Are people treatin’ ya right?

You will know when people are on your side and when they are not! (Image Credit - Fallout)

You will know when people are on your side and when they are not! (Image Credit – Fallout)

I have been in many situations where I have worked with people that are just wonderful. I have also been in situations where I have worked with people that are not so wonderful.

One key point I have been quite sensitive too and exploring lately is how a given character acts towards you. It’s a very important indication to what they are as a person, how they probably treat everyone around them and a sign for you to evaluate whether you want to know them or not.

It reminds me of an experience a few months ago. I have known this person for years and they are someone who doesn’t have a lot of friends. I always wondered why when I figured it out by the way they operate.

They asked me for lots of advice and I helped them out as much as I could where I reached the point where I invited them to sign up to the community (being only $97 / month for the Vault, not much at all).

They just wouldn’t do it and kept going and going trying to use me, to when I reached the point where I told them I was very disappointed, and I had enough of their BS. I moved on and that was it! Haven’t heard from them ever since (imagine my shock).

Then talking to the positive; I know so many wonderful people (and I bet you reading this article) who are wonderful and treat me with the same fun, abundance and kindness as I would treat you. It’s great working with wonderful people like yourself and because you treat me so well; it’s highly likely that you treat everyone around you extremely well in your life. In fact, you probably have lots of friends.

It’s a great thing and my lessons of late has been to really keep an eye on how people treat you. Do they listen to you? Do they value what you say? Do they treat you with integrity? Do they value your business and your time? Do you treat them as well as you could be?

My advice and thinking? If there are any NO answers to those questions I included, then it’s time for you to either change the relationship or move on.

I have done that lots recently which has two outcomes. Half the time they back off and disappear, half the time they listen to you and work with you (which is just wonderful). It’s critical you treat people right and you MAKE SURE they treat you right. If they don’t, get out of there as you won’t win being surrounded by losers like that. ou want to be surrounded by winners. What are winners? People as wonderful as your awesome self.

Remember that. You are awesome! Love your work, thank you for the read and smash that like and share friends.

P.S. Image Credit and thanks to Bethesda Softworks, Fallout and Vault Boy!