Facebook Advertising: Starting with a simple $5 / Day FB Budget

My latest FB ad is working a treat. I love it!

My latest FB ad is working a treat. I love it!

For those wanting to make it on Facebook and build ones brands and stream of high value clients; I always suggest getting used to the platform before even thinking about paid advertising.

That is set up your page correctly, invite your friends, start posting daily content and usually I say do that for 2 – 3 months. Once one knows the content and is not just used to the platform but also how to market their brand; that then paves the way to go into FB Paid Advertising.

I totally love FB paid advertising and I use it every day. I am hitting anything from 30,000 – 50,000 people per month on Facebook which has just been incredible (giving lots of great high value clients). As a rule of thumb, a good $10 on Facebook will give one a 1,000 views. This may so like lots and all; but it all comes down to how it converts and the return on the marketing spend in which you get.

When one is ready to go advertising, I personally recommend just $5 / day. This is very inexpensive and it gives one scope to tweak things, test different creative and work out what sells. Let’s say you nail that, then you can crank up the budget to something more extreme as ‘you know’ you are making great money out of your marketing spend.

In starting out, you may try lots of different things in your advertising. There are many ways to play it and here are some of my favourite moves which may suit you:

  • Great video with a link to your website: People see your video, the ones that like you can click through and go to your website. If your website is good enough of course.
  • Great video with a link to your free offer: Be it a live webinar, or free video or really good eBook – this can be great. This can also get people into your database too.
  • Really great photos: Video has always been the best in my experience (and logically speaking), but photo can work great.

You then try different variants of not just creative and graphics; but where you send traffic for them to convert. Do people have to download and watch your Free Content first? Do they just see your ad and message you? Do they go to your website and email you?

I have seen all possible variants in my time as everyone is different. The trick is finding out how people respond. As you are just doing $5 / day too, you are protecting against any serious risk while you work things out.

My advice and thinking? Learn your FB and when ready start with ‘small bets’. As you know what you are doing, you can then crank it up for more and more business growth. Its how I have done it and I love it.

Thanks for the read, love your work, please hit that & share button and happy Facebooking!