From Survival to Freedom: My Journey with NSW Business Chamber

NSW Business Chamber has been an incredible help in the path to freedom. Highly recommended!

NSW Business Chamber has been an incredible help in the path to freedom. Highly recommended!

This is one of those evenings where I write a late-night blog, being totally wired after a great night. It was my first evening of going MC at NSW Business Chamber in October 2017.

It was a greatly needed stretch for me in terms of building my confidence, skills and pushing myself more. People were happy, the team were happy with my performance and as a result; I am very happy! There were a good 300+ people so it tested my skills and pushed me hard and I LOVED IT.

Tonight, was most certainly a cross roads / defining moment in my business journey that I shall always remember.

Being part of NSW Business Chamber has helped me build my profile, put me on the map in Sydney and it’s brought me so many wonderful clients I would have never met any other way. As the business has grown, it’s given me a sense of freedom in that I have more choices that I certainly did a few years back.

This brings me back a few years to when I first arrived at NSW BC. It would have been about 2 to 3 years ago and I will tell you that my business was in a tough spot. My networks weren’t that good, I was connected in the wrong parts of town and after a Networking Group I was involved in went belly up; I was very exposed.

With some wonderful encouragement from many people (including my wonderful wife), I arrived at NSW BC to build my networks and it’s been an incredible journey.

My client base has more than tripled since then, I have a great Sydney footprint, lots of wonderful clients and the incredible people I am surrounded by has totally rubbed off on me.

NSW BC has been a platform to build on my own success and this is the way I like to put it to people:

·         “You are guaranteed to meet incredible people and it gives you the platform to succeed. What you do with those people is then up to you”.

When you get involved, meet people, help people, make new friends and the like everything works.

My advice and thinking? If you are from Sydney get along to NSW BC. If you aren’t, search for Chambers in your local city and become a part of them. Go there, be part of the fabric and help the community.

Then you get lots of exposure and help in return!

I love your work, thank you for the read and thank you NSW BC for the freedom!

P.S. Check out their website here.