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Automating Your Marketing: Our Top 7 Best ‘Lowest Hanging Fruit’ Strategies

Marketing that works whilst you are sleeping just rocks!

Marketing that works whilst you are sleeping just rocks!

I am sitting at my awesome Windows 10 Touch Screen PC on Sunday evening enjoying a fruit platter. It’s got nice pear, mandarins, grapes and some nicely sliced watermelon.

It got me thinking about fruit, then lowest hanging fruit and whilst I was eating it; I was thinking about how awesome my Automated Marketing is. That is while I am writing this blog, watching TV or eating fruit – I am getting promoted on autopilot.

Let’s say I did nothing all of a sudden, I would probably get seen by at least 1,000 people a day. As I do videos, cool blogs and the like; it expands this to a sweet 5,000 per day which doesn’t take much time at all.

As time passes too, my business is getting even more automated and I love it. I suspect that by the end of the year I will be easily seen online at least 5,000 times a day without any serious work with is very cool. In light of all this I have some of my most favourite Marketing Strategies in terms of Automation. This is my top 7 favourite that I recommend for many:

  • Beautiful High Converting Website: This sits there 24 hours a day 7 days a week working for you. Make sure yours is just wonderful and it sells.
  • Facebook Advertising: Starting at $5 / day this is just wonderful. $10 usually will give you 1000 views which is great. You can send it to your website, sign up pages and the like.
  • Your Blog: I love my blog and articles are forever out there getting picked up by Google whether I share them or not. Very nice!
  • LinkedIn Profile: This gets found by at least 50 people per day which his great. It doesn’t take any work and just goes on and on for me. Love it!
  • Facebook Content & Videos: Videos now can be found on Facebook and it’s for people to see as time passes. I love this side of things and it’s just great!
  • Email Marketing: Even though mine is not fully automated, it takes very little time to hit 2,500+ people so I love it. This can be quite automated though which is great.
  • Lead Pages with Auto Responders: Be it on your website or its own page; you can direct people to great download which automatically sends them materials, adds them to your database and does the heavy lifting.

These are just great strategies and even though these aren’t technically fully automated, they are very highly leveraged and worth it including Live Webinars, Live Events, Facebook Videos Daily and also speaking at events.

My advice and thinking? If you like the sound of these pick one and take action! Take lots of action and do it. Just do it.

Here to help, love your work and stay awesome friends!

Launching PROFITABLE Online Courses with the Teachable Platform

The Teachable Platform. So much to love!

The Teachable Platform. So much to love!

About 2 weeks ago I did a massive upgrade to my ‘Awesome Marketing Vault with Edward Zia’. For some years I have worked with it, spent lots of money doing it on my own platform and during mid 2016 a lot of the technology in this area totally improved.

Online Courses are one of those areas which are talked about very often, but very little people actually do it. I don’t blame anyone in that fact in how much works, understanding and thinking it takes.

I can look you in the eye right now and say my Awesome Marketing Vault is now ‘Awesome’. It used to be ‘good’, but with the right platform backing me it’s just incredible.

>> Please visit it right here on Teachable

What really took me from ‘Good’ to ‘Awesome’ very quickly in this area is the great platform known as Teachable. If you check out my site as an example, I already had the content so it took me a good 2 – 3 days to get it all done and out there.

In just two weeks I now have over 7 subscribers and I am so happy! The Online Teachable Platform is just $99 USD / month (on that professional package, but you have cheaper ones) and it looks after everything, full international billing, I can upload content in a flash, it’s beautiful on mobile and the feedback has just been incredible.

In fact it’s so great, I am so happy, the reviews are so positive – I am going harder and harder in the Online Course Creation direction! In fact, stay tuned for Webinars and F2F courses / ‘Bootcamps’ on this topic.

My advice and thinking? Check out the incredible Teachable Platform. You will love it and highly recommended.

Thank you for the read, like and share, message me if I can be of service and stay awesome.

P.S. Visit My Awesome Marketing Vault here!

Targeting the RIGHT people

It was a wonderful learning night full of glorious people. Love your work Nick and Amy!

It was a wonderful learning night full of glorious people. Love your work Nick and Amy!

The longer I am in business, the more events I attend, the more posts I put on FB and blogs I share on LinkedIn is the more I realise that winning involves targeting the right people.

I haven’t had my morning coffee yet and I was at my Desktop Windows 10 Touchscreen PC (which is awesome) reflecting on a great Networking gathering I had at the CBD Sydney Chamber last night.

I have about 15 business cards on my desk I plan to follow up this afternoon including two fantastic leads that I am quite excited about (which may get a phone call).

The operative point of all this being is that I was at the RIGHT event last night and within that event I was focusing on the RIGHT people. Giving some context as to what I mean here when I say ‘RIGHT’ is:

  • They are high value successful people.
  • They are nice, kind and awesome.
  • I can genuinely help them in a win / win manner.
  • They are people I want to become friends with for life.

You may have your own definition of what this means to you and interestingly in that event I was doing my best to direct my time and energy to the right people. There were people there I didn’t click with, didn’t like me or were suggesting opportunities to be which are not win / win which is great; I just kept my distance and was professionally polite (and it’s great when they do that to me too).

However the people which I liked, that liked me would get my total attention and it turned my night into a WONDERFUL and PROFITABLE experience. If I didn’t target & focus on the right people it could have been a bummer of an evening which has happened to me before.

Talking beyond networking as well there is a salient learning point here to me. Be it whatever platform we are using from the phone, to LinkedIn, to Email Marketing, to Live Events or FB; one must be careful as to who we focus on. If we focus on the wrong people, we can lose money, opportunities and become frustrated.

If we focus on the RIGHT people, we can help each other in their own respective lives win big.

My advice and thinking? Be awesome yourself first and then direct your energy on awesome people. This paves the way for everyone to win big and succeed in style.

Love your work, thanks for the read, Nick & Amy – love your work and stay awesome!

P.S. Hit that like and share button (and you rock).

ESCAPING from the world we live in (and WINNING)

Escape and smile however you can!

Escape and smile however you can!

It’s 3:09PM in a very cool, yet sunny day. I have just enjoyed a beautiful waffle and hot chocolate; and I am soaking up the beautiful Corporate Vibe of Lindt Café on George St.

I have a secret corner there by whereby I eat / drink my chocolate, charge my Surface Pro 4 and really just take a bit of time out to enjoy my life and gather my thoughts.

Even though I am doing work, it’s my own little ‘me time’ and it’s my form of ‘escapism’ which I totally love.

It’s actually quite important that we do get ‘me time’ in that if we just work all the time it can be tragically easy to get stressed out, go slightly insane and then make poor decisions whilst seeing our productivity drop.

As the businesses is just so incredible (thank you everyone and touch wood it keeps going that way), it requires more and more times where I ‘escape’ from the world around me to recharge and get back in / stay in the zone.

As ambitious entrepreneurs too, it can be easy to just ‘work all the time’ which is not a good thing at a given point. I have learned this the hard way and it’s critical that we take regular breaks to keep up happy and moving the right way.

For me being a CBD City Dweller these days, I have been learning all the good spots. Spots that are fun, places that are classy, venues that are quiet and of course those where I can charge my devices so I can stay productive out in the field.

Each of these environments (especially Lindt Café) gives me that escape which is just wonderful!

My advice and thinking? In however you structure it, make sure you get your own me time. It just rocks and it makes the massive difference. It keeps me happy, productive, focused and of course ‘in the zone’. Make sure you don’t do what I used to do and just ‘stress’. Turn your stress into productivity and WIN BIG.

Love your work, thank you Lindt Café and of course hit that like & share + stay awesome!

Creating your LEAD MAGNET & CONTENT to build your list, nurture and WIN clients!

The more you give is the more you WIN!

The more you give is the more you WIN!

Over the past several weeks, there has been lots of conversation with clients on helping them build their own ‘Lead Funnel’ / ‘Lead Nurturing Process’ which I am right into and find incredibly interesting.

In actual fact, the blog you are reading now is part of this process of how I succeed. In the coming months, this article will most likely be ready hundreds of times by clients and clients to be. It’s a key part of my ongoing ‘Content Strategy’ which nurtures people and helps serve the community.

That is, let’s say you are reading this article for the first time. Touch wood you love it and become a fan and one day a client. Let’s say you are *almost* a client, but not quite – this may tip you over the edge. Let’s say you are a client, this may keep you with us longer and make you happier to help make you more money.

You get it, we need ‘some awesome for free’ to help start that brand building / lead nurturing process and there is one key problem I found in this area. Many think an eBook will just do the trick with some automated emails.

I am here to burst that bubble and say otherwise, it takes much more than that to win clients (especially if you have high value services as do I). A ‘Lead Magnet’ is quite simply something that helps attract leads. Be it someone making an enquiry or say someone joining your email list, or even following your FB business page; it all counts.

These are some very common examples of ‘Lead Magnets’ that are free content that gets people engaged into your community:

  • The proverbial eBook: This is where you sign up for an eBook. It *can still work*, but it’s very overdone compared to other solutions.
  • The powerful Video: This in our own experience has been a very powerful lead magnet and I love it. Mine is ‘Free Marketing Plan Video + Template’ which is really popular and has done well. People may opt-in to my database to get it. You can view it here FYI.
  • The Live Webinar: I am a fan of this strategy in that when people opt-in and come, they are serious! Very serious. I may say only have 5 people on the line of a Live Webinar, but they are there to win and buy. The recording is powerful content in itself to share. See my own Live Webinar here. 
  • The Live Workshop: This is actually my favourite lead magnet of them all in that when you do this well, you just lots of clients quickly. As they meet you face to face, the trust is just that much faster. See our own examples on Meetup here.

These are some of my favourites and it’s important to get people into your database. In my case if you opt-into a Live Webinar you get added. At a Live Event, we offer to add people and we collect email addresses.

My advice and thinking? There are many ways of doing Lead Magnets / Free Content and come up with something YOU WOULD LOVE YOURSELF. Would I read a 2 page eBook and take someone seriously? No way. If I went to their free event or webinar and it was awesome, would I take them seriously? Of course I would.

Get into it, love it and of course if you love this article – please hit that like and share button.

Stay awesome from Edward Zia!

P.S. To my friend I spoke to over the past few days, love your work and this is dedicated to you.

The many great meanings of ANZAC Day

Taken from the cenotaph in Parramatta (Western Sydney) this morning. This image hit me the most.

Taken from the cenotaph in Parramatta (Western Sydney) this morning. This image hit me the most.

I get lots of great comments and likes from our community around the world when it comes to ANZAC Day.

For those in Australian and New Zealand we know what it’s about from birth; and for those new to the country or internationally they may not know the event itself, however they see the greatness of it.

I thought I would go back to basics and actually look at the official definition of what it means and then consider what many ‘feel’ from the word on the streets.

To get my facts straight I went to none other than the Australian War Memorial Website and included some quotes which seems to cover it:

  • “Anzac Day, 25 April, is one of Australia’s most important national occasions. It marks the anniversary of the first major military action fought by Australian and New Zealand forces during the First World War.”
  • “Although the Gallipoli campaign failed in its military objectives, the actions of Australian and New Zealand forces during the campaign left a powerful legacy. What became known as the “Anzac legend” became an important part of the identity of both nations, shaping the ways in which they viewed both their past and their future.”
  • “…Anzac Day is a time at which Australians reflect on the many different meanings of war.”

I remember actually an experience I had when I was at university as a very young man (which was a very long time ago). Being a young ex-military veteran I have always been quite proud of ANZAC day thinking how wonderful it was. I remember actually getting some flak for this from more ‘leftie’ minded others in them thinking it was celebrating war, pro-imperialist and mocking the other side through disrespect.

As the years passed, I have fortunately found many Australian’s (new and old) of any skin colour, faith, background or social class to see it as not any of these points, but as an event of gratitude.

Of course it’s based on remembrance of the original campaign, it’s a nod to the awesome girls & boys in uniform that risk their personal safety for our freedom; however I think it’s something much more than that.

It’s a chance for real ‘gratitude’ and ‘appreciation’ in the respect that we live in the relative freedom we do today in such a wonderful part of the planet. Yes, Australia does have its problems; but I will attest to this being one of the best countries on the planet (with of course the Southern City of Melbourne winning the world’s most liveable cities numerous times).

My advice and thinking? Especially as coming from someone who served, fought and personally almost died in serving his country (a mission went very bad in my undercover days), I think it’s wonderful to remember all the glorious people and the RESULT of what we have today.

The result being one incredible country full of wonderful people.

Love your work, God Bless than ANZAC’s, my hat off to you girls & boys who create the conditions that allow us to sleep and night and stay awesome!

To one awesome ANZAC 2017!

Finding the RIGHT crowd (and WINNING BIG)

Be awesome yourself and search for other like minded wonderful people!

Be awesome yourself and search for other like minded wonderful people!

2015 & 2016 were great years for me making decisions to create a new success stone. If you go back through some of my old blogs from that era; I was expending lots of energy on the wrong people.

I am way happier today than I was then and with total humour in reflection – some of my blogs reflected the ‘stress’ I was putting on myself on those days. I now look back and laugh at my older self in the sense of how I not only let the wrong people get close to me, but I left them have such a great impact on me.

I can look anyone in the eye these days and say I am surrounded by awesome people, because I am! The people I have in my community & life these days are incredible and it honestly came as a result of trying to be the ‘Right Crowd’ myself and consciously moving in the right direction.

Interestingly as I walked from the station back to my home this evening, I actually walked passed someone from that era that actually caused me quite a bit of damage and stress. In one of the networking environments I used to enjoy, they felt I was on ‘their turf’ and did the Corporate Usual and worked behind the scenes against me.

It actually accelerated the chain of events that led me in the direction of the awesome NSW Business Chamber, British Chamber and getting my own events powerful and profitable. I don’t even think about them anymore and in seeing them I did my best to avoid them (I didn’t want any trouble).

The tried to say hello, I gave my trademarked ‘Edward Zia / Dark Vader’ death stare that makes anyone back off. As I walked back, I kind of reflected on those days were this person caused me lots of trouble and how much better my life is with them just not in it.

It reaffirmed my key lesson in that one must actively move towards the right crowd. In my case, I have done my best to create it by walking the talk and hanging with the right people.

It’s paid off! I am happier, the business is more profitable, referrals come thick and fast with life just being wonderful.

My advice and thinking? The wrong people will cost you money time and stress. Avoid them! Be wonderful yourself, move as quickly as you can from those who cause you (and others) trouble and smile).

It’s well worth it!

Love your work, thank you for the read, here’s to the right crowd and stay awesome!


Improving my strength and conviction has made me lots of money. Love it!

Improving my strength and conviction has made me lots of money. Love it!

Over the past few weeks there has definitely been something in the water with people having this core issue in their Marketing.

I used to have exactly the same problem in that even though I am a total raving and successful expert; I didn’t completely ‘feel’ or ‘deliver’ my message with complete confidence.

That is my videos, Webinars, Blogs or even face to face was ‘good’ but certainly not ‘great’. As I have traversed this chasm in my own mind I find myself staring into the mirror even more on this point.

Over the past few months, this has totally changed in my business and I now deliver with far more Strength & Conviction that what I ever have. I get this feedback all the time in the respect of people saying I sound much ‘stronger’ in how I deliver.

And guess what? The numbers are up. I get more to events. I convert more at events. Everything is now coming ‘great’.

What I see in many brilliant people, clients and community friends out there are great people that are holding themselves back. That is they aren’t delivering their message with any reasonable sense of strength and it serves them very poorly.

If someone say knows you and sees your video on Facebook and it’s just ‘good’, that is not a huge problem. However, for people that don’t know you; if you don’t hit hard with strength they just won’t take you seriously.

That is where it requires massive amounts of strength in the way we present so our audience subconsciously is in the zone and love what you do.

My advice and thinking? Always challenge your own thinking and resolve on this matter to make you sound stronger, more persuasive and act in a way that gives people confidence.

We love hiring those leaders who ‘know the way’ and we measure that by the way they often speak to us. Make sure you keep pushing all your marketing ‘up’ in that manner. I have been doing exactly that and it’s just been great.

Love your work, happy Marketing, go hard, please hit that like & share button and stay awesome!

P.S. Thank you to the anonymous / awesome friends that inspired this article. You rock and keep up the great work. 

Facebook Advertising: Starting with a simple $5 / Day FB Budget

My latest FB ad is working a treat. I love it!

My latest FB ad is working a treat. I love it!

For those wanting to make it on Facebook and build ones brands and stream of high value clients; I always suggest getting used to the platform before even thinking about paid advertising.

That is set up your page correctly, invite your friends, start posting daily content and usually I say do that for 2 – 3 months. Once one knows the content and is not just used to the platform but also how to market their brand; that then paves the way to go into FB Paid Advertising.

I totally love FB paid advertising and I use it every day. I am hitting anything from 30,000 – 50,000 people per month on Facebook which has just been incredible (giving lots of great high value clients). As a rule of thumb, a good $10 on Facebook will give one a 1,000 views. This may so like lots and all; but it all comes down to how it converts and the return on the marketing spend in which you get.

When one is ready to go advertising, I personally recommend just $5 / day. This is very inexpensive and it gives one scope to tweak things, test different creative and work out what sells. Let’s say you nail that, then you can crank up the budget to something more extreme as ‘you know’ you are making great money out of your marketing spend.

In starting out, you may try lots of different things in your advertising. There are many ways to play it and here are some of my favourite moves which may suit you:

  • Great video with a link to your website: People see your video, the ones that like you can click through and go to your website. If your website is good enough of course.
  • Great video with a link to your free offer: Be it a live webinar, or free video or really good eBook – this can be great. This can also get people into your database too.
  • Really great photos: Video has always been the best in my experience (and logically speaking), but photo can work great.

You then try different variants of not just creative and graphics; but where you send traffic for them to convert. Do people have to download and watch your Free Content first? Do they just see your ad and message you? Do they go to your website and email you?

I have seen all possible variants in my time as everyone is different. The trick is finding out how people respond. As you are just doing $5 / day too, you are protecting against any serious risk while you work things out.

My advice and thinking? Learn your FB and when ready start with ‘small bets’. As you know what you are doing, you can then crank it up for more and more business growth. Its how I have done it and I love it.

Thanks for the read, love your work, please hit that & share button and happy Facebooking!

Selling on Autopilot and PROFITABLE ‘Lead Nurturing’

From a simple email to a complex opt-in, there are many ways of automating your lead nurture!

From a simple email to a complex opt-in, there are many ways of automating your lead nurture!

It’s 8:11PM and I had a great phone discussion pre-dinner with one of our community members on automating one’s selling. Basically, they don’t like selling (which I totally get) and they want this done on auto-pilot as much as possible.

This is to create the high coveted situation of people basically being as ‘ready to buy’ as can be before they speak to you. It was a great conversation and we spoke ideas, process and what can be done to facilitate this and make it happen.

This is basically the process of ‘Lead Nurturing’ which of course starts far before people become leads. That is you don’t want someone discovering you for whatever need and just speaking to you. It’s much better that they do their own research, learning, understanding and asking the hard questions so by the time they speak to you, the sell is almost done!

I am a big believer in that before I even speak to people they know a lot about what I do. So when I speak to them, it’s just an easy sell! To make this happen I have lots of marketing to educate people as much prior. These are some of the top ways in which I love to do it to make it happen:

  • Autoresponder: People can opt in at your website and just get value straight away! Be it in your community, get some materials straight to them and they love it.
  • Walkthrough Videos & FB Videos: I love them in that you can go through PowerPoints, give great information and talk about what you do. Makes the selling easy.
  • Great PDFs and Profiles: All the information about you is there for people to get and for people to read. Well written so they know in advance.
  • Email Marketing: Get permission and get them added to your database. Regular emails with blogs (such as this one) is just incredible.
  • Live Webinars & Events: They are not completely automated, but are highly leveraged. A great way of speaking too many.

There are many more of course and these are some of the basics I really love. Basically the more content you can use to educate people makes your business just that much easier when it comes to selling.

My advice and thinking? Nurturing is everything and I love it. The more you do online is the less conversations you have and the higher value you can create in your individual experiences.

It just makes things better. Go for it, think nurturing and WIN BIG.

Love your work, thank you for the read and stay awesome friends! (Make sure you hit that like and share button too).

Why you MUST implement your projects ASAP!

Getting projects done ASAP also allows more time for what really matters!

Getting projects done ASAP also allows more time for what really matters!

I have had a fantastic afternoon with a client who is just wonderful (as they all are of course). We met at the beautiful Novotel and I was working on their new concept, rebrand and the messaging to help them acquire many high value profitable clients.

This client is incredibly easy to love in the respect that they just get projects done. They know exactly what they want, they give clear feedback and there is a clear business need / pressure to have their re brand done ASAP so they can succeed in the market.

What makes this process incredibly interesting is that we did in one session that sometimes (tragically) can take people four or five sessions. Sure, I get that self-exploration and ‘getting it right’ is a great thing, but there is this ‘red line’ where it goes from self-exploration to procrastination.

What this awesome client reminded me of which I cannot stress enough is getting what you need to get done ASAP. You do projects properly of course, but you do them quickly in powerhouse time.

It’s critical for many reasons in that:

  • As you are working on the project, you aren’t out selling (you’re losing money).
  • As your project is not implemented, you are missing out on new clients and money you can gain (you’re losing money).
  • It takes up your mind, which isn’t selling (you’re losing money).

The theme here of course is that you are losing money while your projects are being implemented. Be it a simple business card or a high end website; you want it in place ASAP. Each day you waste it’s costing you and now TALKING TO THE POSITIVE, when we get our projects done it’s just such a great feeling of release.

Here are my top 3 tips for getting projects done:

  • Do it.
  • Now.
  • Don’t screw around.

That’s it! Do it, do it well, do it fast and WIN ASAP.

The sooner you get into the flow, the more powerful you and your business shall become.

Love your work, thank you for the read, awesome client from today – you rock and of course friends please smash that like and share button.

Here is to projects done fast!

The reasons why FREE stuff makes lots of MONEY

Just give it away. The love shall come back to you in abundant droves!

Just give it away. The love shall come back to you in abundant droves!

I have messed with lots of people’s heads lately; with one of them being my own. I have found over and over again that doing ‘FREE Stuff’ makes a lot of money.

Before you may write me off as being totally insane (where there is good evidence to suggest that), I would like to spend some time with you at least pleading my case in this situation.

In the context I mean ‘FREE Stuff’ it’s a reference to my Content Marketing, Free Live Webinars and Free Live Events. People that know what they are doing commend me with those that that perhaps not asking questions of concern or being critical.

I can understand this reaction and I have found that time and time again, giving out lots of FREE information and help has been incredible for my business. In short, this is how it would work out:

– People don’t know me and they find something free I am doing.

– Be it a Live Webinar, a Free Event on Meetup or even just a video on FB.

– They would come along / watch the materials over time.

– Some just fall in love with the material and what I do.

– Say some months later I eventually say something that ‘tweaks them’.

– They contact me.

– I meet them.

– I get a client.

– Yay!

If you follow this logic and let’s say I never gave out any free stuff; how would they learn about me? How would they become fans let alone interested in what I do?

The point is that they don’t and by being generous with my information as much as I can, it’s created a pathway / situation for people to get involved in what I do. It’s been incredible with my clients following their own interpretation of this strategy totally licking butt.

My advice and thinking? Make sure your business has a decent free layer. I mean a lot more than just an eBook. I am talking serious videos, events and content to really bring people in.

As you do a great job, some shall turn into leads that become our clients and it’s just fantastic.

Remember this, “FREE Stuff done well makes you money!”

Love your work, be generous, happy Marketing and of course – stay awesome!