Outsourcing your Sales & Giving it to the Pro’s!

Kon and his team from 'Outsourced Sales Solutions' do exactly that. Impressive and rare!

Kon and his team from ‘Outsourced Sales Solutions’ do exactly that. Impressive and rare!

Even though I am a ‘Marketing Mentor’, I find a good 10 – 20% of my time talking Sales with clients. I am the opposite to my great friend Sharon Grant who is a Sales Mentor. She needs to know a bit of Marketing and I need to know a bit of Sales to make everything just work.

Interestingly at one of her workshops, I met one strong and sharp guy by the name of Kon Beyner. We connected immediately, met up several times for lunch and we have been working together sharing connections, ideas and thinking.

His company “Outsourced Sales Solutions (OSS)” does exactly what it says. Instead of companies having to worry about sales, his company takes care of the lot and he has some incredible Corporate and Medium clients.

Kon and his team has expanded into Small to Medium businesses too and I’d love to share some information with you about his company and offering to help your own thinking. It’s great to consider and enjoy the article straight from himself:

“Evolution of sales – is it a revolution?” by Kon Beyner:

 “Outsourced Sales Solutions (OSS)” – is a full-service outsourced sales organisation focused on delivering revenue growth whilst reducing the cost to retain and acquire new clients.

Business’s partner with OSS when they want to hit their revenue targets quicker, or they are looking to acquire new capabilities to expand their business. Each client is individually assessed and offered solutions that fit their business requirements.

Let’s be honest, we are all in sales regardless of what we do we still need to find the most cost effective way to sell our services or products. The challenge for any small business owner is time, absence of previous sales experience, and limited cash flow which restricts them to be able to afford to hire a sales professional.

What other options do they have? Well, they either need to learn new skills themselves or consider outsourcing this imperative business function to the trusted partner.

When we deal with start-ups there are a few common things which all have in common. Revenue growth relies on having a great product or service, understanding your target market, having a sales strategy, and having defined sales processes in place that will ultimately achieve customer satisfaction and retention for future business.

In many cases, the following ‘hope for the best, as we are the best’ approach is doomed to fail. (you don’t realise this at the time)

So as a small business, maybe the following is what you might be thinking about your product or service and how to sell it:

1.     My solution is so great and unique it can sell itself! I will only need to put a couple of posts on social media and then I will become an order taker. I will make a fortune.

2.     I can either sell my solution myself or get someone who can sell for me and make commission from it

3.     I might hire a sales person on a full time basis and they will finally sell my stuff…

I can’t afford to hire an experienced person, so I will hire a junior person – good looking, fast talking. Should be good!

We are passionate about small businesses and understand all the challenges that small business owners are facing day in and day out. That’s why we’ve designed packages to combine the vital skills for any business to achieve sales success. Our packages are affordable and flexible and designed to help small businesses achieve revenue growth.


In reality a sales department should consist of the following skills:

1.     Sales manager – responsible for sales strategies, sales process’s and managing a team

2.     BDM – Business Development Manager – your sales resource face to face sales or a phone expert

3.     Marketing/social media specialist – someone who will be promoting your brand and generate leads

Can you afford to hire three people? Probably not – therefore our packages include all of the abovementioned skills, so that you can focus on other critical aspects of your business.




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** I love his work and a great read. Thank you Kon and love your work! **