The reasons why FREE stuff makes lots of MONEY

Just give it away. The love shall come back to you in abundant droves!

Just give it away. The love shall come back to you in abundant droves!

I have messed with lots of people’s heads lately; with one of them being my own. I have found over and over again that doing ‘FREE Stuff’ makes a lot of money.

Before you may write me off as being totally insane (where there is good evidence to suggest that), I would like to spend some time with you at least pleading my case in this situation.

In the context I mean ‘FREE Stuff’ it’s a reference to my Content Marketing, Free Live Webinars and Free Live Events. People that know what they are doing commend me with those that that perhaps not asking questions of concern or being critical.

I can understand this reaction and I have found that time and time again, giving out lots of FREE information and help has been incredible for my business. In short, this is how it would work out:

– People don’t know me and they find something free I am doing.

– Be it a Live Webinar, a Free Event on Meetup or even just a video on FB.

– They would come along / watch the materials over time.

– Some just fall in love with the material and what I do.

– Say some months later I eventually say something that ‘tweaks them’.

– They contact me.

– I meet them.

– I get a client.

– Yay!

If you follow this logic and let’s say I never gave out any free stuff; how would they learn about me? How would they become fans let alone interested in what I do?

The point is that they don’t and by being generous with my information as much as I can, it’s created a pathway / situation for people to get involved in what I do. It’s been incredible with my clients following their own interpretation of this strategy totally licking butt.

My advice and thinking? Make sure your business has a decent free layer. I mean a lot more than just an eBook. I am talking serious videos, events and content to really bring people in.

As you do a great job, some shall turn into leads that become our clients and it’s just fantastic.

Remember this, “FREE Stuff done well makes you money!”

Love your work, be generous, happy Marketing and of course – stay awesome!