The effective inspirational thinking of Helen Gerasimou

Helen Gerasimou always inspires me and I had to ask why...

Helen Gerasimou always inspires me and I had to ask why…

Last Friday for me was a wonderful day. It was somewhat easier than many of my Friday’s (which become peak workloads for me) in that I met with wonderful friends for inspirational discussions that got me thinking on a deeper level.

I was grateful to meetup with Mentor & Beauty Entrepreneur Helen Gerasimou for a wonderful working lunch at Novotel Brighton Le Sands (Sydney). It’s in a city beachside area which has great views, fast cars, wonderful people and incredible food.

Helen’s an incredible character and as we worked together; I was ‘thinking about her thinking’ so to speak and I found it inspirational and educational.

It’s easy for me to turn around and say that she is awesome (which is of course true), however I was unpacking & deconstructing her thinking and understanding why I think such a thing. If you spend any time with Helen, it’s a great experience and I have broken down her thinking into key components that make her powerful:

–          She keeps the ‘problems’ on the workbench and doesn’t stop till they are resolved.

–          Helen is great at focusing on what she wants.

–          You get an incredible sense of realism and pragmatism from her.

–          If something doesn’t go her way, she will try other moves to breakthrough.

–          She is quite funny and interesting.

–          You will find her to be incredible willing to stare in the mirror.

–          She says what she means and does what she says.

As I think back on these virtues, I think they all have a cumulative effect of her being ‘awesome’ so to speak. As I think about these aspects, it has me thinking about my own self and how I can better improve my own game.

My advice and thinking? Being ‘awesome’ is not just doing one thing; it’s doing & thinking many great virtues at once. If there is something you like out there, it’s great to watch them in action and breakdown what they do.

As you get this focus on what they do, it helps to inspire your own wonderful thinking for more results in your own life.

In short, I love Helen’s work! She rocks, make sure you connect with her and thank you for the read my friends. It’s always a pleasure to study successful people in play!