Thinking through your thinking!

Melbourne Business School ran an incredible event that got me thinking, about thinking!

Melbourne Business School ran an incredible event that got me thinking, about thinking!

I had enjoyed a wonderful evening with the Melbourne Business School. They are part of the University of Melbourne and I was grateful to be invited to one of their Alumni business discussions in Sydney.

This topic was a great one being that it explored the implications of Trump, Brexit and the rise of Populism for our civilisation.

It was not as heated as I was hoping for in that the room was full of reasonable, kind, intelligent and reasoned people.

In telling you the truth (as I always do), I was looking for a few more extremists to bring up Wikileaks, Hitler, Globalist Conspiracies and more ‘click bait’ to make things crazier.

It turned out I was the ‘crazy’ of the room in that I spoke about ‘Fake News’ and how it’s impacted Trump getting elected.

As a result, it didn’t take long for the room to figure out that I was PRO-TRUMP and I became the vocal character representing the silent probably majority of the room.

It was such a great room and what impressed me about event was that challenged everyone to go beyond the ‘one-line sensationalism’ you get today and really think of why you think what you do and back it up.

This was great in that in stead of writing anyone pro-Trump off being pro-Hilter or anyone being pro-Hillary hating America; it got us talking and thinking.

This reminded me as to a key lesson in business in Marketing in that one must know why they are doing what they are doing. I have found a massive enemy of success is just ‘doing stuff’ with the reasoning of ‘because’.

It’s a very dangerous trap when we get into business and we just do ‘stuff’. I find it critical to be questioning your thinking, assumptions and what is going on in your mind on many levels. If you don’t, you can be making mistakes over & over again.

My advice and lessons? Don’t just think things ‘because’. Really think it through and come at things from a reasoned viewpoint. By doing that it ensures you stay on straight and narrow and keep improving.

I have made massive mistakes in my life because I didn’t think or question. Always ask questions; be it of yourself, what you hear and of course what people want you to think. It makes us way sharper and way more profitable.

Love your work, thank you for the read, thank you Melbourne Business School and enjoy friends!