ shows lots of assertiveness. I love her work!

I had a wonderful afternoon coffee with an incredible friend today. They are brilliant, extremely successful, growing very quickly and their social enterprise helps thousands of people every year build incredible lives.

Whenever I meet with *Sarah* (in protecting her identity), I always get so inspired by her journey and the achievements she has created in her own life.

Today’s topic was us collectively exploring the concept of ‘Assertiveness’ and how it’s an incredible skill to allow us to live in freedom.

We were both sharing stories about how we have been in situations that we didn’t like. Although there may have been an oppressor / external party doing the damage, I have many instances where I failed to be assertive where I just got walked over.

I am of course slightly shamed of all that and in the past 6 – 12 months I have been building my own assertiveness. It’s made my life easier, made me happier and enabled me to better the wonderful community I am blessed to be surrounded by.

Firstly, I think it’s important to unpack and understand exactly what it’s mean. It’s often incorrectly conflated with ‘aggression’ and ‘anger’. After doing some research, I found a perfect unpacking on the “Better Health Channel” as part of the Victorian State Government:

  • Being assertive means communicating with others in a direct and honest manner without intentionally hurting anyone’s feelings.
  • Direct communication can reduce conflict, build self-confidence and enhance personal and work relationships.
  • Assertiveness is a skill that anyone can learn.

I love this unpacking of the concept and I like to look at this from the opposite point of view. Let’s say we are in a business situation where we don’t feel good and fail to communicate how we feel.

The odds of us being dominated, controlled and I hate to say it but must; “SCREWED” goes up dramatically. It also creates a situation where tension builds and at times it can create situations where things blow up.

I have learned that it’s critical to build our own sense of assertiveness and for me it’s been a life long journey. As my business has gone to the next level too lately; I have been forced to build these skills big time.

It’s been a liberating experience in that as I have built this skill, I have better quality of relationships and I have been able to help coach others to develop the same trait. You also start to unlock you who really are and your sense of ‘self’ comes to the surface.

My advice and thinking? Build your skills by applying it. Get over your own fears of holding back and start speaking up in situations you are not enjoying. Don’t get angry, don’t be frustrated; just chill and communicate.

When you do this, most people then start to back off on you and treat you with more respect. As you do it more, you shall get better and better at it which shall lead to many wonderful things to come.

I love your work, thank you *Sarah* for the inspirational talk. You help keep me in the zone!

P.S. Thank you to my friends at the Victorian Government. Great unpacking! (You did the hard work for me). I also wanted to give a special nod to Mariska Hargitay (who is an awesome actress) from the wonderful Law & Order: Special Victims Unit. She plays a very assertive character who controls difficult situations with strong communication.

My guest blog for The Diligent Group (I love their work!)

Steve Wilson and Samson Patrick from the Diligent Group rock! I love their work!

Steve Wilson and Samson Patrick from the Diligent Group rock! I love their work!

This is one of those wonderful rare occasions where I guest blog for someone else! This doesn’t normally happen and it’s actually a pleasure directing you from my blog to their blog.

In short, the Diligent Group are wonderful people that I have utmost respect for.

Steve Wilson and Samson Patrick are kind, wonderful people to work with where their clients totally love them as Small Business Accountants.

Please enjoy the blog here on their website!

I love their work 🙂

From Survival to Freedom: My Journey with NSW Business Chamber

NSW Business Chamber has been an incredible help in the path to freedom. Highly recommended!

NSW Business Chamber has been an incredible help in the path to freedom. Highly recommended!

This is one of those evenings where I write a late-night blog, being totally wired after a great night. It was my first evening of going MC at NSW Business Chamber in October 2017.

It was a greatly needed stretch for me in terms of building my confidence, skills and pushing myself more. People were happy, the team were happy with my performance and as a result; I am very happy! There were a good 300+ people so it tested my skills and pushed me hard and I LOVED IT.

Tonight, was most certainly a cross roads / defining moment in my business journey that I shall always remember.

Being part of NSW Business Chamber has helped me build my profile, put me on the map in Sydney and it’s brought me so many wonderful clients I would have never met any other way. As the business has grown, it’s given me a sense of freedom in that I have more choices that I certainly did a few years back.

This brings me back a few years to when I first arrived at NSW BC. It would have been about 2 to 3 years ago and I will tell you that my business was in a tough spot. My networks weren’t that good, I was connected in the wrong parts of town and after a Networking Group I was involved in went belly up; I was very exposed.

With some wonderful encouragement from many people (including my wonderful wife), I arrived at NSW BC to build my networks and it’s been an incredible journey.

My client base has more than tripled since then, I have a great Sydney footprint, lots of wonderful clients and the incredible people I am surrounded by has totally rubbed off on me.

NSW BC has been a platform to build on my own success and this is the way I like to put it to people:

·         “You are guaranteed to meet incredible people and it gives you the platform to succeed. What you do with those people is then up to you”.

When you get involved, meet people, help people, make new friends and the like everything works.

My advice and thinking? If you are from Sydney get along to NSW BC. If you aren’t, search for Chambers in your local city and become a part of them. Go there, be part of the fabric and help the community.

Then you get lots of exposure and help in return!

I love your work, thank you for the read and thank you NSW BC for the freedom!

P.S. Check out their website here.

The JOY of blocking bad people!

I shoulda blocked em' a year ago!

I shoulda blocked em’ a year ago!

I had a wonderful experience that I had to share with you great people. I was working away, answering emails and playing a little bit of “Star Wars: Commander” (on my mobile) whilst speaking to some old friends and contacts on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn is a wonderful platform and I love using the personal messenger feature and I spoke to one of my old colleagues from years back. I have had good relations with this person historically, but they started treating me all weird a year ago.

Still though; I still stayed in contact to take it to it’s logical conclusion. I said hello being nice and they go all hostile on me and the line had been crossed!

I blocked them right away and it felt great! I then went to Facebook and blocked them there too! I double checked to see if they were in my database and blocked them there too.

I blocked, blocked, blocked and it just FELT WONDERFUL.

Liberating you could say!

My advice and thinking? If someone is walking the line with you for a while and they eventually cross it, it’s time to smash that block key.

It’s great for them and even greater for you. Do it friends! Smash that block key and smile.

Love your work, stay awesome friends and build your future.

The effective inspirational thinking of Helen Gerasimou

Helen Gerasimou always inspires me and I had to ask why...

Helen Gerasimou always inspires me and I had to ask why…

Last Friday for me was a wonderful day. It was somewhat easier than many of my Friday’s (which become peak workloads for me) in that I met with wonderful friends for inspirational discussions that got me thinking on a deeper level.

I was grateful to meetup with Mentor & Beauty Entrepreneur Helen Gerasimou for a wonderful working lunch at Novotel Brighton Le Sands (Sydney). It’s in a city beachside area which has great views, fast cars, wonderful people and incredible food.

Helen’s an incredible character and as we worked together; I was ‘thinking about her thinking’ so to speak and I found it inspirational and educational.

It’s easy for me to turn around and say that she is awesome (which is of course true), however I was unpacking & deconstructing her thinking and understanding why I think such a thing. If you spend any time with Helen, it’s a great experience and I have broken down her thinking into key components that make her powerful:

–          She keeps the ‘problems’ on the workbench and doesn’t stop till they are resolved.

–          Helen is great at focusing on what she wants.

–          You get an incredible sense of realism and pragmatism from her.

–          If something doesn’t go her way, she will try other moves to breakthrough.

–          She is quite funny and interesting.

–          You will find her to be incredible willing to stare in the mirror.

–          She says what she means and does what she says.

As I think back on these virtues, I think they all have a cumulative effect of her being ‘awesome’ so to speak. As I think about these aspects, it has me thinking about my own self and how I can better improve my own game.

My advice and thinking? Being ‘awesome’ is not just doing one thing; it’s doing & thinking many great virtues at once. If there is something you like out there, it’s great to watch them in action and breakdown what they do.

As you get this focus on what they do, it helps to inspire your own wonderful thinking for more results in your own life.

In short, I love Helen’s work! She rocks, make sure you connect with her and thank you for the read my friends. It’s always a pleasure to study successful people in play!

“Go for a nice walk and get some exercise!”

It's the only way to get out the stress, bad emotions and get back in the zone! (Image Credit and thanks to South Park)

It’s the only way to get out the stress and get back in the zone! (Image Credit and thanks to South Park)

Food has always been my vice throughout life. I used to be the ‘little fat kid’ and although I have been very fit throughout my life; there have been times that without being politically correct, I have been ffffhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaattttt!

It happens to the best of us and depends on a range of factors. I make of course no attempt to rationalise or defend my actions as to why I have been fat historically, but it’s been wonderful finally getting control of it once and for all.

As I have really improved my own health, I am in a credible position to help others get a handle on their own health. Be it someone who is quite overweight like I once was or even too skinny and equally unhealthy; I have been really making this a key focus for the community.

I get lots of calls & messages from wonderful people during the week who are trying their best to win and are very stressed out, feeling negative and even totally out of the zone.

Almost always these people have health that was like mine 12 months ago and I am the first to be upfront to them and tell them how I dropped the ball this is area. A big part of my thinking lately has been helping people get heathier with directness and a bit of tough love (if necessary).

Whenever I get a call from someone who is stressed out and feeling negative, I first tell them to slow down, chill out and breathe deeply. When they are feeling better, I then say something like this:

–          “You need to get some exercise right now. Go for walk every day, get healthy and relax”

When I say this, I then get all the lame excuses. I don’t take them of course as in that I know how the brain works. I made lots of excuses and I get excuses from people who have way less work to do that I do.

My advice and thinking? Go for a nice walk and get some exercise! Even if it’s once a week, it’s better than never once a week. Just get started and it will make you feel better and get more productive.

This reminds too as to one of my favourite South Park episodes where our anti-hero Cartman gets some tough lough from the Dog Whisper Cesar Milan.

Whether you are slim as or fat as; that is all wonderful. Get daily exercise, improve your mindset and stay awesome!

Are people treatin’ ya right?

You will know when people are on your side and when they are not! (Image Credit - Fallout)

You will know when people are on your side and when they are not! (Image Credit – Fallout)

I have been in many situations where I have worked with people that are just wonderful. I have also been in situations where I have worked with people that are not so wonderful.

One key point I have been quite sensitive too and exploring lately is how a given character acts towards you. It’s a very important indication to what they are as a person, how they probably treat everyone around them and a sign for you to evaluate whether you want to know them or not.

It reminds me of an experience a few months ago. I have known this person for years and they are someone who doesn’t have a lot of friends. I always wondered why when I figured it out by the way they operate.

They asked me for lots of advice and I helped them out as much as I could where I reached the point where I invited them to sign up to the community (being only $97 / month for the Vault, not much at all).

They just wouldn’t do it and kept going and going trying to use me, to when I reached the point where I told them I was very disappointed, and I had enough of their BS. I moved on and that was it! Haven’t heard from them ever since (imagine my shock).

Then talking to the positive; I know so many wonderful people (and I bet you reading this article) who are wonderful and treat me with the same fun, abundance and kindness as I would treat you. It’s great working with wonderful people like yourself and because you treat me so well; it’s highly likely that you treat everyone around you extremely well in your life. In fact, you probably have lots of friends.

It’s a great thing and my lessons of late has been to really keep an eye on how people treat you. Do they listen to you? Do they value what you say? Do they treat you with integrity? Do they value your business and your time? Do you treat them as well as you could be?

My advice and thinking? If there are any NO answers to those questions I included, then it’s time for you to either change the relationship or move on.

I have done that lots recently which has two outcomes. Half the time they back off and disappear, half the time they listen to you and work with you (which is just wonderful). It’s critical you treat people right and you MAKE SURE they treat you right. If they don’t, get out of there as you won’t win being surrounded by losers like that. ou want to be surrounded by winners. What are winners? People as wonderful as your awesome self.

Remember that. You are awesome! Love your work, thank you for the read and smash that like and share friends.

P.S. Image Credit and thanks to Bethesda Softworks, Fallout and Vault Boy!

Outsourcing your Sales & Giving it to the Pro’s!

Kon and his team from 'Outsourced Sales Solutions' do exactly that. Impressive and rare!

Kon and his team from ‘Outsourced Sales Solutions’ do exactly that. Impressive and rare!

Even though I am a ‘Marketing Mentor’, I find a good 10 – 20% of my time talking Sales with clients. I am the opposite to my great friend Sharon Grant who is a Sales Mentor. She needs to know a bit of Marketing and I need to know a bit of Sales to make everything just work.

Interestingly at one of her workshops, I met one strong and sharp guy by the name of Kon Beyner. We connected immediately, met up several times for lunch and we have been working together sharing connections, ideas and thinking.

His company “Outsourced Sales Solutions (OSS)” does exactly what it says. Instead of companies having to worry about sales, his company takes care of the lot and he has some incredible Corporate and Medium clients.

Kon and his team has expanded into Small to Medium businesses too and I’d love to share some information with you about his company and offering to help your own thinking. It’s great to consider and enjoy the article straight from himself:

“Evolution of sales – is it a revolution?” by Kon Beyner:

 “Outsourced Sales Solutions (OSS)” – is a full-service outsourced sales organisation focused on delivering revenue growth whilst reducing the cost to retain and acquire new clients.

Business’s partner with OSS when they want to hit their revenue targets quicker, or they are looking to acquire new capabilities to expand their business. Each client is individually assessed and offered solutions that fit their business requirements.

Let’s be honest, we are all in sales regardless of what we do we still need to find the most cost effective way to sell our services or products. The challenge for any small business owner is time, absence of previous sales experience, and limited cash flow which restricts them to be able to afford to hire a sales professional.

What other options do they have? Well, they either need to learn new skills themselves or consider outsourcing this imperative business function to the trusted partner.

When we deal with start-ups there are a few common things which all have in common. Revenue growth relies on having a great product or service, understanding your target market, having a sales strategy, and having defined sales processes in place that will ultimately achieve customer satisfaction and retention for future business.

In many cases, the following ‘hope for the best, as we are the best’ approach is doomed to fail. (you don’t realise this at the time)

So as a small business, maybe the following is what you might be thinking about your product or service and how to sell it:

1.     My solution is so great and unique it can sell itself! I will only need to put a couple of posts on social media and then I will become an order taker. I will make a fortune.

2.     I can either sell my solution myself or get someone who can sell for me and make commission from it

3.     I might hire a sales person on a full time basis and they will finally sell my stuff…

I can’t afford to hire an experienced person, so I will hire a junior person – good looking, fast talking. Should be good!

We are passionate about small businesses and understand all the challenges that small business owners are facing day in and day out. That’s why we’ve designed packages to combine the vital skills for any business to achieve sales success. Our packages are affordable and flexible and designed to help small businesses achieve revenue growth.


In reality a sales department should consist of the following skills:

1.     Sales manager – responsible for sales strategies, sales process’s and managing a team

2.     BDM – Business Development Manager – your sales resource face to face sales or a phone expert

3.     Marketing/social media specialist – someone who will be promoting your brand and generate leads

Can you afford to hire three people? Probably not – therefore our packages include all of the abovementioned skills, so that you can focus on other critical aspects of your business.


1300 290 996

** I love his work and a great read. Thank you Kon and love your work! **